Find Someone Special With Online Speed Dating

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Dating, online dating and now online speed dating, word keeps on changing. Technology has changed the world completely especially the way of living. Gone are days when people had to spend lot of money to go on a date. Now days, everything has become too fast, and people have no time to waste. Online speed dating is the new concept which is being liked by the people very much around the world. It is very much similar with normal dating or online dating.

The concept and objective of online speed dating is very simple. Here, people find their soul mate or partner for marriage. In other words, single people including divorcee, widow, students etc. find long-term relationship here without sending much money and time. It is nice and genuine process, as you don't meet with anyone without proper information.

Now days, many professional people and companies have come in this field. They help people to meet with each other and take the proper responsibility as well. Online speed dating is quiet good and helps you a lot if you use it nicely. It is advisable not use such services for fraud purposes.

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Women 7 Deadly Sins Of Dating

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When it comes to dating in the long-term, too often women end up making men run in the other direction for dear life because they turn into these crazy chicks that are unrecognizable.

But if you want to hold on to a man for the long-term, here's are the 7 deadly sins of dating that you need to avoid like the plague:



It's true that guys aren't psychic, so they don't know that, "nothing" really means that he should sleep with one eye open, but it's incredibly insulting when you keep dropping hints to let him know what you want, rather than just spitting it out.

After all, how would you feel if he stripped down to his underwear and said, "I haven't had sex in, like, 6 days"? If you want something say it and risk hearing the answer you don't want to hear.



It's great that you think he's husband material and would make a great father to your children, but talking about it and planning it all out before he has even decided that he wants to marry you is just plain stupid.

The more you pressure a man to get married, the more he will resist, so stop it. Stop it now.



In an effort to keep him on his toes, you try to act distant and aloof every now and then. What you don't realize is that, if he's even mildly sane, he will tire of this stupidness really quickly and show you the door.

So be legit, stop the mind games and grow up.



When you met, you were a size 6 and had legs that went on forever; don't be fooled into thinking that he loves you for your personality alone. You are the entire package, so stay that way.

Don't false advertise and give him something that will only last temporarily. If you go from nice to bitch, he'll split. And if you go from fit to beast, the same thing will happen. Face it.

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Bertrand Russell - The Analysis Of Mind

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Friend To Girlfriend Tips To Make It True

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This is the biggest myth about attracting a woman is that men should try to make a friendship with them. This is a wrong practice people do follow. Here are few tips to get best girl as your life partner:

No more friendship - if you are the best friend of her, then make a distance from her right now. You have to show your importance and prove how you are different from other friends. It is a difficult step to follow, but to get her in your life you have to do that.

Understanding - you are not allowed to leave a single opportunity to make her realize how better you understand her. Never miss the golden chance and show here wherever you get chance.

Calls - mobile phones have become inevitable part of life and play very important part in love life too. It is necessary to call her and show your care. But keep in mind that there is a thin line between care and obsession. You have right to call her but don't irritate her by calling many times in day. Don't forget, quantity doesn't matter but quality matters a lot.

It simply means it does not matter how many times you call her, but the only thing matter is when you call her. Never leave her alone, when she needs you most.

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Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Make The First Move

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