Miss Universe Threesome Scandal

Miss Universe Threesome Scandal Image
MISS TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOS ANYA AYOUNG-CHEE is taking a boatload of heat because her boyfriend is claiming that a sex tape they made, which included another woman, was "stolen" from his laptop.

The tape is incredibly unsuitable for work, but in this day and age, finding out that someone has a sex tape is just so 2001. Big deal, really.

And a threesome - like what? She's the first one to ever have one?

WYATT GALLERY, her boyfriend told TMZ that he is incredibly embarrassed for ANYA AYOUNG-CHEE and hopes that she doesn't get too much flack for this. This was said after he was handed a big, fat check for the tape. Or so I'm guessing.

And although WYATT GALLERY claims the video was shot in 2007, the Miss Universe folks say that it was shot 8 months after the pageant in 2008.

ANYA AYOUNG-CHEE is hot and all, and so is her female friend (who is believed to be MISS JAPANS HIROKO MIMA), but WYATT GALLERY looks like he could use a little manscaping.

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