Ways To Understand Men Ways To Make A Relationship Last

Ways To Understand Men Ways To Make A Relationship Last Image
Men are a mystery. Oftentimes, women are left to wonder and confused about how men act and behave. The differences between the two sexes are pole apart making it hard for the females to know what men want from men.

What men want from women? Sometimes this question has no answer and that would be even harder to understand men and how their mind work. However, you do not need to be all that disappointed if you do not know what men want from women. Oftentimes, it's the littlest thing that has been staring women at the eye, and they just haven't figured it out yet. To help you better understand men, here are some of the things to aid you in knowing what men want from women.


If you want to know what men want from women, it is that they want to feel and know that they are the man. All men have their own ego they have to feed, and you have to help him feed it; by making him feel that he is in charge. Do not underrate him; let him have his way once in a while, that's his alpha male speaking.

Understand men have this feeling that they want to be the one to provide and secure his family. He wanted people to know that and be looked up for being able to provide. Never treat him like how you would treat your girl friends or it will mean war. Let him make you happy, by doing so, he will be happy.


Understand men have a thing for respect. Everyone does so respect his boundaries and what he stands for and he will respect yours. If you constantly nag him about his imperfections, then you are not just hurting his ego, you are disrespecting him. Do not just look at the things that he does not do well, be proud of him and make sure that he knows that.


What men want from woman is someone who shows emotional support. Do it by telling him encouraging words whenever you feel that he needs it. A simple gesture also shows that to him, a soft touch that will tell him that you know that he can do it will work. Understand men need to know that you are loyal to him and will never leave him.


Insecurity is rust to a relationship. It will eat you whole and before you know it, the relationship has already ended. Have your own life and get your own set of friends and activities that will keep you busy. Likewise, understand men need to feel secure that he is the only one in your life. Let them know what is happening to you and do not hide things from him that will let him think otherwise.

There are many other things to understand men, but basically, what men want from women is a woman who is headstrong but loving; let him have his way at the same time supports him and appreciates his whole being, weakness, strengths and everything in between.

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