Book Review Why Mr Right Cant Find You

Book Review Why Mr Right Cant Find You Cover
Why Mr. Right Can't Find You By J.M. Kearns

Although it has been labeled a "self-help" book, it's quite obvious from the first few pages that J.M. KEARNS'" Mr. Right Can't Find "is much more than that. And even though the title pretty much sums up what the book's focus is, I was surprised to discover that couples can also benefit from it.

Why? Well, because
" Mr. Right Can't Find "tackles the topics that most couples forget about when they're in that honeymoon phase. By addressing these hard-hitting topics from the get-go, you can figure out if your relationship is going to make it into the long-term or if you should hit the skids and look elsewhere for love.

J.M. KEARNS also encourages women to be more proactive in their search for love. I can't tell you often my friends sit around waiting for the guy to come to them, as though it's written in the books that Mr. Right is going to be at the right place at the right time, will spot her from across the moon and she'll get that happy ending she thinks she so richly deserves.

No. J.M. KEARNS makes it clear that if you want Mr. Right, you're going to have to look for him. Don't be afraid to go out alone, he says, and don't be afraid of online dating sites, they can be one of your greatest allies.

All in all, I think J.M. KEARNS debunks the typical myths that most, if not all, women believe. So if you want to figure out where the best places to meet men are, the best way to show yourself off, and the best way to make your online dating profile shine, you need to read Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. It's an investment. It's an investment.


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