How Not To Be A Nagging Wife

How Not To Be A Nagging Wife Cover
Women are in the habit of nagging. Adolescents and teenagers are nagged for not keeping their things in order, not eating on time, giving more time to friends and games than to studies etc.

Mostly the brunt of the nagging housewife is borne by the husband. He is nagged most because he matters most to her who expects full support and help. His not doing things according to her likings and desires frustrates her resulting in nagging. Some women have a nagging nature and some develop it later due to an uncooperative attitude and lack of consideration on the part of their husbands.

Why a wife nags: When she wants to get and see the things done her way. When she is overworked and tired and there is no recreation for her. When she does not get a break from the monotony of routine. When she does not get help from her husband and children and is not appreciated for her work and devotion to home and family. This is also due to early experiences of seeing her mother keeping control on her father this way.
Adverse effects of nagging on Husband: The husband feels strangled and either carries out the request task meekly or resents it by an aggressive and unacceptable response.

He may keep quite but keep boiling inside and become prone to high blood pressure and heart attack or become quarrelsome creating scenes which affect children adversely. The husband might also start drinking or drift to another woman to find solace leading to the extreme steps of separation and divorce or committing suicide.
How a wife can avoid nagging: Communicate your needs in a positive and civilized way. Develop good relationship with your husband so as to create a deep respect for each other. Talk with your husband about what help is needed from him and why.

This should be done in a relaxed mood and when he is receptive. Try to understand his point of view and his difficulties. A request works better than an ordering tone. Avoid being too rigid about your views and likes and dislikes. You should curb your dominating nature.

Wives must realize that each person has some peculiarities and it is no use to compare him with others. She should know that she will never succeed in changing her husband by nagging. Changes can be brought about only by a loving and cajoling attitude with a lot of patience.

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