Book Review How To Be A Super Hot Woman

Book Review How To Be A Super Hot Woman Cover
By Mandy Simons the advice given also makes one shake their head in wonderment. I'm guessing this book was self-published because no self-respecting publishing company would ever give this book that go-ahead.

The ladies provide gems that suggest that women buy fake name brand purses off the net, and to walk to the middle of a room at a party and wait for someone to come and take your coat. I think these ladies may have been guzzling whisky and watching old movies when they threw this thing they call a dating advice book together.

The contents of the book range from complete logic (you have to be clean and take showers if you want to meet men) to the downright insane (land yourself a role on a soap opera and make yourself famous and he'll regret that he ever walked out of your life).

And if all this isn't enough to convince you that you probably don't want to read this book, the entire thing is written in size 16 font. That's really big. And that gets kind of annoying after a while.

If you're looking for dating advice that is designed to help you become a better person and, in essence, meet a better man, this is not the book you want to invest in.


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Chris Brown Beat Rihanna Often

Chris Brown Beat Rihanna Often Cover
Well it's done. CHRIS BROWN has been sentenced to 5 years of probation and 6 months community labor (that means he has to pick up garbage in the streets and stuff) for beating up RIHANNA. He must also attend 1 year of domestic violence counseling.

None of this is shocking news - we all knew he wasn't going to do time, especially considering RIHANNA did not want to press any charges.

What also isn't surprising is that CHRIS BROWN was involved in violent incidents before this episode that got him arrested. Apparently, Rihanna slapped him once and he shoved her into a wall in Europe. I'm curious: Is what she did a "violent incident" as well?

The second time, CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA were vacationing in Barbados when they began arguing in a Range Rover. CHRIS BROWN got out of the car and smashed in 2 windows.

And these are just the incidents we know about now. It's obvious that CHRIS BROWN has some anger issues. I mean, he came from a home of domestic abuse, so it's not surprising that he is the way he is.

I'm sure RIHANNA wasn't a mousy little thing in all of this, but did CHRIS BROWN get off too easy?

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Woman Has Twins From Two Different Fathers

Woman Has Twins From Two Different Fathers Cover
In Turkey, a DNA paternity test performed at the request of a suspicious husband proved that his wife gave birth to twins born from two different men's sperm.

The 24-year-old woman, known only as CK, had sex with her husband and her lover on the same day and two of her eggs were fertilized by each of the men's sperm.

According to doctors, this phenomenon (known as heteropaternal superfecundation) is so rare that there are only a handful of cases of this occurrence around the world.

And I'm guessing that there are only a handful of women who have sex with their husbands and lovers on the same day as well. So there.

Soon after she gave birth to the twins, CK noticed that one of them resembled her lover and panicked. Meanwhile, neighbors told her husband that she was being unfaithful, which prompted the DNA test.

When the results returned, her husband kept his biological child and threw his wife and the other child out. Her own father also disowned her so she sought refuge in a woman's shelter, but her child was taken into custody by the state.

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Dating Human Interest

Dating Human Interest Image
Each and every day, more and more people are grabbing on to the concept of online dating. This does not seem crazy when you think about how popular and widely used the Internet has become. From shopping to socializing to researching, the Internet has proven itself nearly endless in its possibilities. What can you do to stand out from the crowd and get great results from online dating?


One of the best things you can do to find success with online dating involves being honest. If you are not a millionaire than owns a series of companies around the country, you should not pretend otherwise. Do not post a picture in your profile that is not you, no matter how self-conscious you are about your looks. Your potential love interest will assume that any and all information you post on the dating site is true; when they find out that you were lying, you will pay the price for it.


You would not ask somebody to rush through a delicate surgical procedure, would you? The same approach should be used for dating. Do not rush things, no matter how anxious you are to take things to the next level. Do not plan a romantic holiday the day after you first meet in person. Do not expect them to give out personal information, such as their phone number or address, when you have only known each other a few hours. The key is to move at a pace that is comfortable for the both of you. Savour each moment, and the benefits will come.


There is nothing wrong with looking for the best in people, but no matter how nice they might seem online, offline could be a different story. You do not want potentially dangerous or troublesome people to have your personal information. A person that says they are middle-aged but are actually in their teens could cause problems, for example. Wait a few months after you have started conversing with the other person before you start giving out anything delicate. It can depend on your level of comfort, but hastiness will do you no favours.


When meeting for the first time, people can feel nervous and even scared. In order for everybody to feel comfortable and secure, you should choose a public place to hold your meeting. Parks within reasonable distance of your respective homes, a cinema establishment and so on are good choices. Asking loved ones such as family members to act as chaperones or companions can also break up the tension. The important thing is to have fun and be natural. When you do this, you will get the results that you want.

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Dr Joy Browne - Dating For Dummies

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Two Hours Romance Add Romance In Your Busy And Hectic Life

Two Hours Romance Add Romance In Your Busy And Hectic Life Image
Nowadays, we do not have enough time to spend with others. This is all because of heavy work pressure. We didn't get even some hours to spend with our loved ones just because of busy and hectic scheduled. But by following these amazing tips you can make your day beautiful with your partner. This will also help you to make your personal relation stronger. With only a little bit of effort and wish, you can give an extreme pleasure to your love life.

Well, if you can spare at least 2 small hours a week, you can easily give time to your personal relationship. It's really true. Check out these tips to learn how. Firstly, try to do the dinner or a lunch with each other. If you are so busy and don't get time in office, simply go out for a lunch or a dinner together. On the other side, if you can't go outside, just make something special in home itself. By remembering your beautiful moments that you have spend together, you can make your candle light dinner in home as well.

Another option through which you can easily add romance in your busy life is that before going on a bed just kiss each other on forehead that will make you feel close to each other. Moreover, you can also go for shopping weekends that will also make you feel extremely good. May be you are in any corner of the world; always try to talk one another through phone if it is not possible for you to meet everyday. So, in this way you can make your simple and boring life too romantic.

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William Robinson - Woman Her Sex And Love Life

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Pickup Artist Fact Or Fiction

Pickup Artist Fact Or Fiction Cover
One sort of guy who "works at" getting better with women and tries to attract women is the aspiring pick up artist. The most telling thing about pickup artists (aka PUAs) is that most guys who get women, who get labeled as them eventually wish they weren't. And most of the real pickup artists out there are guys you've never heard of, with no products to sell, no nine-step system, and no notoriety except amongst a few of their buddies and the legions of women they've slept with. I'm friends with a lot of guys on facebook who add PUA to their name... silly things like Icedragon PUA or Adam PUA. No disrespect, but that sort of thing really smacks of an identity that is flapping around in the wind.

Hmm, let me explain. We all have a notion of who we are - this is called our "identity". Our behaviors are tied to this identity. So if you've been told that you're a "nice guy" your whole life, and that's what you believe about yourself, then you'll probably be, well, nice. You'll do nice things for people, go out of your way to help people, and you'll probably be very considerate of others. Nothing wrong with any of that. But if being a nice guy prevents you from doing things that, in your conception of a "nice guy", aren't very nice, then you might have a hard time doing some of the stuff that women find insanely attractive and you will find it hard to get women. It just doesn't "feel right."

Follow me?

This isn't to harp on nice guys. A kid who grows up on the streets and is told that he's a "thug" his whole life is probably going to have to make some adjustments if he manages to escape the hood and join, say, the business community. His identity is going to drive a set of behaviors that are defensive, walled-off... all the stuff he needed to survive in the streets. Another example is the kid who grows up in an upper-middle class household, gets everything handed to him on a silver plate, and never learns to hustle.

He skates through college, then gets out into the real world and lands a sales job. If he still holds onto the notion that he's above hustling - a prerequisite for any good sales guy - he's going to find his ass out of that job mighty fast. Point being, when we have a conception of who we are, one that's been reinforced for anywhere from fifteen to fifty years, it can be tough to break out of the mold. Sometimes it's easier to adopt a new identity, or alter-ego, altogether. Since The Game and The Pickup Artist came out, many men have decided that being a pickup artist is preferable to being whatever else they may currently be.

Often, this is accompanied by the addition of outlandish clothing, silly hats, and certain behaviors and values that somehow permeated the "pickup community". Many of these are counter-productive, childish, and don't reflect the reality of the real pickup artists and how they get women, the hustlers and lady killers who have no need for an alternate identity because they're already slaying it out there. As I've stated before, I have no idea where you're coming into this book from.

Your sense of self could be incredibly strong, or incredibly fragile. What I'd encourage you to think about is this: there are going to be some things that you have to do or say which may be beyond your comfort zone. If you ever find that little voice in your head saying "I'd never say that" or "I'd never do that," you now know where it's coming from (your identity) and you have to ask yourself if the "I" in that situation is really looking out for your best interests.

But I want you to understand that the cult of the pickup artist is one that has been created, and reinforced, by insecure guys who weren't getting women when they decided that they wanted to be called PUAs and hope that now they will get women. But don't get too hung up on a name. We're here because we want to teach you how to get women, and whether you become a pickup artist in the truest sense of the word... or a lady killer... or a social man... the goals are the same, trying to attract women. Call it what you like.

Find out more about how to attract women today.

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Change Your Voicemail Now

Change Your Voicemail Now Image
What is up with people who use this as their voicemail message: "You have reached 310-555-1212. Please leave a message?" There's nothing warm and nothing pleasant about that.

It's amazing how many people I call, and the first thing I learn about them is their phone number recited by a computerized woman's voice. Do you realize that your first "meeting" with and introduction to someone might be via your voicemail message?

You may thereafter hand somebody a business card with the intention of introducing yourself to them for business purposes, but their first impression of you will remain hearing "You have reached 310-555-1212... " Do you know what type of first impression that makes? None.

The other terrible thing about this ever-so-sexy computerized voice reciting a phone number as your voicemail message, is that as the caller you sometimes think you may have dialed the wrong number because there is no way to know whose voicemail you've reached (since today we don't usually memorize everyone's phone number). So you don't leave a message. Thus, even though we know we dialed 312-555-1212, we might have hit the wrong button and we didn't memorize it.

I don't care whether it's your business or your personal voicemail, you need to leave a warm personally recorded message so people who hear it can get an idea of your personality. For example, I've been using basically the same voicemail message for years. In mine, I say:

"Hey, it's David. Great to hear from you. Looking forward to speaking with you, but I can't get to the phone right now. I'll call you back as soon as I get into the office. Take care, and make it a great day!"

Your voicemail message should at a minimum be something that's strong. I have excitement in my voice in my message.

I want people to be excited to talk to me. I want people to be interested in talking to me. I want them to know that I'm a warm person.

It's amazing how lazy most people have become. This is a problem that is equally prevalent in men as it is in women.

There is no reason you should have a computerized voicemail message at work. It's unprofessional in every way. Let people know about who you are.

If you're dating, then having a computerized voicemail message is simply ridiculous. If I call a woman and get the "You've reached 310-555-1212 " voicemail, then I wonder if I was handed a wrong phone number and very often I will not want to leave a message.

Why should I leave a message in that situation? I don't know whose phone I've reached. I don't know if I've reached Amy, Lisa or some weird 90-year old guy in prison somewhere who just likes to listen to voicemail messages.

So when you record your voicemail message, make it warm and friendly - but don't make it stupid. I can't tell you how many times I have called someone and, after hearing their dog barking in the background, their message in their cutest tone of voice says "Fred says 'leave a message!' Ha Ha Ha " That is really annoying.

Also, what about when you call up a family home and after the voicemail begins "You've reached the Wilsons." you hear each child in turn yell their own name like "Timmy! Amy! Joe!" followed by the dog barking after being introduced. How cute if you're a part of that family.

How about the people who put an excerpt of a tv show or song as part of their voicemail message? Like that makes sense. Why in order to leave someone a message am I being forced to endure 30 seconds of a tv show that I don't watch?

It's time we all grew up. It's time we all stopped being lazy. It's time we all recorded a personal voicemail message.

So for all of you who have the "You've reached 310-555-1212 " message on your voicemail, it's time you decided to say "hi." As for me, I'll end this blog by saying "This is David... and welcome to my voicemail!"

Going further into voice. Do you know how to create powerful emotions with the tone of your voice.

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Cucan Pemo - What Does Your Man Really Want
Dan Bacon - Super Charge Your Confidence Now

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How To Make Your Love Marriage Full Of Love

How To Make Your Love Marriage Full Of Love Image
There can be a huge discussion happen on love marriage and arrange marriage. In society, you can find various people who like both ways of marriage or one. However, it completely depends on the mentality and values of person. Now days, people have started believing this type marriage where both partners fall in love with each other first and then they get married with blessings of their parents. For this marriage, it is necessary for both partners to know each other before marriage. Generally, such couples meet with each other in college, office, society, meetings etc.

There are many countries in the world where love marriage is still taboo and people can not take such a step. According to many marriage counselors, love marriage is best because you get opportunity and time to know about your partner. Such marriages are getting popular and success ratio is also getting higher day-by-day. In this marriage, you feel more excited because you get the perfect life partner to whom you already know better than others. So, go with love marriage without any problem if you are searching a better and understanding partner.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Wayne Perkins - How To Hypnotize Your Lover
Leil Lowndes - How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You
Christian Godefroy - How To Improve Your Self Image

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Day Game Openers

Day Game Openers Image
One of the biggest problems guys face is not knowing what to say when they see a woman they want to talk to. Especially when they see a woman in the daytime. The first step to meeting women in daytime environment is the approach, but in this article you will find some examples of things you can say to start a conversation.

There are some differences between approaching women in the daytime than at night. You wouldn't approach a woman in a grocery store the same way you would at a bar.

One of the main differences is that the women in the daytime generally do not expect to be approached, whereas at night they do expect it. Especially when the woman is beautiful.

On top of that most women aren't in a social mood to talk to people in the daytime and they usually are on a time constraint. She might be on her way to pickup a friend or is running late for work. That's why it is advised to use direct approaches in the daytime, simply because you skip a couple of steps for a successful pickup.

At night you might have an hour to talk to a woman, but when you meet someone on the street she might be on her way to an appointment. This means you have to efficiently compress the interaction to a shorter period of time, starting off with an direct approach.


[get her attention] + [social calibrator] + [compliment]

You first have to get her attention before you can deliver your compliment. Between that is the social calibration, which means that you address the situation you're both in, which is necessary to make her feel comfortable. The biggest part of your direct conversation starter ("opener") is the compliment.


"Excuse me, I just saw you walking past, and I had to come tell you that you look absolutely beautiful."

"Excuse me, I just saw sitting there, and I wanted to come tell you that you look stunning."

"Hi, I saw you from across the isle and I thought you looked gorgeous. I wanted to come introduce myself."

These are all examples that follow the structure of an effective daytime opener. First part is a way to grab her attention, then the social calibration, and then the compliment. You can use these right away and if used correctly, you will have successfully started a conversation with a woman.

A good general rule for compliments is: the more specific, the better. Also, it should be an explicit physical interest in her attractiveness. A comment about her "purse" or "nice dress" is weak. However, you can start with something general and followup with something more specific.


"Excuse me, I saw you walking by, and I had to come tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous. I can tell you really take care of yourself."

"Excuse me, I just saw sitting there, and I wanted to come tell you that you look stunning. I really like your sense of style."

"Hi, I saw you from across the isle and I thought you looked gorgeous. I like how you put yourself together. I wanted to come introduce myself."

The examples are all the same from above but added with a specific compliment. Feel free to play around with those and phrase them the way you normally talk so it is congruent with you.

All these openers are great for starting conversations with women you meet in coffee shops, malls, grocery stores, shopping streets, and any other place you meet women outside bars and clubs. After you have approached, you must continue the conversation. These are just examples of breaking the ice.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Ross Quigley - Beautiful Women Prefer Nerds
Bobby Bodenhamer - Frame Games
Tyler Durden - Plant And Stare Opener

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Fast Seduction Launches Blog Tactics Techniques

Fast Seduction Launches Blog Tactics Techniques Image
Jay Ray, sometimes known as "Formhandle" and "TokyoPUA", the Fast Seduction guys created something called "The Art of the Pickup" a couple years ago and it looks like they're working on something new called "Tactics Techniques". From what I heard, it's looking awesome and they've even set up a new blog called "What is AOTP?".


Suggested free e-books to read:

Thundercat - Seduction Lair Articles
Alphahot1 - Seduction Trends Using Chick Tactics To Nail Chicks

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