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It's the eternal struggle. Guys want to watch movies with action, movies with crashes and explosions, but on a date, they're often left thinking that they have to pick something they wouldn't normally like just to please the girl.

Not so! In fact, there are a lot of movies that have the fast-pace men crave, but which also have plenty of appeal for the ladies in the room. Here are a few suggestions:



JAMES CAMERON may have a reputation (aside from Titanic) for producing films that men will love ( The Terminator", Aliens, The Abyss ), but one of his hallmarks is the consistent presence of strong female characters.

"True "may primarily be a vehicle for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, it's also a great romance story, with JAMIE LEE CURTIS holding her own as the future Governator's plucky, bored wife. Amidst all the motorcycle chases, military sub-plots and terrorists, the story is essentially that of a man who loves his wife and daughter, and wants desperately to keep them from harm.



These movies are almost non-stop action - particularly the first part, which has one of the longest fight sequences ever. Crazy sword-fighting and fist-fighting abound, but the story itself, of a woman seeking vengeance against her jilted lover who put her in the hospital and robbed her of an idyllic life as a small-town wife and mother - is very chick-friendly. The kicker (no pun intended) is that the fighters are all women. UMA THURMAN, DARYL HANNAH, LUCY LIU, and VIVICA A. FOX give the films their (literal) punch, whereas the men end up being pawns in their battles.



Sure, this story of an underground club where men beat the crap out of each other is violent, and sure there are hardly any women present, but there's a lot for a girl to like in this. The film may get to the heart of male machismo and bonding, but it also pokes fun at it.

EDWARD NORTON plays the sort of shy guy who women want to bring out of his shell and BRAD PITT plays the strutting Adonis that women just want. Besides, a lot of the fight scenes feature the men - Mr. Pitt especially - half-naked, looking wild and dangerous. Men are not the only ones who enjoy having something sexy to look at.



This sequel to STEVEN SODERBERGH's remake of a film featuring the original rat pack (a guy's group of guys if there ever was one) brings back the entire original cast and sends them on a new high stakes caper.

Like the story may resolve around an elite "boys club", but you're not likely to find many women who object to seeing GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT and MATT DAMON on screen for two hours.

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