Girlfriend Cheated With Me

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I lured my girlfriend away from her ex boyfriend - she essentially cheated on him with me. Now I find myself suspicious of her all the time, worried that she'll do the same thing to me. Is my suspicion justified?


Yes, it is. You have to understand that if you were able to lure her away, then someone else might be able to lure her away again. Not only that, but where is this girl's loyalty? She dumped her boyfriend to be with you, and now you expect her loyalty to lie with you? That's pretty na"ive.

If you want to be serious with this girl, then tell her what you're thinking. You might be surprised to hear what she has to say.

Your paranoia is yours to deal with. If you can't get over that she cheated on her last boyfriend to be with you, it will eventually rip your relationship apart.


My girlfriend kissed another woman when we went out to a club last weekend. And although all my friends think this is a huge turn on, I can't help but feel like I've been cheated on. Am I crazy?


No you're not. Your girlfriend just cheated on you in your face. Of course your friends think it's hot; that wasn't their girlfriend tonguing another strange woman and potentially getting herpes.

You have been cheated on and even though most guys would get turned on by what they saw, most guys who see their girlfriend as wife potential aren't too thrilled about their girl walking up to some random stranger and sticking their tongue down their throat.

Call her on it, and if you're not over it, dump her. It's that simple.


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Date Check iPhone New App

Date Check iPhone New App Cover
If you started dating Chuck or Sarah and are a little weirded out by how much they know about prison food, DATE CHECK, a new iPhone app, can help you find out whether or not you have good reason to be.

DATE CHECK is powered by Intelius, a background check powerhouse that exposes information people are hiding.

So if you have your date's name and telephone number, you can find out if they've committed any crimes like sexual assault, have had any drug arrests, and even find out if they're married.

And if you find out your date is clean, DATE CHECK can then find out how big their home is, how much it's worth, how compatible your astrological signs are, and how much they're net worth is.

DATE CHECK will be available for iPhone today and should be available for Blackberry by the end of 2009.

Wow, now the dating game has changed for good, thanks to DATE CHECK. Then again, now gold diggers have a new way of finding their man.

Here is a cost breakdown:

The Date Check app for general background information (criminal records, etc.) = free

The Date Check app for detailed background information = a few dollars

The Date Check app for comprehensive background information - $40

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How To Get A Free Copy Of David Deangelo Advanced Dating Techniques

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With all of the interest so far in my new Man Transformation Program and with all of the extra work I'm going to put in to make this program KILLER I've made a decision

I've decided that you must QUALIFY to come to this program and that the way you must qualify is that you must own a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques DVD or CD program, and you must have gone through the entire program from beginning to end.

Even though the "Man Transformation" program is going to be a complete "Fast Start" dating education, including advanced methods not shared anywhere before, I want to make sure that every single guy in the room is UP TO SPEED on my previous key ideas.

You'll understand this when you get to the program, but for now, let's just say that it's a REQUIREMENT that you own a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques program to qualify (and yes, I'm going to actually check our database to make sure you are a customer in good standing - no cheaters or deadbeats allowed).


In this program I have to condense the best of my hundreds of pages and hundreds of hours of my print, video, and audio programs PLUS teach you all of my newest technique and methods.

If we're going to make massive progress, then you need to be PREPARED to hit the ground running.

And my Advanced Dating Techniques program is the way to make that happen.


If you apply to the Man Transformation I've decided to INCLUDE (as a bonus) a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques 2nd Edition DVD Training Program (this is the FAR-superior 2nd edition of the program).


(Note: If you are already own this program and you're a registered customer, I'll let you choose from a few of my other programs as your bonus so you get even more great information to prepare with.)

This bonus offer is only going to be available for a short time, so make sure and apply to the program early (and this offer is only limited to the supply of programs I have in stock and on hand once they're gone, they are GONE).

I've made a fun new video sharing a few more details about the program, along with some of the feedback I've been getting over the past several days and I'm going to post it on my new blog and send you a link tomorrow. Keep your eye out for it!

Click here to get on the Man Transformation sign up list. Don't waste time, ticket's will go on sale THIS WEEK (Under $1000).

Talk to you then!

David Deangelo.

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