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How To Pick Up Girls Who Have Boyfriends By Roosh Image
"I'm going to skip the whole moral argument that you shouldn't hit on a girl who has a boyfriend. If you don't believe in hitting on girls who have boyfriend then that's cool, otherwise read on."

FIRST, DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH NEWLY ENGAGED OR MARRIED GIRLS. I think you'll have better chances with a nun than a girl who just made a huge commitment with another man. It takes at least a few months for that to wear out.

That leaves two other types of girls with boyfriends: ones that are unhappy and ones that are neither unhappy nor quite ecstatic either. The best way to find out what type of girl you are dealing with is the length of time it takes until she drops the boyfriend.

The longer amount of time until she drops the bomb, the better. It's best if she doesn't mention the boyfriend at all and you learn from a third party. Think about that for a second if a girl is happy with her man, he will keep popping up in her head, leading to a large amount of guilt when talking to a player she is attracted to. She attempts to relieve this guilt by mentioning him as much as possible in the conversation.

The sooner she mentions him and the more times she mentions him, the less likely you will get anywhere. This should be your guide to see if you should commit to gaming a girl with a boyfriend, especially since they will take more work than a single girl.

On the other hand if it takes a girl over 20 minutes for her to drop the boyfriend, consider her breakable. Now combine that with her engaging you, making eye contact, asking your questions, and touching you. The more she does any of these things, the less issue the boyfriend is and more you can proceed as you normally do.

It takes a little experience to tell between the girls who flirt just to feel attractive and girls who want to get banged by a new dick, but you'll know for sure when you go to number or kiss close; one will put up Great Wall of China resistance and the other will only offer token resistance.

If the approach is going well and things are progressing past the thirty minute mark, just keep doing what you're doing and go for the kiss on the same night. When you get in close she will make a verbal objection about having a boyfriend but just like you would do if she was resisting in the bedroom, simply agree with her so she doesn't think further about it in her mind.

DON'T MAKE IT A TUG OF WAR, but then of course you try again a few minutes later, breaking down the resistance. If she says she can't do anything with you, just say you weren't trying anyway with a smile. But keep pushing until you get it.

For girls that seem to be breakable but not easy, the only way to it is through regular access. If you work with her or see her weekly, then repeated access to her will nibble at her resistance until she just goes through with it. It's because she can't just forget about you or un-attract herself to you. But if you meet her one night in the club and just get her number, the seduction is over because she won't allow her to see you without feeling like a cheat. Every extra minute she hangs with you and a minute's worth exposure of your game that will help your cause.

Bottom line is if she puts herself in a position to cheat, she will cheat, and you should take full advantage of it. I found this all out the hard way years ago when I believed the best way to get a girl with a boyfriend was to first be her "friend." I don't think I need to tell you how far that got me, with all those wasted nights talking on the phone about the problems she is going with the guy that she is having sex with. It was an embarrassing period of my life and I try not to think about it.

It wasn't until my first success with an engaged girl at work (years after experimenting with every technique out there), that I first learned how having access is critical to getting with desirable girls who were already taken. And with girls after, I learned that with them you must grow on her gradually like a fungus. Eventually, if your game is tight, she will make it all too easy for things to progress.

But before I got there I mastered the art of the pick up in coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and clubs after hundreds and hundreds of approaches. I developed a reliable system that is flexible enough for you to inject your own style while still taking you to the next level. And it's all backed by my Bust Out Your Condoms Guarantee.

Read about it today.

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