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New Web Site Posts Names, Tales of Infidelity Offenders

REDFORD, MI - May 12, 2005 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- If you're a wronged woman, don't cut up your man's suits to get even. It's just soooo last century. These days, you can look to the Internet and express your fury to millions of people across the globe. Enter, an online service where the heartbroken and the bitter can all anonymously post profiles of their cheating hearts -- though revealing home addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is prohibited.

"Wouldn't you go on the Internet to find out if the guy that you're dating has had a past history of cheating?" says James Warren, the man behind the infidelity service.

In addition to alleged cheaters' profiles, the site includes a list of signs your beloved might be cheating and links to Web articles on relationships. Wanting revenge is normal, but Warren stresses that people hoping to reconcile with their cheating lovers probably shouldn't try to publicly embarrass them via a Web site.

"A lot of people have a lot of hurt and anger, and if they don't get an opportunity to release that somehow, they go on with the rest of life being bitter and angry," Warren says. "To have an avenue to release that, I think that's good."

For more information, visit or contact Warren at 313- 525-5663.

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Women Eat Salad On Dates

Women Eat Salad On Dates Cover
A study out of Canada's McMaster University proves that, too often, women tend to stick with salads and small portions of food on dates because they think that men find this impressive.

But after doing a quick survey in-house, it's pretty obvious that men would prefer it if their dates ordered a hearty meal instead. But wait, these responses aren't black and white.

Here are what some guys had to say:




EDDIE MURPHY once joked that he was petrified of the salad-eating women because there's a good chance that it's al an act. And you know what? He's probably right.

According to psychologist and lead researcher of the study MEREDITH YOUNG, "The salad leaves are meant to say, 'I'm pretty; I'm attractive; I take care of myself'." Instead, what they actually say is "I'm full of sh*t and I'll be downing a whole tub of ice cream when I get home."

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What To Do Before And During A Blind Date

What To Do Before And During A Blind Date Image
In the world of modern dating, many people have entrusted their relationship status in the hands of a dating service or a friend to set them up for a blind date. A blind date is a great way to meet someone new and some romantic relationships are formed just by the use of this process.

There are many benefits to a blind date and it can be harmless and easy way to have a new date. However, many people also find it very difficult and useless. You can literally meet anyone and you might end up meeting some weird new date. In whatever scenario, here are some tips to make you and your new date have a pleasant time. KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM Before meeting your new date, run a background check on him to have an idea about him. If you hooked up using a dating site, read his profile thoroughly so you know what type of individual you are dealing with. You can also check his social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace to have a better view of him. If you got to know him through a friend, ask your friend everything you need to know about him. Ask what the guy likes, dislikes, expectations, and all that. Sometimes, what men post online is very different from who they are in real life. A first hand account will give you a more reliable depiction of your new date. However, just be careful that you don't over-research that you end up acting like a stalker. A blind date is supposed to be meeting someone new so just have the right amount of information. Along with running a background on him, prepare questions or topics you can talk about. They can be general questions like where did he go to school, where did he grow up, what his favorite food is, how many family members doe he have, and the like. These are jus basic questions that will provide an icebreaker for the both of you. Your research will be useful when you begin asking him his interests and hobbies. BE YOURSELF When the times comes you meet your blind date, always remember to be yourself. Many dating tips and websites have always stressed this so I'm stressing it again: be yourself. Who you truly are will show up during the date and in the relationship one way or another. The man will notice if you're acting weird and just pretending. This will be a definitely a turn off and you'll use your new date leave in an instant. A blind date is all about meeting a new friend so don't ruin it by coming in as a different person. During the date, talk about the things you like. Sometimes it's more important to talk about what you like and not what you are like. Talk about films, music, books, hobbies, and activities because these are the topics you will begin with. Meaningful conversations are based on these simple topics so it's better to talk about what you both are interested in. If done the right way, a blind date might just be the thing you are looking for to answer all your dating needs. Hopefully, your new date will become your new boyfriend as well.

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Dont Settle For Less

Dont Settle For Less Image
Are you dating somebody you really like? Or are you dating someone because you're afraid that you will never meet anybody else better? Are you just compromising?

For those of you who missed my podcast a few weeks ago about the "it" factor, let me remind you what it is: it's all about finding somebody that you're really excited about. You know, that Tom Cruise jump-on-the-couch moment for Katie Holmes.

Sure, we all made fun of it, but who wouldn't want to jump up and down on their own couch? We're probably not famous enough to jump on Oprah's couch, but wouldn't you like to be so excited by someone that it made you want to jump up and down like that? Don't you want to feel so excited about somebody that you're just about to burst?

Dating shouldn't be any different. Are you dating someone that you're excited about? Or are you dating somebody just for the sake of dating? That means that you're in this relationship because you want a relationship, but you're still looking around.

How many of you are spending time with somebody that you're really not all that into? Are you just kind of passing the time away with that person because you're too afraid to go out and find somebody else?

That's a big issue for a lot of people. So many guys will come to me and say, "David, I'm seeing somebody, but I'm just not really that excited about her." I'll ask these guys how long they've been dating this person, and they'll say, "Two years." What?!?

Two years is a long time to waste on somebody that you're not excited about. You want to be excited and crazy about somebody. You want to be able to look at somebody and feel like they are the greatest person in the entire world.

For those of you who are in relationships like this, know that you are just wasting your time. Why are you so afraid?

What are your biggest fears? Where is your mindset? Share with me today. I'm always willing to share with you guys how I feel; I want to hear from you today. I want to know why you have done this in your past.

And check out the new Dating Management product that I created that really teaches you how to go out and find that amazing person. As I said a few weeks ago, I really want all of you to experience that "it" factor.

I want you to be really excited about the person that you are with, and not just compromise so you can be in a relationship. Compromising in life means that you are not fully embracing your life.

And if you're not fully embracing your life right now, what are you waiting for? Tomorrow you might get hit by a bus. I know we always say that, but it's true. I know for some of you that that doesn't really resonate, because you don't really live by any buses, but just think about it. You could get hit by lightning. Anything could happen.

A friend of mine lost his life when he was 25 years old because he was riding a bike in Italy, and he didn't realize that the road turned. He was going too fast and he went over the side of a mountain. And I could just not believe it when I heard what had happened to him.

But you just never know when this journey is going to end. So why are you compromising so much in every aspect of your life?

How many of you are happy at your job? How many of you are compromising at your jobs? How many of you are in relationships where you are compromising, and why are you doing it?

Why are you making compromises instead of just going after what you want?

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This Is The Comprehensive Bachelors Valentines Day Plan

This Is The Comprehensive Bachelors Valentines Day Plan Image
Mystery Method, has revealed the ultimate VALENTINES DAY dating plan. Useful and practical for any number of dating situations and circumstances.

How to handle holidays is a crucial part of relationship management. And since relationship management begins before you sleep with a woman, your Valentine's Day strategy is important, regardless of your circumstance. What you do on Valentine's Day depends on your relationship. We're going to go over:

* If you're not "involved" with a woman

* If you have dating/undefined or a Friends with Benefits situation

* If she is your girlfriend

* If you are dating her and also other women in the same city


* Do not contact her on Valentine's Day. Do not send flowers, anonymous or not. Go "dark" * A day or two after Valentine's Day (Wednesday, February 14th), call her and tell her a funny story about something that happened when you were out with a "friend" on "Wednesday". Be subtle - she'll put two and two together - and make your story take place somewhere romantic but not over the top, and, importantly, somewhere that will sound fun to her. Make the setting the background to the story. A story about a woman taking off her shoes to dance and then seeing them slide over the deck into the water while you and friend went on a dinner/cruise works better than a dry recitation of "we did this" and "then we did that". The latter be a transparent attempt to make her jealous or would brand you as a player.

* Don't ask her what she did on "Wednesday" or "VALENTINES DAY". Assume that she was either alone or with a lesser man. Don't react or be interested.

* Go out and meet women! Women who go out on VALENTINES DAY are looking for romance and to feel better about themselves. Prepare for questions like "Why aren't you with someone tonight?" and "Why don't you have a girlfriend". An okay all-purpose answer to these is to say "because I just MET you, silly" and continue on with whatever you were talking about before. A lot of these frame-control type situations are covered in more detail on Volume 5 of the Interview Series - here's the link to the backorders. There's free audio there too!

* Don't get drunk and get tempted to call someone you wish you were with.

* Don't stay sober and get tempted to call someone you wish you were with.

* A mass text message of "Happy Valentine's Day" to all of the women in your phone may prompt some women to text back, possibly revealing new or buried interest you.


* This is trickiest one. Valentine's Day is great for women because it forces men to reveal their intentions. You may have been casually flirting with her and playing hard to get, but as soon as you ask her out on Valentine's Day, she will know that your interest is serious. Unless she is equally interested in you, she will know that she can have you, and will therefore be more likely to be bored with the lack of a challenge. Yes, this sucks. No, it doesn't mean she's a bitch. People want what they can't have, and women and relationships are no exception. On the other hand, if she's into you and you don't offer to make may be discarded for someone who does. Sorry. This can be a no-win situation. I didn't make the world; I just live in it. The social matrix that leads to this sort of situation is explored more generally in the DVD Video Archive

* The best bet here is to go out with a mixed group (either a group of singles, or include some couples once they've done the private Valentine's Day stuff together) and invite her to "tag along". Keeps it nice and ambiguous.


* There's no way around this. Make the day special for her. Throw out all of the ideas in your head about not paying for dates, not getting in the traditional frame, etc. Do the traditional date and do it right. This is the one time a year when there should be no doubt about doing this. I'm assuming in this that you did read the header and that she is your girlfriend. You are close, passionate, have been dating for a while, etc...

* Send her flowers.

* Flowerstore is great - they have lots of great Valentines arrangements for cheap. Get Valentines orders in early, since a lot of florists are swamped as they approach the big day

* Send those flowers to somewhere she can show them off to her friends! Valentine's Day for women is in part a "who has the best boyfriend" competition. So send flowers to her work if that's appropriate, or to her apartment if she has a few roommates.

* Don't send roses. Be creative. But make it nice. That link to flowerstore has a bunch of different Valentines options that I looked at, and they are all good.

* Doing the traditional Valentine's Date means showing up dressed nicely (even in a suit). Making sure your car and house are clean for her. Making reservations somewhere nice. Doing something exciting afterwards. And, of course, enjoying how grateful she is.


* Get out of town. I'm serious. There's no way a most desirable woman will see a man once a week or more, sleeps with him, and doesn't get to spend time with him on Valentines Day.

* Business-trip, family emergency, whatever it is. Leave before Wednesday and don't come back on Thursday. That's too obvious. Disappear for at least a couple of days.

* Send flowers to all of them and call all of them.


* Send flowers to your mom. This is pretty non-negotiable. If you email me over the next couple weeks about anything, I'm likely to ask if you did this. If you didn't, and you don't have a good reason, you're likely to get lectured. She's your mother. It's Valentines. This isn't that complicated.

* And your daughters if you have them. And any single female relatives. Sending flowers on the big day doesn't have to be sexual. Do something that can totally change someone else's day for the better. OK, cool? If you're single or casually dating, Valentine's Day is a giant, societally-imposed artificial break point in the normal evolution of relationships. It is not your friend. Try to make the best of it. On the plus side, if you *are* single, women are incredibly easy to meet.


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This Is How To Eliminate Flaking And Get Those Dates

This Is How To Eliminate Flaking And Get Those Dates Image
Now we'll discuss how to make sure she shows up in the first place and doesn't "flake"

First, ask yourselves this:

* Have you ever made plans with a woman and not have her show up?

* Have you ever gotten a phone call earlier that day telling you that she "has to work" or "isn't feeling well"?

* Have you ever made plans with a woman and then she told you to "call to confirm"

If any of that applies to you, you need to really pay attention here. This will banish flakes forever.

First, let's review the first three phases of The Emotional Progression Model:




THE BIGGEST MISTAKE MOST MEN MAKE in terms of Day2s is going for the phone number as soon as she is attracted (in Attraction) and not pushing the relationship forward. Then they assume that the woman will meet them again, and they can continue where they left off. Only to get "flaked". They never meet up.

Why? Let's look at the situation from a woman's perspective:

She goes out to a restaurant with her friends. While waiting at the bar, an interesting man approaches her. 3-5 minutes later (about how long it should take to get some attraction going), he asks for her number so they can "hang out sometime". At that moment, she genuinely would "hang out" with this man "sometime"

but it doesn't turn out that way.

See, going out "sometime" is different from going out Thursday night. To see her "sometime" all you have to do is be more interesting than doing nothing. That's a pretty low standard, so of course she'll agree to it. And, if she has nothing else to do, she might actually see you. However, most worthwhile women rarely have "nothing else to do".

So, to see her at a specific time, you need to be more interesting than anything else she could be doing, like friends, hobbies, work, other dates, or relaxing at home. That's a tough standard to meet in 3-5 minutes. Especially since over the course of the night she met a bunch of other men. Did you think you were the only man to notice her? She likes all of the attention and flirting, but she doesn't have time to go on 9 dates this week.

*A woman is going to look for reasons NOT to go out with you*

Remember, meeting up with strange men is scary for a woman. First, there are issues of physical safety. If she's not comfortable with you, she may feel the risk of date rape or worse. Less dramatically is the hyper-developed fear that many women have of being in awkward social situations. Women do not generally go by themselves to interact socially with strangers. So they bring a friend. To a man, the idea that you might not have a great time with this woman is irrelevant. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. Maybe you don't care, because she's beautiful. Either way, you'll never know if you don't meet up. Worst case scenario is you cut it short early and go home. Men don't agonize and worry over whether it will be socially awkward or not. But many women do, and we need to take this into account.

It should be clear by now that a quick interaction leading to some basic attraction and "we should hang out sometime" is rarely going to lead an exceptionally desirable woman into seeing you again. She fears safety, she fears social awkwardness, and who is this guy anyway? She's busy and she only met you for five minutes. If she's really trying to convince herself not to show up, she'll wonder why you'd even call her when you only met for a few minutes and you know so little about her (after all, you spent that time attracting her as opposed to learning about her). Are you desperate? Or are you a player?


I don't care if you only have 10 minutes. You just have to play faster. You need to qualify and get into comfort for your "time bridge" (seeing her again) to stick. If you qualify and get into comfort, you minimize ALL of the objections we just discussed.


There is nothing in Emotional Progression Model that mandates meeting her again at a different time (a Day2). Sure, you may have to, like if you meet her on your lunch break and have to get back to work, but a lot of guys are used to thinking of getting a woman's phone number as something special. It's not. Phone numbers do not lead to happy social lives; relationships do.

A phone number is a tool. It's not a goal. It's not even an intermediate goal. Don't ever feel proud of yourself for getting a phone number.

In a way, a phone number is an admission of failure, even if it's sometimes an unavoidable failure. A phone number says "I am not trying to move this relationship forward right now. I am taking the risk that she will flake and am hoping to continue this later. In the worst case, I lose the relationship with her. In the best case, she meets me for the Day 2 and I'm more or less where I am now"

Make sense? A phone number never gains you anything. A Day 2 never gains you anything. All it does is give you another chance to push the relationship forward if the logistics weren't right to do so when you met her.

Here's an example from the bootcamp in LA last weekend. We took the guys to a lounge in Hollywood and one of them was deep in conversation with Suzanne, a very fit Asian woman. Suzanne's friends were happy for her to talk to our guy, because he had already won them over in A2 (as per the Mystery Method). It was about midnight. There was no time pressure. But when our student "ran out of things to say" he took her phone number and rejoined us.

This was a bad decision. All the phone number was going to do was help them meet up again to spend time together. However, they were already in the middle of spending time together. Psychologically, he wanted to "lock in" what he had "gained" so far: her willingness to give him her phone number. That's a rookie mistake.

Of course, we didn't let him leave Suzanne. We led him back to her with instructions to escalate until rejection. When the lights came on an hour later, they left to get pizza. And then to go home together. There was no need for a time bridge.

He made dozens of mistakes in picking up Suzanne. We were watching him the whole time and went over them the next day. However, because he had the guts to go for it, and because he did enough things right that he'd learned that day in our seminar, he got the girl.


The good news is that now that you know this, you'll never make these two mistakes again.

The bad news is that you'll still need Day 2s, and you'll still get some flakes. To banish flakes entirely, you need to use these ADVANCED tactics:

* Have something specific to do. She should plan to help you shop for your niece's birthday on Saturday, not "hang out sometime"

* Bait her into suggesting the Day 2. Let her chase you. Drop little hints ("I'm going to X" or "I'd love to do Y") and see if she tries to become part of those plans.

* Don't make the day2 (or the phone number exchange) the last part of your interaction. That *feels* like a pickup. Stay at least 5 minutes afterwards.

* Engage her friends. When she goes home her friends should be excited for her that you guys are meeting up later and not wondering who that creepy guy was. To a woman,

her friends' approval for the men she dates is very important. Much more important than peer group approval is for men.

* Focus on the Day2, not the phone number. The phone should be an afterthought (and isn't always necessary, although you take a big risk by not getting it). If she's all excited to come see you at a book reading you're going to be at the next night, you don't need her phone number. If she likes you, she'll come.

* Set up callback humor. If you have a running joke during your interaction where you have a nickname for her, and later you phone her and call her by that nickname, it often triggers a reversal to the previous emotional state. She'll be back in the world of being out, having fun, and meeting men, as opposed to whatever mundane thing she was actually doing when you called.

* If she's drinking, address it. Tease her that she won't remember anything because she's drunk. Pretend that you guys would have so much fun together, but she had to ruin it by being drunk and making it so it would be weird when you call. Bait her into convincing you that she's not all that drunk, that she's really into you, and she can't wait to hear from you. After she's said that, it becomes a lot harder for her to be flaky. Warning, don't do this unless the girl actually IS really drunk. It will annoy her if she's just had a drink or two.

While you're learning all of this stuff, you'll still get flakes. Here's what to do when she calls to tell you "I have to work tonight"

* Don't be upset. Don't lecture her. She doesn't care. All you'll succeed in doing is making her momentarily feel badly. She'll feel better once the next guy gives her attention, and she'll associate negative feelings with you. Remember, she's canceling because she's not that into you yet. [99% of the time, this is the case. Would she be canceling if it were Brad Pitt?]. Making her feel badly is only going to make her less into you.

* Just in case that wasn't clear. You planned to meet a girl at 6? You had to leave work early? Fight traffic? Cut your workout short? Miss your favorite show? Tough. She doesn't care. That's not her problem. If you tell her all of this, you just look like even more of a tool because you rearranged your life for a date with her.

* Act like a guy who has lots of women interested in him and pursuing him. If that was you, and a girl flaked, your reaction would be "OK cool" because you have lots of other girls who would love to see you and more than likely whatever it was you were going to do was something you were going to be doing anyway with cool friends. If you don't think you have that attitude down properly, try canceling the next time you set up a first date with a random girl. Listen for her casual reaction. It didn't ruin her day. It shouldn't ruin yours.

* A phrase I've had a lot of success with (credit Savoy) is "No problem, I'll invite someone else". Obviously don't use this on a third or fourth date, but when it's still casual, it's perfect.

Flaking sucks. I want you guys to banish it forever. Your social life will improve dramatically. For even more tips and tricks for making your life easier with women, check out the Magic Bullets ebook.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Juggler - How To Meet And Connect With Women
Lance Kurke - The Wisdom Of The Alexander The Great

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Lines That Get Women To Pick You Up

Lines That Get Women To Pick You Up Image


Hey David D!

Who says there's no such thing as magic? When it comes to women, cocky+funny is PURE 100% magic. It is one of the major keys to getting her making her comfortable with you, to getting her number, to getting the date, kissing, getting laid, EVERYTHING! Your stuff is pure platinum my man! Looking back on mailbags from over a year ago, I still shake my head and say: "Man, this guy is good. I cant wait 'till I am able to pull off those lines like that!" The lines are so funny and with cockiness, it just blows them away! Every time you do it, you can just FEEL the women responding to you in a positive way and not trying to ignore you or get away from you when you act like a wuss- bag. They are always laughing and smiling and even THEY tend to get touchy-feely, asking me for MY number and then calling ME (of course, I always get their numbers too) or asking me to call them, asking me when we're going out, and even asking ME for sex. I could not believe it! And often, this could happen within minutes or hours of meetingnot weeks, months, or years like I once thought it took. I suggest all guys especially the skeptics out there to get your stuff. It works!

What I LOVE is how you say making it look like as if a woman is picking YOU up. It sure takes the pressure off of the situation. It's all in the mind set. You are not nervous because you know she wants you and is trying to get younot the other way around. Then you act accordingly. Here's just a few of the lines I use:

"Look, just because you're being sweet to me doesn't mean I'm going to sleep with you. What? You thought I was THAT easy? Common!"

(with women at work or women working somewhere) "How can you possibly get any work done when you're flirting with me all the time? I know I'm a stud and all but if you lose your job, don't think I'm going to support you!"

(after seeing a woman) "I know we had fun, but please don't become a stalker and call me 50 times a day or else I'll have the cops pay you a visit with a restraining order in hand!"

(If a woman hints at sex or sometimes I'll bring it up)

"I don't know if I could have sex with youwhat if you could only last 2 minutes? I don't know if you can even kissI tell you what, I'll THINK about it" (then I kiss her)

(cocky+funny for a common situation)

Her: "How are you?"

Me: "Well, I've been told I'm pretty damn good!" with a 'wink'

(If a woman walks past me)

Me: "What are you doing" (or where are you going?)

Her: "I'm going to such and such or I'm doing such and such"

Me: "You're a lousy liar

It's really ok to admit you were just trying to get a look at me and as long as you're not a stalker, I may give you a chance!

(If she makes fun of herself) Her: "I'm such a retard" or "My hair looks awful" or "My lipstick doesn't look good does it?"

Me: "Well, I didn't want to say anything!" lol "But I think those guys over there were thinking 'What's her problem? She's so clueless!"


Her: "My hair looks bad doesn't it?" (or any other line where she makes fun of herself)

Me: "You can say that again!" (with a playful tone)

I love it! I love it! With this type of communication, they react SO differently! A lot of times, they will break down and admit they DO like me! And this keeps you out of the "lets just be friends" category and reduces the number of fake numbers and blow-offs you get from women. It also keeps you from appearing "TOO NICE". AND I don't have to CHASE them anymore! It's a wonderful feeling. Now on the other hand, what if you said:

"I bet you have a boyfriend, right?"

"Hey baby, you're so beautiful!"

"Can I take you out sometime?"

"Oh, baby, there's nothing wrong with you! You're gorgeous!"

AH! David, just like you sayTHIS STUFF IS TERRIBLE! Wuss, kiss-ass behavior at its best!

It's so lame, so boring, and so wussie, and so blah! Using cocky+funny, we can have more fun without sounding like a loser plus women respond 1,000,000% times better with cocky+funny. Probably only 1-2% of the male population know what cocky+funny is and probably half of those do it without realizing it. This type of communication is DIFFERENT from what MOST guys do which makes you stand out! But it's a lot like water. For water (H20), you need 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If not then you get some other element you aren't looking for. You have to have the right mixture of cocky AND funny or else it doesn't work as well (although sheer cockiness with mild humor CAN work to a degree).

Now, I have a question and observation that is important to me, David. SOMETIMES when I throw out a cocky+funny response, they will say "Oh whatever!" or roll their eyes or say you're mean, get mad, or something like that and walk away. This happens not often but on rare occasions. These women are probably uptight anyways and not worth getting know. When they say "whatever" or "You're so mean" and they're laughing or smiling, and they still keep talking to me, then I know it's working. Also, when you say something like: "Oh quit lying, you were just walking near me because you want me" and they say "No, I don't want you" or "No I wasn't, I was just " " in a semi-serious tone, how do you respond to that to keep the cocky+funny going? In other words, what do you do when they act as if they ARENT picking you up?

Thanks a million Daveyou've changed my life forever seriously.

GT from Nashville, Tennessee


OK, so let's talk about the great comments that you've shared, and then I'll address your question

I was amazed when I first realized that you could actually turn the tables around, pretend that you're trying to "resist her advances", and make fun of her for trying to "put the moves on you" and wind up having the woman you're talking to actually start feeling attracted to you as a result.

It really is amazing.

Now, I know that a lot of guys hear this approach and think, "Yeah, right. There's no way that just pretending that a woman is pursuing you will MAKE her pursue you"

But this isn't just any old common way of "pretending".

What you're doing here is a very special, Cocky Funny, flirty, engaging way of pretending.

I'm sure you've watched the Discovery Channel, and seen animals "play fighting". It's common among young animals in particular.

Now, how do animals know that it's only "play", as opposed to "real" fighting?

I mean, have you ever seen the way some animals, like lion cubs and wolf pups jump on and bite each other?

It certainly LOOKS like real fighting.

But it's not it's play.

Well there's a very similar thing that happens when you flirt with a woman using the Cocky Funny technique and when you use this further to pretend that she's trying to "pick you up" and you're "resisting her advances".

You have to use just a LITTLE EXTRA drama.

You have to be a little "overly suspicious" with your tone.

You have to act just a little too serious and offended.

These little cues, along with a good sense of humor and timing are the hints and triggers that make a woman instantly switch into "Oh, this is play" mode, instead of behaving as if you're a loser who has no imagination.

There are some other key benefits as well, as you mentioned above, when you're using this approach.

One is that you don't come across as nervous or intimidated. The fact that you're turning the tables around, having fun, and acting like you're something special sends the message that you're totally cool, calm, and comfortable in your own skin and, in fact, you're SO comfortable that you're going to go immediately to "play" mode.

Another is that it gives you a "character role" to play that is the OPPOSITE of being a WUSS. This is handy, as most guys switch quickly into Wuss mode when they start talking to an attractive woman.

Finally, it gives you all kinds of great ways to end the interaction

You can say:

"OK, well I'm not going to give you my number, but you can write down your email for me, and maybe I'll get back to you sometime" etc.

It even makes taking things to the next level easy and charming, because you're "resisting forward".

A quick personal story:

I was at Hooters Restaurant yesterday afternoon with a friend, and the waitress approached us to get our order.

She walked over and said something like, "Hi, can I get you something to drink?" etc.

I pretended not to notice her, and kept talking to my friend.

Then, as she finished asking the question, I turned to her with a surprised and "fake offended" look on my face and said, "Oh, that's OK, I was just TALKING" (as if she had interrupted me).

She opened her mouth with the "Oh, no you didn't! I can't believe you just said that" look.

I shook my head at her.

Then my friend looked at her and said, "Wow, you're very forward. Next thing she's going to be asking for your phone number".

I shook my head at her again, and rolled my eyes.

We gave her the drink order, and she went away.

She came back a few minutes later to tell me that my drink was going to be delayed, because they were making some kind of change in the kitchen.

Of course, I threw up my hands in despair, rolled my eyes at her, and shook my head (as if she was disappointing me horribly).

She laughed and said, "Hey, you'd better watch out, I might have to ask you for your phone number"


We had talked for a grand total of about a minute, and she was already joking around about asking me for my number.

Keep in mind, this is a HOOTERS waitress (and a cute one, at that). She works in an environment where hundreds of guys try to pick up on her, one after the other

Now, as you can imagine, this kind of thing happens all the time when I interact with waitresses, etc. I've found that it's no harder to get a waitress to give you her email/number than it is to get any other girl's info, by the way.

What's the secret?

Being playful, fun, different, Cocky Funny, and not acting like a Wuss who wants to call her 100 times a day and tell her how pretty she is.

Now I'd like to address your question

**By the way, if you're reading this right now and you'd like to learn the secret of using my technique of Cocky Funny, then you should go and check out my DVD/CD program "Cocky Comedy". It's the ultimate education on not only this technique,

but many other conversation skills.

David Deangelo

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Alphahot1 - Hey Do You Want Women To Pick You Up Gift Wrap Technique

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Being Selfish When Trying To Get Women

Being Selfish When Trying To Get Women Cover
I want to return to my sophomore year of college for a second, and share a little story with you. This was prior to my tenure in the sorority house, and my skills and instincts weren't quite there yet.

Fairly early in the year - probably around October - I met a dude named Brad. We connected in a study group, and we got along pretty well and learned that we lived in the same dorm. We were quickly joining each others' groups in the cafeteria, and as soon as we discovered that we were going to the gym at the same times, we were like new best buds. But for whatever reason, it took a few weeks before we ended up going to a party together.

Now keep in mind that I'd never socialized with Brad in a competitive social environment before. So we walk into this party, and I'm thinking that he and I are going to spend some time kicking it, grab a few beers, then we'll go chat up some girls. But no sooner do we enter than he's off and flirting with a girl he knows and he was going around trying to attract women. All of a sudden I'm by myself. Yeah, I was a little hurt, but I made the most of the evening.

I'd occasionally go find Brad... you know the ol' walk up, like "Hey bro, just checkin' in, making sure things are cool with you." He was polite but dismissive, and the third time I did it - I wanted to see if he wanted to bounce to another party - he more or less ignored me. He was really deep into a conversation with this girl, and couldn't be bothered, he was trying to get women.

Of course, he pulled that night; that was no surprise. The big surprise came the next day when he asked me where I went and why I didn't say goodbye to him! What? I told him what happened, and he told me what happened, and we realized that it was no one's fault - we just had different ways of socializing at parties. He told me that when he's locked onto trying to get women, he's like a hawk looking down at a rabbit. Nothing could distract him, nothing could deter him - and if he averted his gaze for just a moment, he'd risk losing sight of his target.

Needless to say, Brad had some decent game and could attract women. He wasn't a superstar, but he did ok. And his in-the-moment tenacity was one of his greatest assets. He sure as hell led with his desires, or, more appropriately, his desires led him. All great seducers are helpless to a woman's charms, and they allow their instincts to take over and run the show when they try to get women.

That instinct is something that comes with time. It's something that any guy (aka YOU) who eventually "gets it" is going to discover. One night, you'll be out talking to some girl, really into it, and then your buddy is gonna come up and try to get your attention, or butt into the conversation, or SOMETHING that ruins the vibe you've got going on with this wonderful girl. And at that moment, you want nothing more than for him to piss off. Trust me on this one.

There's a time and a place for putting your own interests ahead of those of others, and when it comes to women, it's ok to be a little selfish when you are trying to get women. Are you paying close attention, Mr. Nice Guy?

That's right... if you've been "nice" your whole life... if you're thoughtful, respectful, demurring, and maybe even a little neurotic about making sure that everyone else is taken care of before you are, you're going to have to make a few adjustments. Not too many. Those are all admirable personality traits, and for your to dispense with them entirely would be to deprive the earth of a good soul.

But there's going to be a day when you have to take what's yours. It's not going to be given to you, and it's not going to come easily. If you care too much about what others think, if you're too concerned about being nice or letting someone else get ahead at your expense, or not speaking your mind, then the next selfish person who comes along in your life - man or woman - will eat some mighty fine food you prepared, at a trough of your own making.

It goes beyond mere selfishness though. When it comes to trying to get women, you have to be able to forge ahead - damn the torpedoes - and assume that she wants to come along for the ride. Strong women want men who are assertive.

I had a friend named Tim who would always ask his dates if they were having a good time, if there was something else they'd rather be doing. When women would sense his self-doubt, they'd ask themselves the question: "is there something I don't know about this guy? Is he a loser? He must be if he's doubting himself on a date with me." And all of a sudden, there was something else she'd rather have been doing - she'd have rather been on a date with a guy who was confident in himself and who would assume that she's having fun too.

Later on in this book, I'll be teaching you some "temperature checks" to see how personally and sexually responsive your girl might be. But you're never going to even get to the point where she's sexually responsive if you're too worried about being too nice, not offending her, or disagreeing with her when you are trying to get women. While you never want to get into a logical, argumentative sort of "you're wrong, I'm right" conversation with a woman you're just getting to know, you've got to allow yourself to be yourself, and go after and do what you want to get women.

And this includes the women you don't want to "interrupt." I've done my fair share of approaching women on the streets of New York - even those with an iPod bud hanging out of one ear and a cell phone at the other - and while they may be annoyed at that moment, every single woman is waiting for Mr. Right to come her way.

That may not be top-of-mind when you try to hijack her attention to ask where the nearest H&M is. After all, she's just been approached by another guy who was clumsily after her number, a kid who was trying to sell her candy to fund his baseball team, and homeless old lady who kept swearing. And the sad part? She doesn't even realize, when she's home alone at night, that the guy who passed her on the sidewalk - that all-too-nice guy who didn't want to say hello because he didn't want to interrupt her - was the man of her dreams.

Is that guy you? Well son, get over it - a reserve of good karma may lead to spiritual nirvana when you leave this earth, but it does little for your sex life in the meantime. Be willing to break some rules - let the inner bad boy out every now and then.

Social Momentum & Swagger Some people call it flow, others call it "being in state," others call it mojo however you like to think about it, it's an important part of your communications when you are trying to get women. We have a term around here called "Social Momentum." You'll know it when you feel it o Vocal tonality and the nonverbals of swagger o The looseness - the balls swinging between your legs o Meekness vs. boldness o Repping your stuff vs. being meek and apologetic

Find out more about how to pick up women today.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dan Bacon - Becoming A Man Who Naturally Attracts Women
Joseph Matthews - Meeting Dating And Seducing Women
Jon Jensen - Women Tell You How To Meet Women

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