Wives Spend A Working Week Each Year Nagging

Wives Spend A Working Week Each Year Nagging Image
Henpecked British blokes have to put up with an entire week of nagging from their wives every year, it had been found.

A study discovered the average woman moan at their man for more than two-and-a-half hours a week about helping out around the house and cutting back on booze.

That works out to a total of around 11 hours a month - the equivalent of five-and-a-half days a year or more than one working week.

Not helping to tidy the house emerged as the most common bug-bear for a woman to nag about, followed by not doing the dishes.

Other common complaints included spending too much money, not being romantic enough… and not listening when they are busy nagging.
Other popular things women bend a man's ear about include drinking too much, their diet, and not sorting out clothes for the washing.

The study of 3,000 Brits revealed 86 per cent of men get nagged by their other half, with one in five claiming their missus goes on at them 'all the time'.

And women clearly aren't ashamed of their moaning as 87 per cent admitted giving their partner a hard time.


1. Not tidying the house
2. Not doing the dishes
3. Spending too much money
4. Not being romantic enough
5. Not sorting out the laundry
6. Watching too much sport
7. Drinking too much
8. Not making the bed
9. Spending too much time on a hobby
10. Not mowing the lawn

A spokesperson for the Everyman campaign, which carried out the study said: "It seems all men are on the receiving end of some nagging from time to time.

"And I'm sure many women will say that's the only way to get a man to do something.

"While it's normally over trivial things such as helping out more with the kids or tidying up after themselves, women are also having to pester their men to get them to think about more serious issues in their lives."

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