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You might enjoy every date with your partner. But it is very important to know each other. You must be compatible with your partner. You can easily know whether you are dating the right person or not. The first thing is that you should honestly analyze this question yourself.

Being compatible means that you naturally tend to get on with each other. Although you may find it that you are different but you should be having some thing common this may be your interest, your perspective towards others.

No matter how well you both go with each other but if you are not compatible, you'll soon find it. If you are not able to agree on the same place to go, or how to go then it's sure you ill not be together after some time. Some couples discover with in a few months that they are compatible while others may take some years also.

Men are more scared of an over enthusiastic women than women are. This may be due to the fact that women are more open with there emotions. But for men as well as women it is very important to restraint themselves when they are thinking of a common future. So, beware of all the relationships during the early delicate period. You can know your partner well by communicating with him/her. The more you talk the more you will understand each other.

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