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Farmer, over at Love Systems, gave me this book to distribute to you all.

It contains a bunch of good, practical information for getting better at meeting women with direct game and during the day.

"Here's an excerpt:"

How direct and sexual should the opener be, and should I have a few openers to avoid being a one trick pony?

There's nothing wrong with being a one trick pony, as you put it. If something works, there's no reason to change it. Using the same line all the time frees up your mind - you're not worrying about which opener to use and you can concentrate on your body language and tonality without worrying about what to say.

If you want to have two or three openers, then I recommend practicing noticing things about girls that you like. Here are the two openers that I use from day to day:

1. THE GENERAL ONE: "Excuse me, I just saw you walking past/I just saw you standing here/I just saw you through this telescope and I had to come and meet you. You are absolutely gorgeous. [Shake Hands] What's your name?"

2. IF I LIKE SOMETHING SPECIFIC ABOUT HER: "Excuse me, I just saw you walking past and I had to come and tell you that [X Y Z eg your posture is so alluring and elegant]. I had to meet you. What's your name?"

Stay away from words like 'awesome' or 'cute'. Use words like gorgeous, beautiful or alluring. Use words that girls use to describe other girls. I would stay away from swearing during the day, it isn't particularly romantic.

But, really, use the basic structure for the moment, it works and frees up your mind to focus on other things.


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