Man Punishment For Cheating

Man Punishment For Cheating Cover
When some wives catch their husbands cheating, they do crazy things like cut of their penis or shoot them. But one Virginia wife had a better idea.

WILLIAM TAYLOR of Centreville, Virginia got caught cheating on his wife when she found evidence of it on his cell phone. Her punishment was a creative one. She wrote up a sign that said "I CHEATED. THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT" and made him wear it at the corner of Leesburg Pike and International Drive - during the morning rush.

It's also possible that this might be a stunt for some new, stupid reality show, but if this is for real, then it is definitely one of the more creative ways to punish cheaters.

WILLIAM TAYLOR was out before 9 a.m. wearing the sign, and his wife texted him just after 11 a.m. telling him that he had spent enough time out there. So he took off the sign and headed home.

One has to wonder if that was really punishment enough - let's just hope that he learned his lesson. Next time she might just shove that sign up his a*s.

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Woman Lies About Cancer Gets Implants

Woman Lies About Cancer Gets Implants Cover
Imagine a woman at your work told you she had breast cancer but didn't have the money needed to get chemotherapy. You would feel bad, right? You might even help her raise money.

Well, 24-year-old TRISTA JOY LATHERN told her colleagues that she had breast cancer and they held a benefit in which they raised $10,000 to help her with her medical bills.

Turns out she was lying about the cancer and used the $10,000 to get breast implants because she wanted to "save her marriage." Last time I checked, all that implants really do is help girls get better tips at the exotic club.

Anyway, she was arrested for lying about her condition; her husband WILLIAM has since filed for an annulment, and now she sits in a jail cell, all alone. With her new breasts.

I'm sure her cell mates will like them.

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Kissing Tips Top 10 Types Of Kisses

Kissing Tips Top 10 Types Of Kisses Image


French Kiss

Eskimo Kiss

Butterfly Kiss

Flavored Kiss

Switch Kiss

Frog Kiss

Opposite Kiss

Ice Kiss

Candy Kiss

Sucking Kiss

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