First Date Tips How To Make Your First Date A Good Experience

First Date Tips How To Make Your First Date A Good Experience Image
Every one knows that the first impression is the last impression. So, if you want to date a person again and again then make your first date a memorable experience for your partner. I am going to tell you what you should do on your first date. But you should know that a date is all about treating your partner with respect and interacting with him/her to know about your mutual feelings.

Here is a list of things to be done on the first date:

CHOOSE THE RIGHT DRESS: do not wear provocative or revealing clothes. This will make the opposite person think wrong about you. This type of clothing may mean that you are trying too hard to impress your partner. Wear clothes according to the taste of the other person if you know him/her before and according to the venue.

DO NOT WEAR TOO MUCH OF PERFUME: too much of perfume can irritate your partner. The best way of applying the perfume is to apply it on the pulse points such as behind the ears and at the wrist.

SELECT A PUBLIC PLACE FOR THE FIRST DATE: the public places are more secure and safe. These places also make you feel comfortable if you are getting nervous. A restaurant or a park is a best option. If you live near a sea shore then you can go there also for the date.

PREPARE A PLAN: you should prepare a plan for your first date so that you don't have to think on the spot. This will help you enjoy the dates. If you know the person, then prepare the plan according to the person. This will help you to impress your partner.

MEN SHOULD PRACTICE CHIVALRY: men should all these things like opening the door for the lady, pulling the chair, letting her to order first. While playing a game let the girl win. All these things have a good impression on the lady.

LISTEN: ask questions about hobbies, interests and what the other person likes and listen to them carefully. Do not talk about the topics like current affairs or politics etc.

MAKE EYE TO EYE CONTACT: eyes depict every thing that a person his thinking about. Always make an eye contact while talking with your partner.

ENJOY: date should be fun. Both should enjoy the company of each other only then you can think of the second date. Be a little humorous and make every activity light and happy.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates
Darcy Cole - Seduce Me How To Ignite Your Partners Passion

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The Master The Vibewayne Elise Controversy

The Master The Vibewayne Elise Controversy Image
Apparently, Wayne Elise has it out for Master The Vibe. As you know, one of the founders of Charisma Arts, Christian Hudson, created Master The Vibe with a fellow friend in the community, Sebastian Drake of theApproach.

Well they have a recurring billing cycle in which they send you the latest monthly product, not unlike many companies (Double Your Dating, Mystery Method, every porn site ever). To me, this seems like a sensible option for many guys that want the latest conversational techniques without much hassle. This is a common business practice, especially with the advent of online billing systems.

A customer canceled his subscription of Master The Vibe, and got billed. So he contacted the company, they refunded him and admitted blame with a personal apology to him. Then Wayne Elise (Juggler) weighs in with his opinion on Charisma Arts forum (with Sebastian Drakes rebuttal) about the Master The Vibe co-founder :

What do you think guys - is Wayne talking a hit at his old business partner by saying he's unethical and censoring his responses?

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Bishop - The Complete Unlimited Lover
Adam Gilad - Interview With Vince Delmonte
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery Of Love

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