Great Date Movies Of Summer 2009

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Summer movie season is usually associated with blockbusters - fast-moving films that have big action, big budgets and big stars. But summer is also a time when a lot of people are looking for a movie to share with a special someone - or often a potential special someone - something as fun and entertaining as the season itself.

Here, now are the promising great date movies for 2009.



This one looks like it's going to be a safe bet for a date movie, as safe a bet as you'll get all summer. The romantic comedy stars SANDRA BULLOCK as a demanding, tyrannical boss threatened with deportation (to Canada, which doesn't really sound like it should be a hardship) and the loss of her job because of an expiring work visa. In order to maintain her position, she strong-arms her assistant (RYAN REYNOLDS) into marrying her, which will allow her to stay in the country and allow him to keep his job.

This looks to be a straight-head, feel-good romantic comedy with two leads who have proven themselves in the genre. Some are saying that this is Bullock's strongest role since her break-through in" You Were "Early reviews have given particular praise to BETTY WHITE's hilarious supporting role as Reynolds' sweet-and-smart-at-the-same-time grandmother.



Audiences probably have an idea of what to expect from a WOODY ALLEN film. His 40th feature stays true to his formula combining urban realism with romance, set against the backdrop of his true love, the city of New York. LARRY DAVID, whose work on" Your "and" him an inevitable choice for the lead in an Allen film, plays a suicidal physicist, who, despite his bitterness and depression, falls into a strange romance with a much younger and lovelier woman (played by co-star EVAN RACHEL WOOD).

Allen has always had a way of convincing audiences that even the least personable and most anxious of people can and should find love, and" Works" to be no great departure. (The script is apparently one that he wrote in the '70s, but never got around to filming.) Viewers can expect all the elements that have made his classic films so memorable - dry, smart dialogue, idiosyncratic characters and a sense of romance and possibility even in the grittiest of settings.



The return of SACHA BARON COHEN looms large over the summer movie season. "was one of the most talked about films of 2006, with its irreverent, sometimes crass send-ups of America, from the point of view of an uncultured, almost childlike traveler. Bruno, another regular character from Cohen's television show" Ali G "promises similar big laughs and dropped jaws for the summer of 2009.

Like Borat, Bruno is a character who has spent his life absorbed entirely in his own world. In this case, that is the fashion world. Bruno is a flamboyantly gay couture scenester transplanted, as was Borat, into middle America. Like "the film is comprised of largely unscripted moments that are the result of what happens when "regular" people are exposed to a person who is completely foreign to them and whose life is governed by an extremely different set of rules.

And considering"' s success, it's a safe bet that this is the film that audiences will flock to when they want to laugh until it hurts, as well as the film you'll be quoting for months afterward.

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