Why Would Any Man Want 14 Wives

Why Would Any Man Want 14 Wives Cover
An Air India worker was fired from his job and faces bigamy charges after it was discovered that the weirdo had 14 wives.

TUSHAR WAGHMARE of Mumbai managed to arrange his 14 marriages via the Internet, and kept all of his brides widespread across India.

Using his job as an excuse to spend no more than 3 days with each wife, the 40-year-old man, TUSHAR WAGHMARE admitted that he was exhausted and penniless after splitting his $1300 a month salary among the 14 wives (that's much less than $100 each a month).

The Air India employee got caught because one of the wives ran into another wife leaving his apartment. Doofus!

Only 5 of the 14 women filed complaints against TUSHAR WAGHMARE; the other 9 were too embarrassed to be identified.

I have no idea why any man would want to have 14 wives - especially on a $1300 a month salary. Some guys have only one wife and feel suicidal.

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