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Hey guys,

Today's newsletter may be a bit short because I am learning how to type on a Dvorak keyboard. I would love to take the week off, but the newsletter must go on! For more info on what that is, check out my blog or google.

I'm on day 2 and I am up to 10-15 words per minute or so. Yikes.

Here's our question for today:

I'm the kind of guy that wants to come across as humble yet confident. I don't particularly like bragging and I am working on portraying my personality through stories as you have suggested. However, sometimes I think that I am talking too much about my self and do not want people to think I am self-centered or conceited. Any tips on how to come across as purely confident and not insecure cocky?


Hey CW,

I wouldn't worry too much about being humble. Confidence is important, of course, but humility really isn't.

Some of the most attractive guys are very cocky.

In fact, a lot of "being confident" is being who you are and being proud of that. If you're naturally a cocky guy then it's a lot better to go with that than to try to fight it.

Insecurity, when you think about it, is really just not fully accepting something about yourself. A confident person accepts himself, including his flaws AND his strengths.

My friend Tyler from Real Social Dynamics has a great phrase, "the self always comes through."

In other words, if you're not a cocky guy, don't worry about it. People will see you for who you are.

There is, however, one guideline to keep in mind. You should never put other people down to make yourself look good. This always has the opposite effect.

I'd like to write more, but this new keyboard is killing me. I should be typing fast again next week.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Dr Robert Antony - Total Self Confidence
Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women

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