Everything Bigger In Texas

Everything Bigger In Texas Cover
A Texan went to Chicago and thought he would buy a new "city" outfit. He went into Marshall Fields and when asked by a sweet young woman if she could help him, answered, "Yes ma'am, ya see, I'm from Texas and I want to buy a complete outfit."

Well, her eyes lit up as she asked, "Where would you like to start?"

"Well ma'am, how about a suit?"

"Yes sir, what size?"

"Size 53, tall, ma'am."

"Wow, that's really big."

"Yes ma'am, they really grow them big in Texas."

"What's next?" she asked.

He replied, "How about some shoes?"

"What size?"

"Size 15, double D."

"Wow, that's really big!"

"Yes ma'am, they really grow them big in Texas."

"What's next?"

"Well, I reckon I'll need a shirt."

"Yes sir, what size?"

"Nineteen and a half, 38," he replied.

"Wow, that's really big!"

"Yes ma'am, they really grow them big in Texas."

She virtually glowed as she asked, "Whew! Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No ma'am, I reckon that will be all."

Well she tallied up his bill while the Texan was counting out his money. She asked, "Sir could I ask you a question?"

"Yes ma'am, I already know what it is and the answer is four inches."

She is astonished and blurts out, "Why, my boyfriend is bigger than that!"

Without so much as a stutter, the Texan replied, "Across ma'am?"

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