Flirting Tips How To Flirt In The Right Way

Flirting Tips How To Flirt In The Right Way Image
Flirting is no longer a taboo in the society, even girls and boys both enjoy it. Flirting is an interesting activity if done wisely. Flirting is fun, it indicates that someone is interested in you or you are interested in someone. Flirting means giving the complete attention to him/her by touching, smiling, playing, talking, making different facial expression.

While involving in flirting activity, always keep in mind that flirting should express your feelings - in a respectful, decent, polite manner. There are few body language and body behaviour which help you to know, whether other person is interested in you or not:


o eye contact

o Dilated pupils

o Arched eyebrows

o eye movement and blinking

o toying with hair

o Smiling

o Kissing lips

o Touching the lips or teeth with tongue

o Thrusting chest or breasts outward

o copying posture

o Winking

o Crossing legs


o Smiling

o Laughing

o Whispering

o Personal questions like relationship status

Other Behavior

o touching

o hands in hands

o nervous

o avoidance of eye contact

o Standing on one leg or shifting weight back and forth

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