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Abnormal Psychology is a highly complex and fascinating field of study. The modern psychological community has made tremendous strides in better understanding, diagnosing and treating abnormal disorders of the mind compared to centuries and even decades ago. While there is still much stigma attached to this branch of mental illness, it is less so than in the past. This course will introduce you to the many faces of abnormal psychology. It will discuss old and new ideas surrounding this branch of psychology and will offer general information about how abnormal psychologists and psychiatrists identify and treat these types of mental illnesses. There are fifteen comprehensive lessons written in an easy to follow, informative manner. The end of each lesson will provide you with multiple summary review questions as well as an assignment so that you may effectively test your new found knowledge. We encourage you to use these self-test questions to determine whether you are ready to move on to the next lesson or if you should review portions of the preceding lesson before taking the next step. Do not rush yourself. Take the time to read all portions of the lessons and complete the exercises and self-tests. There is a comprehensive bibliography at the end of the course which lists all texts and Web sites used as reference materials in the creation of this course. It is a valuable resource in finding more in-depth information on specific topics that are beyond the scope of this course. Whether you are considering an education or a career in abnormal psychology or if you are simply interested in learning more about this fascinating field of study, this course will introduce you to a better understanding of the intricacies of the human mind and the ever evolving study of Abnormal Psychology.

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The Most Important Things To Pick Up Women

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There are a few things that are non-negotiable must-haves to_ PICK UP WOMEN_.

Funny story to illustrate this point. I remember one time when I was out with some friends - we were discussing the blackberry messenger application. If you haven't used it, it's like Instant Messaging for blackberry users. Critically, it tells you when someone has read your message, so you can't get away with the plausible deniability of "I didn't see your message come through" if you have BBM.

I saw some women who were all on their berries (I swear, in NYC its either all iPhone or blackberry) and approached them. I rarely use "opinion openers" but in this case I was genuinely curious, so I asked them how long they know a guy before they feel comfortable adding him on BBM.

For some reason, they all looked at me funny and kind of shut me out. I did it to a second group, same response. This was nonsense; I've had this convo with other girlfriends and I know they like to talk about it.

Then I realized that with these two groups I'd just approached, I had my head buried in my blackberry looking at BBM while I was talking to them. Duh. Very little eye contact, not commanding body language, none of it so I tried it again on a third group of girls, while looking them in the eye and you know, actually _engaging_ them, and we were off to the races.

Lessons learned? Do the following stuff every time:


- you should be making eye contact 70% of the time you're talking to someone
- you should only break eye contact to the side, not downwards
- you should be making direct eye contact anytime you give a compliment


- you should be comfortable touching her within 10 seconds of saying hello. not too much... just a slight touch
- you should be rocking in and out on your back foot - generally, you should come in at a 45 degree angle
- you should be smiling


- your first few sentences should be no more than 10-15 seconds long
- you shouldn't give explanations or apologies
- you should be speaking to the whole group if it is not a direct compliment

So these are some of the very basic, very important things to do within the first minute of an interaction in order to attract women. They're subtle, but getting them wrong is going to betray a lack of confidence and deservedness and will hinder your chances to get women.

Funny thing is, when I'm not "warmed up," I sometimes mess these up too. So when I'm out with clients and if I haven't done any "cold approaches" in awhile, my first conversation of the evening has become what I call a "systems check" conversation.

Geeky? Sure. But its just a reminder. Here's how:

Find a very, very attractive girl, and give her a direct compliment. Your goal is not to pick her up, but to force yourself to focus on all these little things so that they're kind of locked into your head for the evening.

I'd say that 80% of the time you get a bad reaction from a girl, its from messing up these fundamentals, so getting them right at the start gets your night off to a good start.

If you're going out tonight, do a little system check of your own and see how it works for you.

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