Dating An Old Crush Part Ii

Dating An Old Crush Part Ii Cover
It took many months for the wound caused by Dave's harsh words to close. Not heal. Just close. Other things in my life took over. The stress of my job became too much. I lost some weight. My grandfather died. I fell in love again. Got hurt again. And decided to send myself on a trip to South America to volunteer - alone. A year after my romance with Dave, I found myself in a hostel in Buenos Aires during the worst weather conditions Argentina had seen in seven years. Dave's parents were from Argentina and he had many aunts and uncles and cousins in Buenos Aires. I needed some support. I was alone and scared and cold in a foreign country thousands of miles away from home. So I emailed Dave for help. Within hours he replied saying that it would be his pleasure to connect me with his cousin. The next day Ben, and his girlfriend, Maria, picked me up at the hostel. For four days, the couple gave me the royal treatment. They took me on tours of the city and to the outskirts where the wineries are. They showed me the beaches and introduced me to their friends. All in all, they helped me salvage what remained of my trip. Apparently Dave had mentioned in his email to Ben that I was "someone special" to him. I was very grateful... and confused.

South America was not the answer to my life's questions as I hoped it would be. In fact, it was a terrifying experience. I spent the next year trying to establish myself again in Montreal. Things just didn't feel right for me. I continued to chase after the guy (the one from across the bar at Shangai - See Dating an Old Crush Part 1) who would, inevitably, break my heart over and over and decided to move back to New York to try to restore myself permanently. So I sold my car, packed my life up in two suitcases, made my mother cry, and left - again.

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Are Girls Ready For Motherhood At 14

Are Girls Ready For Motherhood At 14 Cover
According to award-winning author HILARY MANTEL (who I admit, I never heard of until today), girls are ready to start having and raising babies at 14.

The 57-year-old author believes that society is mistakenly running on a male timetable that dictates that women should be having babies at an older age, when, in fact, they would be better off having kids when they are teenagers and then returning to school to resume a career in their 30s.

"Having sex and having babies is what young women are about, and their instincts are suppressed in the interests of society's timetable," said Mantel.

"I was perfectly capable of setting up and running a home when I was 14, and if, say, it had been ordered differently, I might have thought, 'Now is the time to have a couple of children and when I am 30, I will go back and I'll get my PhD'."

Her views are being met with a very mixed response, especially considering the Britain has the highest teen pregnancy rate in all of Western Europe. Of course, Mantel is suggesting that women marry and raise a family at 14; not just have kids.

It's also noteworthy to point out that Mantel suffered a painful illness in her 20s that left her unable to have kids.

In my mom's day, girls marrying and having children once they hit puberty was the norm; nowadays, 14-year-olds can barely tie their shoes without needing someone to help them.

What do you think?

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