First Date Tips 8 Tips Men Ought To Know

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You need to be well prepared for a first date, obviously. Why? Because first impression is vital, and there is a little chance to make a great impression once you failed your first date. That's why you need to be equipped with some dating knowledge. Below you will find 8 most important FIRST DATE TIPS for men.

1) Don't be greedy.

Pay the bill if you went to the restaurant or even if you just bought an ice-cream. If she wants to pay her part, let her pay, though observe her closely, maybe she just feel obligated to do so.

2) Choose the location wisely.

You must avoid the cinema, it's a really bad choice for first dates. You will not be able to talk a lot, but you need to know each other better. So cinema contradicts your goal. Taking a date for a medium priced dinner is decent idea. Walking in the park or taking your girl to some beautiful sightseeing places is even better.


3) Good manners.

If you will be dinning together, make sure you know rules of fine dinning well enough! You don't want to look like unintelligent. So help her to sit (hold the chair), hold the doors of carhomerestaurant open before her. Oh, and don't be late.

4) Show some respect

That means you must be always polite, even if the date seems to be disappointing. And don't look at the first date as an investment for future pleasures. At the end of the date offer a small kiss, but don't expect anything else.

5) Be confident.

Confidence is very attractive to women. Be sure about your decisions on a date (if you decided to go somewhere else for example) and show no fear or discomfort. Know that you will make a good impression. If you would be a total loser I doubt that you would be on the date!

6) Grooming and style.

Dress appropriately for your first date - if you are going to take your first date to a restaurant - wear a shirt and a tie. If you are going to a sea side dinner - dress nicely, but don't overdo it. You must look clean, simple, and not too pompous. And don't forget to shave, have a shower and use some cologne.


7) Be a great conversationalist.

Don't talk about yourself much, let her talk. Ask her questions and listen carefully to what she says. One of important "first date tips" is to avoid talking about your/her work on a first date, it's totally not important and certainly not interesting. Oh, and make a compliment about her dress or looks, but don't sound desperate.

Ask for the next date.

Don't wait too long before calling her again, and asking for a next date. Be honest, if you liked your first date tell her about it. Even if you didn't, you must politely tell her about this - maybe you are not the best couple and perhaps you should stop dating.

That is it. Learn these first date tips and you will have some basic knowledge for making a great first impression!

First Date Tips

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A Man Secrets To Successful Online Dating

A Man Secrets To Successful Online Dating Cover
People have taken to online dating like a duck takes to water…because it works…or, at least, it can work. Women are, in general, terrified of meeting a man that she has been chatting with online. All they have heard about are the scary things that can happen…and, I must say, they have a right to be careful to the extreme. That’s not only wise but vital. So what’s a nice guy to do? You aren’t a pervert, a sexual predator, or a weirdo. You are just a nice guy looking for “the” girl for you.

You must be patient. Don’t press her for personal information like her real name or where she lives. Keep your conversations light and fun until she feels comfortable talking with you online. Don’t try to rush her into meeting face-to-face. She will think you are desperate or a pervert. Patience. Patience. Patience.

Be absolutely honest about your physical appearance and job. A good relationship has never been, and will never be, built on lies and deceit. Eventually she will find out the truth anyway and there you are back at square one.


- Make your partner feel comfortable - We all feel like a bag of nerves on our first date with someone; so by making your date feel comfortable you will be able to also relax and simply enjoy yourself.
- Be an interesting date - The worse thing you can do is turn up for a date with someone then sit there all night with nothing to say or ask! Be prepared to be interesting and to have a good conversation. Show you are interesting (and a good listener) by asking - Be on time - The last thing you want to do is make a bad impression on your date. If you are late then your date will think that you don’t care or that he/she isn't important. Even worse, your date might not hang around for you to turn up.
questions that help you learn interesting things about your date. Dress great. Take great care in your hygiene. Don't reveal too much about yourself, but reveal just enough to show the other person that you are interesting and different - in a good way.
- Keep the conversation alive - That dreaded silence when no one knows what to say can seem to last for a life time and will make both of you think the other is boring. Jot down a few questions you would like to ask (but don't refer to the list during your date!). Practicing for the date can make quite a bit of difference and once you have started a great conversation, the rest will just follow. Here are a few conversation starters you may want to use.
- Take an interest in your date - Listen to your date when he/she is talking. Be interested in what your date has to say and show how interested you are by asking questions about what your date is talking about. For example, if your date says he/she likes to travel then ask him/her what the most unique place is he/she has traveled to.
- Laugh at their jokes - Even if you have heard the joke 100 times or more (or it just isn't funny at all) laughing a long with your date will make your date feel you are interested in him/her. It will at least make your date feel more comfortable with the first date ideas.
- Be confident - Confidence says a lot about a person. Being more confident will help you get through that first date with ease.
- Most importantly - STAY SAFE. Check out our pointers to dating safely.
- Take your date somewhere unique - First dates don’t just have to be about going to the cinema or to a restaurant for a nice meal. You will make a longer, lasting impression if you are imaginative with your date. Check out these creative date ideas and these
- Be yourself - You won’t fool anyone by pretending to be someone you are not.

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Post many pictures of yourself doing your everyday activities and make them full body shots, not just head shots. If you were dating a girl in the real world she wouldn’t just see your head.

Once the discussion has been opened about meeting face-to-face for the first time, suggest that you meet in a very public place, during daylight hours and that she bring a friend with her. After all, you have nothing to hide. You’ve told her the truth about yourself and she has already seen a lot of pictures of you. The only thing left is to make her feel safe meeting you.

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David Wygant On Approaching

David Wygant On Approaching Image
"I found this article on the Yahoo Personals site, from dating coach David Wygant. I've heard his name before, but really know nothing about him. What have you guys heard? What do you think of his techniques in general as compared to David Deangelo, Mystery Method, and others?"

What do you do when you see a woman you are attracted to? Do you run and hide? Do you use some canned line that you read on the Internet? Do you stand there in fear trying to think of the right thing to say? What is the right thing to do?

When approaching a woman, most guys make the mistake of thinking too much about what to say. They believe there's one magic line that will work in all situations. They rehearse this magic line, and when they deliver it, they hope the woman will become instantly attracted to them.

Unfortunately, rarely does this approach work -- because most of what you say is irrelevant. To catch a woman's attention, it is all about the confidence you display when approaching her.

Here are 10 surefire ways to intrigue her every time:

1. Observe something. Make a comment about something you observe in the environment. This is especially effective at the grocery store. For example, if she is ordering a turkey sandwich, ask her if the turkey is good here.

Make your comment immediate to the situation and it will seem perfectly natural. No matter where you are, there is always something interesting to comment on.

2. Smile. This shows her that you are friendly and confident. A genuine smile not only feels good to you, but will put her at ease while creating openness in the interaction -- a requirement for building rapport.

3. Do not hesitate. If you hesitate in your approach, this tells her that you are not feeling confident -- an immediate turn-off. When you see her, walk over to her within a short period of time (the three-second rule). Show her you are a man who knows what he wants and goes after it.

4. Positive body language. If you approach hunched over with your head down, you are sending negative information about yourself, which makes you dead in the water before you begin. Stand up straight, with shoulders back and chest out, and use a firm yet relaxed walk.

5. Not too fast. If you walk over too fast, you could likely trigger her internal alarm. A calm, casual approach is usually the best way to make her feel at ease with you.

6. Keep eye contact. Never be the first to break eye contact when you approach. If you do, this sends the message that you are not feeling good about approaching. When you use strong eye contact, she will feel more drawn to you. With practice, you can master this.

7. Listen up. Make sure you pay careful attention to what she says. Do not have your response pre-thought out. Women love a man who pays attention to the details of what she says. If you start throwing out random words, she will lose interest fast.

8. Do not fidget. Fidgeting after you approach is distracting and shows you are uncomfortable. If you communicate that you are uncomfortable, she will feel uncomfortable, too, and will close up. Practice being aware of your movements. Pay attention to those movements, or lack of movements, that communicate comfort and confidence.

9. Lighten your tone of voice. The tone of your voice is a very powerful tool. Approaching her in a light and playful tone is one of the best ways to start. You could also begin in a serious tone, accusing her of something like "I hope you saved some turkey for me," followed by a quick smile to let her know you are joking. Practice playing with your vocal tone with your friends -- notice the different reactions you get when you say the exact same thing using varied tones and fluctuations.

10. Lean away from her. A man who leans in too far when he talks often makes a woman feel crowded. A better approach is to lean away from her slightly. This lets her know that you respect her space, boundaries, and are comfortable with yourself.

The key to making these tips work for you is putting them into practice! Practice these tips and see the reaction you get. When you put them all together, you will be surprised at their power.

Check out more about David Wygant at his website.

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Even Colin Farrell Gets Rejected You Got It Bad

Even Colin Farrell Gets Rejected You Got It Bad Image

Just picture this

You get your courage up and approach that 10 in the club. You figure, what's the worst that can happen?

You talk and banter, then a guy comes and stands next to her.

You say, "Who is this guy?"

She says, "He's my boyfriend."

"You've got the most beautiful girl in the place, and you can't blame a guy for trying."

The boyfriend says, "You tried. Now get out of here."

Wow. Ok, so he's protective, I would be as well. You head out and chat to some other women. You wake up the next morning.

You google your name plus "rejected".


That's what happened to Collin Farrell this week. So next time you think you've got approach anxiety, just remember that no rejection you face will be as bad as his was. Of course, where there's risk, there's reward. There's no doubt that Collin Farrell cleans up like only 0.000005% of the world's male population can.


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