As David Deangelo Pointed Out Attraction Is Not A Choice

As David Deangelo Pointed Out Attraction Is Not A Choice Image
The key to successful pickup is attraction. If a woman is attracted to you, you can make all sorts of mistakes in your "game" and still be successful with her. If she's not, there's very little you can do to make her interested in taking things to the next level.

But many aspiring PUAs don't understand how attraction works for women, and thus make mistakes. It is very important to understand that women are not men. This sounds obvious, but it is the key to game. What while our primary attraction switches are visual, women are much more attracted to behavioral cues. Paying attention to your appearance and getting in shape will help you, but nowhere near as much as it would help a woman.

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To start, let's reduce the source of women's attraction to a single word: status. Developing your ability to see and understand status will help your pickup immensely. Make a habit of assessing the status of everyone you run into in different social situations. Start noticing the behaviour that high-status people engage in, compared to low status people, and incorporate it into your behaviour.

The high status person sits in the most comfortable chair. If there aren't enough chairs for everyone, he's sitting down, while others stand. He has a good view of the room. He speaks slowly because he trusts people will listen. He often speaks first or last in the conversation. He is less focused on the people around him than they are on him. He is making confident decisions for himself and for the group.

In addition to status, the following are powerful attraction switches for women:

Pre-Selection: Assessing whether a man truly has attractive personal qualities can take a lot of time, but if other women find him attractive, he must have them. Therefore, pre-selection is a major attractive quality. Surround yourself with women to take advantage of this, even if you aren't gaming them.

Confidence: One of the most important attraction switches. It is vitally important to be confident. If you don't feel confident, act confident. Constantly ask yourself "what would a more confident man do here?" and just do it. Women may find shy awkwardness charming, but if you want to create powerful physical sensations drawing her towards you, be bold!

Center of Attention: Are people focused on you? Are they looking at you, talking about you? Then she's going to want to spend more time with you.

Excellence: This is one of the most powerful attraction switches. Being excellent at anything. Displaying excellence marks you as sexually worthy. Remember that it's not enough to be excellent, you have to show it off, preferably effortlessly. Put yourself in environments where you have a chance to show off what you are excellent at.

Socially savvy: Women are generally quicker than men at picking up little cues about social behavior and status than men. If she sees that you're on her level with this, it will spark attraction.

Non-reactive: Stoicism is a stereotypically masculine trait - and guess what? Women are attractive to stereotypically masculine traits. Be emotionally strong, unaffected by the little slings and arrows life throws at you.

Non-reaction-seeking: This is related to the last one. People tend to ignore those of lower status than them, but they seek reactions from those above them on the social hierarchy. Therefore, if you are trying to get a reaction from her, you must be lower status than her, and therefore unattractive.

Fun: Being the guy who is always enjoyable to be around makes you attractive. Don't be the quiet guy in the corner. Get out and be social and fun!

Positivity: Related to the last. Because women are often more emotional than men, they feel negativity stronger than we do - but they also feel positivity stronger than we do. So be positive about things, and women will flock to you.

Protector of Loved Ones: If we remember, ultimately, that attraction switches were selected for by evolution, this makes a lot of sense. A woman wants to feel, viscerally, that you'll take care of her and your children - even if she has no intention of actually having kids with you. Evolution hasn't caught up to birth control! This one can be hard to show off directly, but work it into the stories you tell about yourself.

Effortlessness: One of the biggest killers of attraction is the sense that you are trying hard to make something happen. Attractive men do everything easily, effortlessly. Try to just be doing your thing and letting good things flow to you.

Humility: Related to the above. An attractive man doesn't try to show anyone up. However, there's a trap here for many aspiring PUAs: Avoid putting yourself down. Self-deprecating humor is bad for you game - but remember that every self-deprecating joke is a cocky/funny joke in reverse, and cocky/funny hits a lot of attraction switches.

As David DeAngelo pointed out attraction is not a choice. Hit all of these switches and you will have the women fawning over you. You will still need to apply good game to successfully advance, but the more you can keep her attracted, the easier things will go! Get used to pushing this buttons and hit them all the time.

Happy gaming!

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Designer Women

Designer Women Image
I can't tell you how much I love spending time with a great book. There's just nothing like it. At the very least, a great book is entertaining. At best, a great book can challenge, inspire, and motivate you to implement changes in your life. Changes that can affect your future, encourage positive changes and bring your dreams well within reach.

Now, that's a book worth spending time with.

I was recently sent such a book to review and it's my pleasure to do so today. The book is LIFE IS A BUSINESS! MANAGE IT BETTER SO YOU'LL ENJOY IT MORE by Charles E. Cox, Jr. and it is a fascinating read from cover to cover.



The Fortune 500 Life is achieved by recognizing that every step needed to build a successful personal life emulates every step CEOs take to build a successful business-you simply need to learn what they are and how to apply them. And that's exactly what the upcoming book "Life Is A Business! Manage It Better So You'll Enjoy It More" is designed to do.

Authored by Charles E. Cox, Jr., "Life Is A Business! Manage It Better So You'll Enjoy It More" is the first in "The Fortune 500 Life" book series. Demonstrating parallels between running a successful business and managing a successful life, this book profiles current Fortune 500 companies to showcase nine key principles that relate to and impact your personal life.

Considered a "Life Improvement" book, Life is a Business! is designed to appeal to everyday working class people who often struggle to manage their personal lives. These struggles can be overcome when recognizing that "life is a business" - life and business challenges are strikingly similar and nearly every life decision is a business decision.


Charles E. Cox, Jr. Is a native of Minnesota's Twin Cities. He is an author, speaker, phil-an-thropist and ser-ial entre-pre-neur with a pas-sion for help-ing peo-ple of all ages and race find their inner strength through finan-cial sta-bil-ity, entre-pre-neurism and over-all finan-cial lit-er-acy. Charles believes that the com-bi-na-tion of a solid edu-ca-tion with a deep under-stand-ing and respect for the mon-e-tary impacts on life will help all peo-ple on their jour-ney to pros-per-ity. Charles' entre-pre-neur-ial spirit has led him to spend the last fif-teen years of his career seek-ing chal-leng-ing oppor-tu-ni-ties in real estate invest-ment and sales, devel-op-ment and ven-ture cap-i-tal-ism. Charles has also man-aged careers in con-struc-tion, as a licensed gen-eral con-trac-tor and elec-tri-cian in the state of Minnesota. - From Life is a Business

In Life is a Business, Charles E. Cox, Jr. lays out 9 KEY PRINCIPLES TO A PROSPEROUS LIFE

* VISION/MISSION. Create a clear vision of what you want for your life.

* SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND EDUCATION. Keep strong, steady growth and a commitment to education at the forefront of your vision.

* FINANCIAL LITERACY & STABILITY. Commit to an ongoing quest to obtain and understand the truth about your finances so you can stabilize your financial health.

* HEALTH & WELLNESS. Maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

* STRESS PRESSURE & CHANGE. Prepare for inevitable stress, pressure, and change so you can better manage your way through them.

* STEWARDSHIP/PHILANTHROPY. Serve your community to build a sense of community.

* VACATIONS. Plan and take vacations with your family.

* MARRIAGE. Enter marriage with the same caution and consideration as you would a business merger.

* PERSONAL IMAGE (REPUTATION). Build an honorable personal and professional reputation.

These 9 principles are "fleshed out" through the fast-paced book. Each principle includes what I'd call a "Call to Action" by the author, turning the book into an interactive journey which self help fanatics like me LOVE. I also loved the wonderful inspirational quotes sprinkled (very effectively) throughout the book. The quotes, the illustrations, and the fascinating comparisons between life and business make this a book that's honestly hard to put down.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series - the first one kicked things off beautifully and has left me wanting to hear what Mr. Cox has to say next!

I hope you'll visit the Life is a Business website and learn more about Charles E. Cox. He's the sort of person who will leave a lasting impression, and a wonderful one, at that.

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Book Review: Life is a Business


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