Woman Beats Husband With Mallet

Woman Beats Husband With Mallet Cover
Police claim that MARY A. CLAASSEN, 49, beat her sleeping husband over the head with a rubber mallet because she was stressed about their situation and was frustrated with her husband being unemployed.

Her husband, 63, awoke to the slamming pain of being hit in the head with the rubber mallet and when he awoke, due to the pain, I assume, she struck him in the face, even harder.

When he shouted out, begging for help, a neighbor who lived below the couple called 9-1-1 before he went up to see what the ruckus was about.

The woman's husband was taken to hospital to be treated for head and facial injuries before being released shortly thereafter, and MARY A. CLAASSEN was arrested and charged with domestic abuse related to aggravated battery.

Wow, she must have been quite upset to get up at 4 in the morning and pound her husband over the head with a rubber mallet. But why a rubber mallet? Why not, I don't know, something a little softer, like a throw pillow or even a shoe?

I guess the rubber mallet really gets the message across.

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