Get More Responses With Your Dating Profile

Get More Responses With Your Dating Profile Image
When it comes to dating profiles, it's easy to get caught up in yourself and not really realize that there's someone out there, searching through myriad men, looking for you.

So rather than end up with a profile that just sits there and does nothing for you, why not make sure that you get more responses with your dating profile? And hopefully from women whom you find interesting as well.


If you fill out what you're about and you get way too specific, the chances of someone doing an advanced search and finding you become slim to none.

Unless it's something you absolutely cannot compromise on (being a vegan, for example), opt to leave some things that aren't important to you blank so that when a woman does a specific search, the chances of you appearing will go up.


There's nothing more annoying than seeing a guy's username with weird letter and number combos and underscores to boot. Why? Why would you do that?

The best advice I can give for a catchy username is to take an adjective and a noun and throw them together to create an original username. For example, if you're clumsy and love to play the violin, then you'd be "ClumsyViolin".


Keep it fresh and new at all times. Don't write "Boom goes the dynamite" when you know that that lyric was used years ago. Instead, make reference to the current season, a recent headline making celeb or even use a quote from your favorite writer.

Update your profile often and make sure that your tagline is always representing you and the times.


Before you even PUT A PHOTO UP, get it girl approved. Ask some female friends what they think of it and take it from there.

Avoid fuzzy, blurry pictures and pictures that don't show you off. If you put up a photo of you with sunglasses on, it give the impression that you've either got something to hide or that you're insecure.

Try to post a photo of you from head to torso, and keep all your clothes on.

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Milton Erickson - My Voice Will Go With You The Teaching Tales Of Milton Erickson
Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges

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Make Your Date Memorable With Online Dating Tips

Make Your Date Memorable With Online Dating Tips Image
Dating is a hot topic in current scenario. But before jumping into the fire of dating, it is advisable to grab some dating tips. Men and women are always interested to know about their future soul mate. Even, they try to find them through latest technology. But these kinds of options also bring various disadvantages as well. It is good for both genders to take extra care while dating with other people. If you are women then it is better to keep a distance between you and your partner.

While dating with unknown people, it is not advisable to share personal banking information with each other. They are highly sensitive issues. Even, you should not share the password of your email address or social media account. Generally, people love to share to the passwords and information with their partner just to make them more comfortable and win their trust. But according to dating tips, it is not a way to win the trust at all.

Trust can be won through other things as well. You can make your partner more comfortable in front of others by talking with him/her. Dating tips never allow anyone to share highly sensitive information especially when you know a person for last few days only.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Abbas Abedi - 5 Steps To Online Dating Success
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Mastery With Women And Dating

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Gunwitch Almost Murders A 20 Year Old Girl

Gunwitch Almost Murders A 20 Year Old Girl Image
Gunwitch (Allen Reyes) who's been in the PUA community as along as I can remember, has been charged with shooting a 20-year-old girl in the face with a hand gun during a New Years Eve party. Seriously. Amber Tripp, 20, of Klamath Falls, OR, is in critical condition.

There's never a reason to be violent towards women. Real men don't do that. What a douche. Thanks for dragging the Seduction Community into this Gunwitch

Suggested free e-books to read:

Arthur Sibly - Youth And Sex Dangers And Safeguards For Girls And Boys
Gunwitch - Gunwitch Method 2004 Dynamic Sex Life

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How To Make A Man For Commit In Relation

How To Make A Man For Commit In Relation Image
We all want someone very special in our life that love and appreciate us. Male psychology can be sometime very tricky. It seems that men themselves sometimes do not know what actually they want. If you want to attract men, just be very sexy. If you are looking like only for that special one and you want to make him commit to you, then you have to be more than sexy. Firstly, learn to love yourself. We need balance between us and our family members needs.

A pretty face or a face that is not quite pretty can be a good one if you are start smiling always. If you want an engagement and marriage and all that those things then always try to be very happy and attractive. A person who is dependant on others all the time for emotional support is not an attractive person. That person can be viewed or treated as a burden.

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Chris Jackson - 10 Ways To Empower Your Communication
Dean Phillips - How To Seduce A Woman The Right Way Report
Leil Lowndes - How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

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Things Women Worry About On First Dates

Things Women Worry About On First Dates Cover
When it comes to first dates, nerves and jitters are a normal part of the evening, but what's more interesting than the conversation going on at the table is the conversation inside a woman's head.

And so, the smart folks over at figured out the inner workings of a woman and came up with 7 things that women worry about on first dates. See if you agree:


Women wonder if the guy will pay and whether or not they should even make mention of paying. Some might say that whoever asks, pays, but the reality is that women always want the guy to pay on the first date.


If the date is going great, women always wonder what the next move will be? Will you go home together? How far will she let you go? Will you judge her if she sleeps with you on the first date?


If she's marriage minded and wants to have 3 kids before she's 35, then there's a good chance that she wonders if you want the same thing in your life. Of course, she's read enough men's mags to know that she should never make mention of that on a first date.


Some women have the bad habit of rambling on and on about nonsense that guys just don't give a sh*t about. And there's a good chance that she'll do too much of the talking.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - What Women Hate Most About Single Guys
Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates
Dating Insider - Getting The First Date

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Puppy Love Week Sweet Mystery Of Love

Puppy Love Week Sweet Mystery Of Love Image
Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Let's dive right into a theme week, shall we? For many of us, dogs play an important part in our lives. They give us companionship, exercise and lots of laughs! As you will see in this week's romance comic book stories, dogs can even play an important role in facilitating love!

This adorable story that ran as part of a semi-regular feature called, "Sweet Mystery of Love!" is from Falling in Love #95 (November 1967) and illustrated by the ever-talented Nick Cardy. In it, we meet Jean, a young woman terrified of making the first move on a guy she likes. Trouble is, the clock is ticking as the army is about to ship Bill off!

Jean frequently walks by Bill's house, but is never able to muster up enough courage to say a simple hello. Her friends give her advice on how to strike up a conversation, but Jean never follows through and consequently, wallows in her fears and inaction.

One day, Jean decides to get a dog to occupy her time. She picks out a little French Poodle and names the little guy Billy -- after her crush.

Girl and dog quickly form a bond, and the two go for a walk. Naturally, she takes Billy past Bill's house, feeling a little bit more confident that she has an excuse to walk by. Though Bill doesn't notice Jean, Billy notices Bill's dog, Missy. Billy breaks free of his leash and chases Missy off of Bill's porch.

And just like that, Jean has a reason to talk to Bill! The two chase after their dogs and eventually catch up to them. Jean apologizes, but Bill says he is actually glad that it happened. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Such a sweet little story, don't you think?

Check back all this week for more puppy love!

Suggested free e-books to read:

Gabrielle Moore - The Male G Spot Mystery
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery Of Love

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Women Sensitive Spots And More

Women Sensitive Spots And More Cover
"What is the most sensitive spot on a woman? I want to drive my girlfriend crazy but don't want to head to the usual breasts, butt and vagina."


So glad to hear that you want to please your woman. Unfortunately, I haven't slept with her, so I couldn't tell you what her most sensitive spot it. What I'm trying to say here is that all women are different so there is no one-size-fits-all regarding hot spots.

What you can do, if you want to switch things up, is head to these erogenous zones:





Lick, kiss, massage these areas, before, during and even after you do your thing.



"I was told that I have a low sperm count. Does this mean that I will never have kids?"


Not necessarily. It's possible that the reason you have a low sperm count can be reversed. For now do the following:


It's possible that your sperm count may go back to normal. Head back to your doctor ina few months to check. And next time, Tony, ask your doctor.



"I have a problem that has been bothering me for years. Every time I have sex, my nose gets stuffy, and I feel congested. Am I normal?"


Dear Tina,

Yes, my dear, you are very normal. This is actually a very common affliction among both men and women. It's commonly referred to as vasocongestion - the raising of blood pressure and an accumulation of blood in the extremities. Sometimes, when a person gets sexually aroused, they develop flushing in the face, a rash on the chest, or even a stuffy, congested nose. It is nothing to worry about; it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to subside.



"I want to buy a vibrator but there are so many varieties out there that I feel intimidated. Please advise."


Ressa, your best bet is to start off with a traditional vibrator, and take it from there. Once you feel like you have passed the traditional vibrator, you can head off in a different direction and opt for more creative fair like the Rabbit, G-Spot and their friends.

Hope this helps,


Suggested free e-books to read:

William Robinson - Woman Her Sex And Love Life
Various Authors - Mental Defectives And Sexual Offenders

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More Examples Of Cocky Funny Humor

More Examples Of Cocky Funny Humor Image


Yes, there is indeed a big difference between what you have made of me now through the powerful insights expressed in your newsletters, and who I was before I had met you. I always thought that being nice, sweet, and courteous was an ultimate-irrefutable way to get the girls we long to have, but the irony is that we never make that dream come true. Thanks my dear David, for showing me the Tao of being a superb success with women, for walking with me hand by hand through this mysterious path when it comes to women, because really, most of the times they make no sense. I owe you my present success with them, and I thank you in advance for the foregoing prosperity that the future holds for me with them.

I have always been funny, and separately, cocky. I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. So far, that formula works. I am not a chemist, but the components of our table salt, taken separately, is deadly to us. Sodium and Chloride: death to us. Yet, if we put them together, we will have its savory benefit. Same happens when we use only being Cocky, and just being Funny: no success, and it kills any possibilities of meeting girls. When I talk to my friends about you, I say, "Guys, let's make sure

we use the Davidian formula, fusing the atoms of Cockyness+Funny.
" Believe me, that is how we call it: Davidian formula, lol. We have named it after you, because you are its founder.

One of my favorite places to meeting people is BarnesNoble. It's easy to ignore someone you don't feel attracted to, oh yes, very easy. It is all the opposite when you do feel attracted to someone. Now, at BarnesNoble, in Downtown, I meet a lot of girls, from everywhere. Is there a way to make fun of their beauty? I meet a lot of hot girls, that seem to be perfect. My type are those with Irish ascendance, because they are mostly honest and have freckles. So, when I meet a girl with freckles, eyes like a furious deep blue sea, or green eyes, like the stem of a flower, petite women with attractively dainty build, nice butt (we guys like it, come on), and round breasts (we like that too). How can you make fun of that type of sexy girl, when you notice that her body has a harmonious symmetry, that does nothing but inspiring within you pleasure and admiration?

I might feel nervous, but I don't show them my nervousness. You have never told us not to feel nervous, but not to behave nervous. I feel nervous, hell yeah, but they can't tell. As a matter of a fact, one way I could start a conversation with a hot girl is like this of them don't work there)

Me- "Excuse me, MS, do you work here (I know she does not work there)?"

She- "No."

Me- "Good, I want you to help me find this book (I don't say, 'Can you please help me' I go with a demand of authority they like it)."

She- "What book is that," she asked me, as she gave me that wondrous look.

Me- "Wow, you are indeed gorgeous you remind me the PowerPC girls (she would be shocked, but liking it). See, my problem is that I am a very shy guy, and I am trying to get over it."

She- "What do you mean you are shy? You don't seem shy to me." (By the way, this happened to me in real life, and she was hot for real)

Me- "Aren't you shy?"

She - "Yeah."

Me- "You don't seem shy to me either."

She- "It depends on the situation, and with the person you are talking to. Whether or not you feel comfortable."

Me- "Oh, so, I am the right person, you like this situation, and overall, you feel comfortable."

She- "See, you are not shy at all."

Me- "I gotta go." Like you taught me, I turned around and walked 3 steps away from her and went back to her, "I want your e-mail address, because I feel less shy talking to you."

She- "Oh, sure, I would LOVE that."

Me- "You would love it? Hummm, so you like guys in the evolutive process of not being shy, eh?"

She hit me on the shoulder, and I accused her, "Hey, that is sexual harassment."

She laughed, and I said to my mind, "Kids, so easily getting amused." She had not written her e-mail, and I asked her, "Have you not written the e-mail because you forgot it? Geeez, young people these days." (She is 29, and I am 21, lol.)

She- "Oh, myYou are too much."

Me- "For you to handle?"

She stared at me.

I slightly smiled at her, and said, "What? You like my lips? They are not average You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them."

She was laughing so hard that her face turned red, but I never laughed, rather, would smirk.

She gave me her e-mail, and I said, "Have a good night." She replied, "You too, bye."

I said, "Wait, are you leaving like that without saying 'it was pleasure meeting you?"'

She said, "Wow, are you always like this?"

Me - "Do you mean offering kisses?"

She laughed, and said, "No, silly like being with this sense of humor."

"All the time, " I said. She was quiet, staring at me, and said, "I wish all men were like you." I said, "No, I am glad they are not like me. They fail in trying to imitate me" (I wanted to leave already, even though I was having a good time). She asked me, "Why you say that? Hey kid, " I said, "I really have to go but you forgot to write down your phone number."

She sighed, in a good way, and wrote it down. To make this short, I called her the same night, and she was, "Wow, I was not expecting your call." I said, "No, I am calling you because I forgot to wish you sweet dreams, and also checking to see if you made it home safe. That is so sweet of you," she said, and I told her that I ought to go. She did not want me to, but I did leave. We met again, at her house, and half an hour of me being there, and talking, I said, "Look, I have to go. What?! Why?" she asked. I said, "Maybe you want to take a rest, or lay on your bed, and you don't do it because I am here, unless you promise me that if you lay in bed you will take me with you." She did not say anything, nor smile, but jumped to me and kissed me. Needless to say, I swear David, we had sex. It was great.

I did not mean to make this e-mail too long, but hey, I could not help it. Mind me that I get mad when you tell us not to make it over two paragraphs, and I see people (like me) writing long speeches. I am not sorry, whatsoever, lol. I know you feel great, and proud of yourself when you see people like me being successful by following your techniques.

I will rephrase my question, "What funny + cocky statements shall we make, when it comes to an- almost-perfect-girl? How should I react, when they hit my shoulders? What should I say, when they say I am too funny?" By the way, I am not having anything serious with that girl I just talked about I told her that I want to have fun with her, and she agreed. I told her that it

means that if she wants to see someone else, she can do it. She did not complaint.

I will see you soon, David. I won't miss your next seminar! Keep the excellence of your masterpiece works.


OK, man. First I have to tell you


But, you know what? I actually like it. I like it because it's the real deal. You did things that I wouldn't have necessarily done and you did things that typically "shouldn't have worked", but it obviously all came together and worked out in the end because you did ENOUGH OF THE RIGHT THINGS.

Let's revisit some of my favorite quotes:

"My type are those with Irish ascendance, because they are mostly honest and have freckles."

Mostly honest and freckles, huh? Interesting fetish.

"So, when I meet a girl with freckles, eyes like a furious deep blue sea, or green eyes, like the stem of a flower, petite women with attractively dainty build, nice butt (we guys like it, come on), and round breasts (we like that too). How can you make fun of that type of sexy girl, when you notice that her body has a harmonious symmetry, that does nothing but inspiring within you pleasure and admiration?"

Eyes like a furious deep blue sea? Or green eyes like the stem of a flower? Harmonious symmetry? Whoa.

"I have always been funny, and separately, cocky. I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. So far, that formula works. I am not a chemist, but the components of our table salt, taken separately, is deadly to us. Sodium and Chloride: death to us. Yet, if we put them together, we will have its savory benefit. Same happens when we use only being Cocky, and just being Funny: no success, and it kills any possibilities of meeting girls."

This is an interesting way of saying it again, a little bit of a complete FREAKSHOW, but I like it. If you use too much of one and too little of the other, things just won't work out.

Now that we've revisited my FAVORITE lines, let's review some of the EFFECTIVE things you did and said.

This was funny:

"Wow, you are indeed gorgeous you remind me the PowerPC girls"

Something tells me that you actually meant the "Power Puff Girls", but hey, close enough.

And this whole sequence is great:

"She hit me on the shoulder, and I accused her, "Hey, that is sexual harassment."

She laughed, and I said to my mind, "Kids, so easily getting amused." She had not written her e-mail, and I asked her, "Have you not written the e-mail because you forgot it? Geeez, young people these days." (She is 29, and I am 21, lol.)

She- "Oh, myYou are too much."

Me- "For you to handle?"

She stared at me.

I slightly smiled at her, and said, "What? You like my lips? They are not average You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them."

She was laughing so hard that her face turned red, but I never laughed, rather, would smirk."

This is real COCKY FUNNY in action.

LOL! "What? You like my lips? They are not average You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them!"

Now that's funny.

You started out going down the road of "What? You like my lips?" which sounds very cocky over the top even. But then you transition into the unique and original "You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them."

Again, it's off the wall, but it's funny and it works. The shift in direction is funny and confusing.

Even though it's obvious that you speak English as a second (or so) language, you get the concept and you're making it work for you.

To answer your questions - I really think that you're doing the right things. When that girl hit you, you turned it around and made it funny.

Telling a girl that she's cute like a cartoon is a nice touch (I'm still hoping that's what you meant).

If a girl tells you that you're too funny, just say:

"That's impossible."


"I'm glad you noticed. I realize that this is making you very attracted to me, but please control yourself."

Just keep coming up with new and creative ways to tease, bust on, and be a challenge.

NOW, if you're reading this right now, and thinking to yourself "This is great stuff, I need to learn how to use my communication and humor to attract women", then I have something to say to you:


And what's the very best, fastest, most efficient and effective way to master the art of using humor and communication to attract women?

My answer:

Get your hot little hands on a copy of my Cocky Comedy program.

After spending years learning from guys who are "naturals" at meeting women, I discovered a "secret" technique that almost all of them used but that no one has really talked about before or described.

I call that technique "Cocky Comedy", and after learning how to use it effectively to spark and build ATTRACTION with women, I really feel like I have a power that most men not only don't have but they don't even KNOW about it.

"Check out some of the cocky and funny lines guys like you have submitted."

Suggested free e-books to read:

Hg Wells - Secret Places Of The Heart
Ole Flirty Bastard - Cocky And Funny Guide

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Married Dating Is It Right Or Wrong For You

Married Dating Is It Right Or Wrong For You Image
Human being is very clever; people use the word and change the meaning of word according to their need. Adventure has taken on a new meaning if you talk about married life. No one know who started the concept of married dating but married dating is one of the best profitable business in today's era. People are getting bored with their partners very early and start searching someone who can give them emotional, mental, and physical (somehow) support.

If people fail to find someone in their real life, they don't hesitate to take the help of internet. Millions of people are using online married dating websites. The most interesting thing of online married dating is, no one know who actually you are. People log in on internet and disclose their personal life with each other. Few people don't hesitate to break all the boundaries and keep force their partner to meet outside.

Married dating websites doesn't take any guarantee what will happen if you meet unknown person. It completely depends on individual decision and attitude. It's not advisable at all to meet someone unknown outside. Enjoy your life in online process but never allow someone to take the wrong advantage of you. Married dating websites are there to help you to eliminate your pain somehow but never addict to it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating How To Change Yourself
Tyler Durden - Seduce In The Right Venue Long

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Single Girls Survival Guide Dateless At The Reception

Single Girls Survival Guide Dateless At The Reception Image
"As a self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, I could give that bitch from 27 Dresses" a run for her money. After almost five years out of college, I've been a maid of honor, bridesmaid, and ceremony reader so many times, that by the time I hit thirty I could dress a group of high school girls for their prom with gowns from the back of my tiny East Village closet. Of course I love my friends and I feel honored to stand up for each and every wedding. They always have my blessing and best wishes for wonderful lives ahead with the man of their dreams. But, as I have yet to find my Prince Charming, I usually attend weddings without a date. There is no sense in bringing around my newest guy, who will be stuck alone at a table all night, while I attend to the bride, chat with her family, pose for photos, and catch up with my friends. Here are my pros for being dateless as the reception:

1. You don't have to worry if your date is having fun. This night is all about you. Oh, and the bride and groom, of course.

2. Singing old sorority chants while doing shots won't be embarrassing in front of the Ivy League hipster you've started dating.

3. You can feel free to flirt with the sexy groomsman you met years ago at the bride's 21st birthday.

4. You can save money by sharing a hotel room with your girlfriends, not paying for your 50 Brazilian wax before the wedding weekend of festivities, and purchasing a less extravagant gift for the happy couple.

5. After the formal photos have been taken, you can rip off your Spanks because who cares how skinny you look as you down vodka sodas and dance the night away with your girls?

6. There's no need to pick at your plate like an anorexic model to impress a superficial dude. Tasting every single offering at the cocktail hour then proceeding to clean each plate of your five course dinner will feel glorious.

7. You won't need to force a lame guy with two left feet to dance. Spend hours on the dance floor with your crew.

8. During slow dances when couples are holding each other close, head to the bar to enjoy a shorter line to score your booze.

9. You'll save yourself from embarrassment caused by the bride's family if you introduced your new date. You just know the bride's mom and aunts would either call him by your ex's name or question what happened to your college boyfriend, the perfect pre-med major and athlete who stole their hearts.

10. Now's your chance to sleep with the bride's hot older cousin, who's been building homes in Haiti. This one night stand won't make you feel guilty as you're just properly welcoming him back to the states.

What do you love about being dateless at a reception? xo

Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Carter - How To Get Girls Understand What They Are Thinking
Janet Oneil - The Complete Idiot Guide To The Art Of Seduction

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Husband Injects Wife With Hiv

Husband Injects Wife With Hiv Image
In a bid to get his wife to start having sex with him again, a 35-year-old HIV positive husband tried numerous times to inject his wife with his own blood so that she can get HIV as well and they can get back to having unprotected sex.

The New Zealand man pricked his sleeping wife with a sewing needle dipped in his own blood twice before she finally caught on when she came home one day and caught him tampering with a syringe he used to extract his own blood.

The second time he tried it, she awoke to find a blood-tinged scar on her leg, but still did not think that her husband would do something so insanely stupid.

The thing is, after she found out that he was HIV positive while she and her kids remained HIV negative, she cut her husband off of unprotected sex, but did agree to have protected sex with him. So I don't get why he was tripping out.

I mean at least she still slept with him after it was obvious that he cheated on her and contracted the disease.

The man stands to face upwards of 14 years in jail.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Thundercat - Thundercats 5th Fith Archetype Mystery Interview
Helen Ferry - Caring Safely For People With Hiv Or Aids
Juggler - How To Meet And Connect With Women

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Mystery Is Being Sued

Mystery Is Being Sued Image

A recent email from VENUSIAN ARTS:

Mystery invented a methodology and a name, reserved a website in that name, and created for the world a piece of knowledge - the Mystery Method - that changed all of our lives.

Years later, after his fame was secure, he entered into a 1-page agreement with someone he intended to have act as a business manager.

When Mystery later decided to end that 1-page agreement, he did so correctly and properly, serving 60 days written notice as required by the agreement.

But here it is, more than 90 days later, and Mystery's former associate is still marketing bootcamps and products at that website, all branded with Mystery's name, and without Mystery's permission. He has also filed a restraining order against Mystery to prevent Mystery from using his "" domain.

Thus, we (Mystery, Matador, and I) are using the name "The Venusian Arts".

Mystery is now exclusively involved with, where he continues to develop new ideas and new thinking on pickup. Mystery oversees quality control at Venusian Arts and nowhere else. He has a vision, and a direction, and he is not sitting still.

To now see "felony lawsuit" threats of this sort, lobbed at someone special like Mystery, to whom we all owe a great debt, is just beyond the pale in our opinion. I am disgusted to think that Mystery's success has made him a target of this sort.

The nature of Masters' comments seem very detailed and implies access to inside knowledge. But Venusian Arts feels it is false in several ways and as such we must comment.

The claim that there is a "Felony Lawsuit" is a false statement as there is no such thing as a "felony lawsuit" in a civil suit. There are no charges by the government. Rather, there was a lawsuit filed by MMC and Savoy claiming ownership to the name "Mystery Method" and the business. The suggestion of "prison" strikes us as libelous since I'm not aware that any criminal proceedings are even being considered by authorities, which is much less than the writer of the comment appears to us to suggest.


We are resolute and I can assure you that we are not moved by petty threats of this type.

Please let's get back to productive and substantive discussion about GAME, and keep things positive in spite of whatever shit occasionally gets thrown from the monkey bin.



UPDATE: Apparently, Master's post wasn't endorsed by Mystery Method LLC.

UPDATE 2: It's OFFICIAL via the LA County District Court's website, read the official filing here. (2mb)

UPDATE 3: Read about the injunction ruling.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Abbas Abedi - 5 Steps To Online Dating Success
Real Social Dynamics - Amsterdam Seminar Notes

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Love Letters A Gift For Someone Special

Love Letters A Gift For Someone Special Image
People like to write love letters for their partners and love to receive them as well. It is one of the ancient techniques through which you can attract any male or female. Generally, people get quiet excited when they sit to write such letters and get confused as well when it comes to write. The foremost question hit to their head what to write and how to start a beautiful love letter. It is advisable to start your letter with the appreciation of your partner what you like in him/her most.


- Writing a letter when you don't know anything about him/her

- Writing a letter to your soul mate while you are in relationship with him/her already

While writing the letters you have to be quiet careful as far as language and decency is concerned. These letters play very important in your life and are quiet precious as well.

Love letters are one of the best sources to share your true feelings with your soul mate and beloved. These letters express yours views and thinking in front of him/her. People take help of love letters when they have no courage to speak.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Helen Ferry - Caring For Someone With Aids
David Deangelo - Steve Celeste Interview Special Report
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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Establishing Online Dating Relationships Safety First

Establishing Online Dating Relationships Safety First Cover
Online dating can be fun. But don’t neglect safety and common sense when you try to hook up with a mate. At minimum, take caution in the following areas.

Protect Yourself

Take care of yourself, too, by choosing appropriate dating sites. Seek and choose a reputable online dating service. How? Begin by asking around with friends, neighbors, co-workers and others you may know who have tried online dating, and see which places they recommend. In addition, search “online dating services” and keep a notebook of their URLs or website links, the fees, rules and regulations, complete contact information of each and any other useful information that spikes your interest. Then compare each place. Try only those places where you feel safe. Avoid the others.

Protect Your Computer

Take care of your equipment and systems before you head out into the Internet realm. You need to have a firewall and anti-virus protection for your email and for when you search websites and interact online. At the bare minimum, you may want these two solutions that are offered at no charge to home computer users (i.e. not for commercial use):

Free Firewall Download: ZoneAlarm
Free Anti-Virus Download: AVG Anti-Virus

1. Set up very specific guidelines if you are going to allow your children to have accounts on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure you have access to their account so you can monitor what they are posting and saying online. It is also a good idea to become their friend so you can actually monitor how and who they are interacting with. And remember, once it is posted it lives forever on the Internet-there is no delete or un-do. A public university denied a woman a teaching degree because of a photo she posted on her MySpace with the caption “drunken pirate”. (The Wired Campus, 2008)
2. Place the computer in a well-trafficked area in the home where the whole family can use it. While this practice can help with younger children parents need to also realize that kids today access the Internet in so many ways. While keeping the family computer in a central area helps, it is not a total solution. The reality is that kids can go online almost anywhere: school, library, coffee shop, work or a friend’s house. They have devices such as cell phones, smart phones, consoles like X box and Play Station that can all connect to the Internet.
3. Never, for any reason, agree to meet someone face to face that you met online. Unless your parents are aware of the meeting and plan on going with you, this could be potentially very dangerous. Even if your parents are with you the meeting should take place in a public area. You simply just don’t know who you are talking to online. Over the course of two years, MySpace kicked 90,000 known registered sex offenders off its website. (Schonfeld, 2009)
4. Never give out personal information online. This includes things like,address, telephone number, the name or location of their school, or their parents' names. You also need to be careful of any photos that you might post. A simple picture of you, in a cheerleading uniform, standing in front of your house could provide enough information for a stranger to physically locate you. Online predators have ways to innocently ask simple questions over a period of time that gives them enough information to know who you are and where you live.
5. Make sure you have access to your child’s email password. Very little information is required to set up an email account with services like Google or Yahoo. Basically you provide a name, age and a password and you can quickly and easily set up a free email account. If your child has additional email accounts they may be conversing with people they don’t want you to know about. A 14 year old girl from Canada reported, “I was online in a chat room and this guy was sexually harassing me by saying stuff to me and he wouldn't leave me alone. i had to exit the chat room and shut down my email account so he couldn’t bother me”. (
6. Make sure your kids know to tell you about anything online that makes them uncomfortable. Most kids who suffer or experience cyberbullying do not tell their parents as they are afraid they will lose their online privileges. They also do not report unwanted email or spam with sexually explicit materials.
7. Be sure to talk to your kids about cyber bullying. Four out of 10 kids have been bullied online and five out of 10 have said mean things about others online. Cyber bullying continues to grow and the ultimate bade result can be bullycide or suicide. Also, most kids who suffer or experience cyberbullying do not tell their parents as they are afraid they will lose their online privileges. After being bullied and tormented, 13 year old Megan Meir hanged herself. While it was thought that a teenaged boy was sendingin her messages on MySpace, it was actually a classmate’s mother who fabricated the profile and bullied 13 year of Meir.
8. Did you realize that there is no way to verify your age online? Porn sites, gambling sites, alcohol and tobacco and drug sites simply ask if you are 18 when you sign up. All anyone has to do is to check a box, agree that you are 18, and you are allowed to set up an account and view the site. In January 2009 a Supreme Court decision took “online age verification” off the table as a requirement for Children Online Protection Act. So when it comes to the Internet we are pretty much stuck with trusting kids and adults to give their correct age.

So take care. Arm your computer – and yourself- with the correct tools and knowledge!

Extravagant First Date Ideas:

- Eat in. Hire a top chef and waiting staff to prepare a meal and evening that your date won't soon forget.
- Helicopter ride. Go for a flight over the city in a helicopter.
- Become a Vegas Whale. Dress up to the nines and go blow a fortune in a top casino.
- Fly her to Paris and back. Take in all the sights that Paris has to offer. Finish the date with an expensive meal in one of the swanky restaurants in Paris.
- Climb to the top of the world. Go mounting climbing on a clear summer’s day. Don’t forget the flag for when you reach the top.
- Parachute jump. Take to the sky for the high of a lifetime. This is cannot be a surprise date unless you are sure this is what they want.
- Parasailing. Take to the sea, have lunch, then the sky's the limit.
- Go swimming with dolphins. This has to be the ultimate experience of a lifetime and if you aim to impress, this is the way to do it.

Suggested ebooks:

Laurie Weiss - 24 Tips For Having A Great Relationship
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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How To Fix Your Inner Game Dating Problems

How To Fix Your Inner Game Dating Problems Cover
"A good one from David Deangelo:"

I have a couple of PERSONAL questions I'd like to ask you

You may have never shared these things with anyone before but I want you to think about them, and be as honest as possible

Has the lack of women in your life ever made you worry that something might be WRONG with you but you don't exactly know what?

Have you ever felt (or do you feel now) that if you could just get that one special girl, those feelings would disappear and everything would be ok?

Do you secretly fear that this might NEVER happen that you might NEVER find that "one" girl for you and that you might spend the rest of your life lonely and alone? Now, on a slightly different note

Was there ever a time when you felt that if you could just learn the right "moves", you would have the success with women you are looking for?

Since then, have you had the experience of learning some great lines, techniques, and strategies that SHOULD work with women but they just don't seem to working for YOU?

Do you secretly fear that no matter WHAT you learn things might never REALLY come together for you and that you might NEVER really have the success with women you want?

If this hits home with you, you are not alone.

For many of us, these types of "Inner Game" challenges can be a mystery that's almost impossible to solve.

The frustration and pain can keep you awake at night.

If you've ever felt this way or feel this way now I can relate.

I've been there myself and I remember it well.

I remember feeling so hopeless that at times I thought it might be easier to just give up and accept things as they were.

The most frustrating thing was that I couldn't put my finger on exactly what my problem was.

I figured if I could just get a sexy, caring, affectionate girlfriend I would be "the man" my friends would be green with envy most importantly I would prove to myself and everyone else that I was a man that women wanted.

I secretly imagined on that day the day I met that "perfect girl" my pain and desperation would end FOREVER.

And of course I figured that if I could just learn the right "tricks", I'd be able to meet her.

I can even remember making "pictures" in my head about learning to meet women

I would be able to go up to a woman in a bar whisper a few words in her ear then take her straight back to my place for some fun

I would be able to make a woman fall in love with me the very first time we got together and keep her interested for as long as I desired

I would be able to finally meet that special girl I had been looking for and all of my problems would disappear

I figured that these techniques HAD to exist I'd seen guys do this kind of stuff before so why couldn't I just learn what those guys did and do the same thing?

I made a plan and I read all of the books, every magazine article I could find and I quizzed every woman I knew

I made friends with some guys who were "naturals" with women and memorized everything they said word-for-word.

But something was wrong.

I would approach a woman with one of the same lines I had heard one of my friends use but it just wouldn't have the same effect.

I would use my skills to get 3 phone numbers from women in a single night and I wouldn't be able to get any of them to even meet me for a cup of coffee afterwards

Then there were times when a woman would agree to meet up with me only to call and cancel at the last minute or even worse not show up at all.

Now every once in awhile I would end up going out with a girl that I was REALLY into and things would go GREAT sometimes we'd end up hanging out 2 or 3 times in one week

But sooner or later for reasons I couldn't explain she would become unavailable or just disappear and I'd never see her again.

I just couldn't pull it all together.

What killed me was that I didn't understand why

I had all of the "tools" I knew more "pick up lines" then any of my friends even the guys who were "naturals" with women!

But why did these friends of mine still have more women in their lives than I did? Why weren't things working out for ME?

Even worse was the FEELING that I had inside.

I was trying SO hard, but it just wasn't working for me

Maybe I'm just an ugly dude and there was nothing I could do about it

Maybe I was just too short

Or maybe the women were to blame. I knew I was a good guy what was wrong with these women that they couldn't see it?

Or as much as I was afraid to admit it maybe there was something WRONG with ME (this was my SECRET FEAR, actually).

Have you ever felt this way?

Maybe you've gone down this same road yourself and had this same experience.

It hurts.

And the worst part is it feels like there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about it.

You feel like you're riding a never-ending wave of frustration, pain, and failure and just when you think you're about break free, you meet a woman that seems interested in you, but then she doesn't return a call or flakes on a date or tells you she's not interested and the wave smashes you back down to the ground where you started. Frustrated, hopeless, and alone.

The really sad thing is that most men experience these painful situations forever. They never escape.

But why?

I believe that the HONEST reason why is because most men never address their "Inner Game".

They never learn how to overcome their Inner Game psychological and emotional issues

Instead, they try to learn "techniques" and "tricks" hoping that they won't NEED to address the HARD stuff.

To make a long story short, the BIG changes came for ME when I finally took the time to go INSIDE and work on my Inner Game issues.

And once I did, EVERYTHING changed for me with women.

Probably the most IMPORTANT change was that I stopped NEEDING women. This one "shift" that happened for me has probably had the biggest effect of ALL.

Once I stopped NEEDING women, I started to attract them LIKE CRAZY.

There's an old saying "The hungry don't get fed".

Well, the same goes with women.

If you're NEEDY, then women RUN away from you.

If you're a mature, "real man" who has his life together and has taken the time to get his "inner issues" handled, then women can FEEL it.

And they're attracted like a MAGNET.

If you've gone through any of my programs, then you know that I think it's CRITICAL for a guy to work on his "Inner Game". In fact, it's the one thing that guys report as the MOST important thing they've learned about success with women.

Until now, there has been NOTHING available for men that is TOTALLY focused on helping them get their Inner Game together when it comes to women and dating.

All that is about to change.

I have created a very special DVD program called "Deep Inner Game". This is a one-of-a-kind program I did with a good friend named "Dr. Paul" (you may have heard him on one of my monthly interviews or on one of my other programs).

Deep Inner Game was designed with ONE thing in mind: to help you overcome your INNER issues FAST.

And I want you to go check it out.

I've put up a special webpage where you can watch some killer sample video clips of the program.

If you want to ELIMINATE your Inner Game issues, then this program is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Go here to the page where you can watch the sample videos and get all the info:

David Deangelo

Suggested free e-books to read:

Rob J - How To Get Woman Laid In A Day Or Less
Christian Godefroy - How To Control Your Brain At Will

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O Jogo Neil Strauss

O Jogo Neil Strauss Image
"Cansado de se sentir um fracassado na arte da seduc~ao, o escritor e jornalista especializado em rock Neil Strauss assumiu sua dificuldade em atrair o sexo oposto e, com a ajuda de seu mentor, Mystery, desenvolveu as t'ecnicas que o transformariam em objeto do desejo feminino. Para proteger sua verdadeira identidade, adotou o pseud^onimo Style, mudou radicalmente sua apar^encia, p^os em pr'atica aquilo que aprendeu e aumentou incrivelmente o n'umero de mulheres que levou para a cama. O resultado de sua experi^encia est'a aqui. Em O jogo, Neil Strauss compartilha com o leitor o resultado da transformac~ao a que ele mesmo se submeteu."

O Jogo 'e um livro 'otimo pra ler. Ele n~ao ensina t'ecnicas como o Mystery Method, e nem 'e um passo-a-passo de como levar mulheres para cama, mas voc^e se inspira cada vez mais porque v^e que o Style era um fracassado, um cara normal e se transformou no que 'e hoje, um dos maiores PUA do mundo, talvez um dos 'unicos que possam fazer frente ao Mystery.

O livro conta a vida do Style desde que ele descobriu o PickUp at'e o fim do Projeto Hollywood. Obviamente est~ao presentes os relatos de campo que ele, Mystery, Tyler Durden, Sinn e Papa tiveram. Inclusive 'e interessante usar algumas de suas rotinas porque s~ao muito boas.

No livro, o Mystery Method n~ao 'e o 'unico m'etodo de seduc~ao presente, nele est~ao a Fast Seduction (Ross Jeffries), Double your Dating (David DeAngelo), Juggler Method (Juggler), Verdadeira Din^amica Social (Tyler Durden e Papa), entre outros. 'E legal conhecer mais m'etodos porque o seu estilo pode n~ao ser o estilo de algu'em que usa o Mystery Method, por exemplo.

Livro recomendado.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Sean Stephenson - How Youth Can Succeed
Marty Beckerman - Generation Slut
Robert Glover - No More Mr Nice Guy

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