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Grant Adams’s Net2Bed Net2Wed System is promoted as a way for men to seduce women online, so that by “the time he finally meets her, she's already his”- which is clearly a fantasy come true for many of us. This is because many of us don’t know how to make our profile stand out on these sites, many of which literally have thousands of men on them all vying for the same women. This is where Adams system comes into play, because he has broken down the different methods and hand picked the ones that work the best.


This rise in internet dating forces men to really “talk” to women, without the distractions bar or other social arenas provide. Grant Adams notes that most guys “write and speak to women just like they speak to other guys”, which means that they give facts and lists of their accomplishments. They also unknowingly create profiles that lack allure or an arousal factor, which is a tactic that usually gets them nowhere fast.

In his system Adams teaches men how to use the “sensual and luxuriant language” most women respond to, so they can get the edge in this arena. Standing out is actually a concept that was made famous by Mystery, one of the most well known Pick Up Artists of our time. He called it “peacocking. This concept is all about “standing out” immediately from other guys, however, Mystery used this in the in person arena.

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Adams has also written many different articles on this subject which are available for free, and in fact they are good reads-dispensing some interesting advice. These articles include topics such as Four Reasons Why Men Should Meet Women Online, How Men Can Use Dynamic Language to Attract Women Effectively, Girls, Games and Keeping Score, Defect From An Army Of Dilberts, and The Two Most Important Things Men Need To Know. These articles help men navigate the waters of internet dating-for free, and in fact they address many of the same topics addressed in this book. "

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