Chasing The Night

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Happy Friday! Are you going to chase the night tonight or attract the night?

This blog is part of a live coaching from a recent trip to London with a client. Hopefully these exchanges with my client will give you an idea of my coaching style. Consider it a sneak peek into what I do when I am coaching clients and leading bootcamps!

DAVID: Men will spend half of their adult lives 'ctn' - they spend half of their lives chasing the night. If you think about it, guys go out on a Friday night, and there's always one or two guys that want to have fun and talk to their friends. The other ones will be looking around the room, they'll have one drink and get impatient because there are no women there - even though they haven't really met women very often anyway - and they have to run to the next place. They spend the whole night trying to figure out what the best place is.

BUT THE BEST PLACE - WHICH IS SO IRONIC - IS WHERE YOU ARE IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you spend the time laughing and having fun with your friends, you'll start attracting people. Women will wonder why you're having such a good time and you're not being like the typical male chasing the night.

There's another scary term - on Saturday nights, there are guys that are 'ctw' - chasing the week. They don't have any skills to go out and meet people during the day, and they haven't gotten that concept yet, and they realize that if they don't make something happen on Saturday night, that they have to wait all the way until next Thursday or Friday night for something to work.

So then Saturday night has an even more desperate energy, because men are walking around chasing the week. You can see the desperation in their eyes, you can watch it. You know you've done it, and you've seen guys that have done it even more. There are packs of guys that are walking around your neighborhood, in the bars, looking around like this - they can't even concentrate at all.

It's the guys that are twisting their heads around in every direction. Think about it - when a guy is doing that, it's not attractive to a woman! A woman is looking at that guy and thinking, holy shit, what is wrong with him? The guys stare like this, and they don't say anything, they start drinking a little bit - to get their liquid courage on in order to chase the week.

The pressure is building because they know that they screwed up chasing the night the night before, and then usually when they get home after chasing the night or the week, it's like they have to come down from it. And then you realize that the woman that you saw at the beginning of the night was the one you probably should have talked to in the first place, and then you think well, what could I have said? It's usually something that comes to you from a simple observation. It comes to you four hours later because you're no longer in this unbelievable mode of chasing.

It's a very funny thing. One great exercise to do (and I do this all of the time) is to go out on a Friday night and look at the guys chasing the night, and then look at the women reacting to those guys - just be an observer. When those guys finally go up and approach a woman, watch how quickly she rejects them. She's noticed him from all different angles - she's noticed the way that he was looking, she noticed that he didn't walk over right away.

THERE'S A REASON WHY WOMEN GO OUT IN PACKS: they're protecting themselves from these 'ctn' guys. If they went out alone and they had the guys chasing the night or the week all over them, forget about it! This poor woman would be bombarded with annoying guys all night long. So that's where the chilling out comes from.

ROBERT: It kind of reminds me as well of stock trading. It's like you're chasing the price as opposed as waiting patiently for it to go, which I know will happen eventually, but you chase the price. And I've lost a ton of money doing that!

I admit it, I've done it a few times, and I know what I've done wrong. It was against the rules; I know that you're not supposed to chase the price. You just shouldn't do it. But you're thinking, oh, but this time, and it never works.

DAVID: And the stock market is all psychology. It's all human emotions and psychology. So you're looking at a candle chart, and you see your entry point. You don't get in because you don't believe it, even though the formula tells you to get in. Everyone else is watching the same formula, and you still don't get in. It goes up a little bit, and you still don't believe it, it goes up a little bit more and you start thinking, holy shit, if I would have just trusted the formula, I would have already made $.20 on it!

So what do you do next? You think it's going to go down, but it goes up a little bit more, and then what do you do? You, and the other people who were chasing the price, go in. At that point, the stock goes up a nickel and you say to yourself, oh, it went up! Then you see the candle and you've got that candle that doesn't know what direction it's going to go next. That's you!

You're in there, and then what do you see next? Things sink! Because everybody who got in 30 cents ago when they were trusting the whole process bailed out, and then you're stuck, chasing the price once again. That's how you lose money. You think, well, it's going to go up again - but you already missed the boat.

I did the same thing when I was trading. I wouldn't trust it, and then I would get in too late, and then I'd be there during the downward slope. It's a great analogy.

ROBERT: Yeah, I've done it. Just this year, I've done very small trades as an exercise. I was just trying to be very observant. And it went in my direction. It was really about discipline. But as soon as I put in some big money - I kept thinking, it's not going to work, and I'd get out, and it was very premeditated.

And then when I did something that was "against the rules," I would think, oh, I don't know what I'm doing, and that would work. I learned I needed to be observant, and be patient.

DAVID: Well, think about this: the thing about stock that really goes against all of the rules is that this stock is really a beautiful woman. The little stocks you mastered - these are women that you're not attracted to. And the bigger stocks are beautiful women and you treat that big stock differently. Really, you needed to treat them the same way, because the same rules apply every time. It doesn't fluctuate, and it doesn't change. That's a great analogy, and a great lesson.

ROBERT: It is. No matter what you say to yourself, the rules are the same.

DAVID: Life doesn't change. The formula in life is the same for everything we do, except for our social life and the stock market, where we've done other things.

Todays video will teach you how to lay off the CTNchasing the night mentality and be more of a natural with women.


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Catholic Dating Becoming Increasingly Popular

Catholic Dating Becoming Increasingly Popular Image
Internet has not only changed shopping world but also changed the life of people. Either you talk about dating or marriage, everything is happening over the internet. Today, we are discussion about catholic dating and services. This religion is very much related or close with Christian. The idea of dating has been formulated by companies and online websites so that people can come under one roof and meet with each other. The basic aim behind the service is to provide a comfortable environment to people to find suitable life partner.

Catholic dating services are used by many people around the world for different reasons, like for fun, entertainment, serious relationship, marriage etc. Needs are different but way is same. The best part of online service is that singles can meet with any number of people around the world. in case, you find someone as per your compatibility level, then these sites can help you to meet with each other as well. So, if you are still single and looking for a better life partner, then do try the services of dating websites.

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Signs He A Mama Boy

Signs He A Mama Boy Cover
You began dating a man you thought was perfect, but with every passing day you began noticing something strange about his relationship with his mother. You're beginning to get a sneaking suspicion that your man is mama's boy.

While the signs that he's a mama's boy range from mild to downright creepy, if you're guy displays all the following signs, you might want to rethink your future with him.



It's one thing if your guy talks to his mom once a day because she has no one in the world but him (which is still a scary thought), but if he and his mom have telephone conversations multiple times a day to gossip or just tell each other the little things that girlfriends usually tell one another, head for the hills.

What makes this so frightening is the fact that when anything significant, or insignificant happens in his life, the first woman he thinks to call is his mom, not you.



If you make him pancakes, he tells you how his mom makes them (and, of course, his mom's are better); if you rent a movie, he mentions that his mom never liked horror films.

At every turn in your relationship, his mother manages to creep into the conversation to the point where you begin to get nauseated. But you shouldn't get nauseated. You know why? Because his mom would never do that.



You thought it was cute when you began dating and he told you how much he loves and respects his mother. You even thought it was charming when he told you that he'd consider himself lucky if he married someone like her.

But now that you're in it, he's beginning to really push the envelope by comparing everything you do or say to the way his mother does it. Of all the signs that he's a mama's boy, this is one that will wear thin quickly.


SHE FEEDS he pays her to take care of him.

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Five Fundamentals To Get Girls Today By Sean

Five Fundamentals To Get Girls Today By Sean Cover
The dreaded death of mojo.

We all face it.

You wake up and the first thing you think is "I have to go back out there and do it again."

Doesn't matter if you've been picking up girls your whole life, or if you just started. The strong pull to do nothing never goes away.

Entropy. The tendency of ordered systems to fall apart and settle into inactivity.

Sloth. The desire to stay in bed and do, as we all learned from "Office Space," nothing. Absolutely. Nothing.

But the girls are out there. They are there every morning getting coffee, waiting for trains and busses, walking to work, walking their dogs, doing stuff. Commerce. Activity. Life.

And you know that when you are having a good day, it can be easy to just strike up that flirty conversation and spark something. We've all had at least one night, maybe with good friends at a party, or a bar you really like, when it seems like no thing to turn your volume up a little bit more and run your silly fun little lines on the cutie who catches your eye.

We all already have mojo. But we don't control when it's on, and when it's off.

What do you do on those days when your mojo is sleeping?

How do you wake it the fuck up?

Here's are the 5 Fixes I use to get myself going every day.

It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this or how good you are at it. Remember, the best pickup artists in the world don't even think of it as pickup. It's not something they do. It's just something they are, every minute, every day.

Do these five things, and you'll peg your switch to ON all the time, and you'll never let an opportunity pass by again.


Simple smiles and greetings, especially in places where that is not expected, change the way you feel. When you talk, you are out of your head. And your head is a very comfortable, but lonely, place to be. If you're only motivation for doing pickup is to bust a nut, you'll never be happy. But if you can consider that being a nicer, friendlier person is a gift to others, it takes the pressure off you.


I don't wait for Friday or Saturday night to roll around. I schedule visits to places every morning where I know I'll run into cute girls, so I can keep approaching and keep re-inforcing good habits and good results.

The nice thing about flirting with girls in the daytime is that all you need is one banter line, and you are almost always going to get a smile.


Be aware of your body language every day. If you catch yourself feeling nervous or stressed, get up and walk around. Force a smile onto your face. Breathe deep and slow. Get moving.


Every passionate relationship begins with the man doing something to make the woman feel good. There are lots of ways to start this banter and teasing, sexy eye contact, or absolute sincerity. If you get stuck, or in your head, stop thinking about it as a pickup, and set your goal just at making her smile. Be selfless. You are a gift you share with women.


Instead of trying to run a scripted 20-minute script, just do the pieces. Go back to warmups. Stop cute girls and ask them what time it is. Willfully lose yourself in the city so you can ask directions.

And when you really need a karmic boost, go with the old standard sincere compliment.

"I know this is a little random, but I had to tell you that you are very cute."

Start it by acknowledging that what you are about to do is a bit unusual. This shows your social intelligence and puts her at ease. Then tell her just what you think. Every healthy man finds attractive girls cute. There's always something there that catches her eye. And you know she spends most of her time and money working on it.

So tell her. Be a man who makes his world better, and you will find the world making things better for you.

These five fixes may sound a little too basic. I know, you want the super-advanced magic words to make panties just melt right off her thighs.

The truth is there are no magic words. There are no shortcuts, and there is no new technology that makes girls want sex more than ever before.

There are only fundamentals, and guys who do them well. Make these fundamentals part of your daily routines, and watch your results, and your total happiness, skyrocket.

It's pure pickup karma. The more good you do for others selflessly, the more it comes back to you. Stop worrying about how to get her home that night or destroy her boyfriend or overcome her socialized resistance.

Do it for her, not for you. You will get more comfortable and more confident, and then when you see that smoking hottie across the bar and know you have to wade through a see of stalkers to get to her, you'll have your mojo running high and a real smile on your face.

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Date Like A Surfer By David Wygant

Date Like A Surfer By David Wygant Image
I RECENTLY SPENT A WEEK IN HAWAII, and while I was there I learned how to surf for the very first time. Now I've got to tell you that Wygant on water, ice or snow tends to be comical and is a site to see. If you've ever seen me tumble down a mountain or sporting ice skates or roller blades, then you know why.

So when I got to Hawaii and Alison suggested that we go surfing, my first thought was "no way," but I told her "Sure, whatever, I'll go with you" because I am a trooper... and because my ego wouldn't allow me not to go. So when we get there, I don't expect be able to get up at all. Now, I've normally never had trouble 'getting it up' in life, but in this situation I did not expect to get up.

Our surfing instructor, Ron, was a really cool guy and he began to explain everything. I'll provide a link to his website for any of you who make it to Hawaii one day. As Ron was talking to us, I was in another world thinking "There's no way I am going to be able to get up on that surfboard. It's not going to happen."

Not only that, but I had to overcome my fear of Bruce, the electronic shark in Jaws... and weren't these the same waters where that 14 year-old surfer girl recently had her arm bitten off by a shark? Look, I've had a fear of sharks ever since I saw the movie Jaws. I was 13 years-old when Jaws came out, and that was just one of those growing up movies that impact you a lot.

Meanwhile, Ron continued on the sand to teach us how to surf. He showed us how to get up. He showed us how to get down. He taught us everything we needed to know to go out there in the water and do it.

So I got on my board in the water and was going through waves thinking "Damn, man, I am not going to be able to do this. I'm going to get my ass kicked in surfing." Then something interesting happened.

I get on a wave, stand on one knee, put one leg up, and all of a sudden I think to myself "I am going to get up on this board!" Then I rode it in just like that. A couple of rides later, I stood up and I took the entire wave from start to finish.

It felt amazing to be able to see the mountains that were all around, to be able to see the beautiful Hawaiian sky, to be able to smell the water, and to be able to see the crystal clear water all around me. I was addicted at that moment.

What does this story of my first surfing adventure have to do with dating - or with why you should date like a surfer? Well, surfing is a lot like dating.

In surfing as in dating, there are a lot of ups and there are a lot of downs. There are some times you catch that perfect wave as your board starts inching into the water, then the next thing you know you're tumbling all over the place having no idea when you're going to be able to get back up again or how you're going to feel.

Surfing is just like dating because every time you get your ass kicked by a wave and tumble in the water, you have got to get right back up on that board and try again. You have got to do that in surfing, because you never know when that next wave is going to come that is going to take you all the way into the shore and make you feel victorious.

You have got to do this in dating, because you never know when the next person you run into in the supermarket or the coffee shop is going to be that person with whom you create magic. It's amazing that dating (and life) are just like surfing.

I surfed for four days while I was in Hawaii. I had a great time. I went out there and kept trying. On some days I was able to get up more than I wiped out. On some days I was able to surf better than I was on others.

On my very last ride of the trip, I jumped off the board in a weird way and jammed by back. It was as I hobbled my way back onto the plane that I realized that surfing and dating are no different.

In surfing there will be some days you're going to ride the wave and feel great, while on other days you won't. In dating there will be some days you're going to meet some great people and think great things about a possible connection with someone, while on other days you're going to realize things aren't going to work out with someone and that you have to start all over again.

What you need to realize is that every day and every wave give you a chance to start anew. When you get on a surfboard, you never think about the previous wave or your last wipeout. All you think about is getting up on that board on THIS wave. You take in the beautiful Hawaiian mountains or focus on the waterfall in the mountains above you. Then all you do is look straight ahead, crouch down, get on that board and ride that wave into shore.

You need to have that same mindset about every date you go on and about every relationship you have. You should never thing about past dates. Don't think about past disappointments. Treat each date as you would treat a new wave. Every wave is different and gives you an opportunity to start anew. Similarly, everyone you date is different, and you can start anew every single day. That is really amazing when you think about it.

To Ron, I want to say thanks for a wonderful time surfing in Hawaii. You were a great instructor!

Todays video is all about what to do when you have a crush.

Get out of that friend zone forever!

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Dont Change For Me

Dont Change For Me Cover
Today's blog is going to get you really thinking. Let me ask you a question: Are you lazy when you are in a relationship? I am not talking about a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

I am talking about in your relationship with yourself. Do you get lazy with yourself?

When I say 'lazy with yourself,' what I mean is do you know you have something about yourself you want to change but you don't change it due to fear or laziness?

Do you realize that there is a negative connotation to the word change? Whether it was your mother, your grandmother, your father or your favorite aunt, somebody probably told you never to change for anyone (and that people should like you just as you are).

We've heard that over and over again throughout our entire existence. We've heard "don't change for anyone" and "people will love you just the way you are."

Well, do you know what I say to those things? Wrong!

I truly believe that change is good. Change is strong. Change is positive. Change is necessary!

Say you meet someone and get into a relationship. People will tell you not to change your core. You know what? You had better change your core. It's called growing.

To me, change means growth. It means that as a human being, I am evolving more deeply than I ever have before. It means I am evolving in ways I never thought I would evolve. I'm experiencing new things, new feeling and new emotions.

Change is great, but we have such a negative association to the word. You cannot change a person, but you can show them how to grow. When someone doesn't want to grow and make changes, that is a person who is going to miss out on a lot in life.

I am very different than what I was 22 years ago. I want to constantly keep evolving.

Perhaps if we used the word "evolve" instead of "change," more people would be open to it. Everyone needs to get rid of the negative connotation to the word change.

When you're in a relationship with yourself or with someone else, you should not ever change for someone but you should evolve with them (and for them). When you evolve, you grow.

When you refuse to change, you become stagnant. When you are stagnant, you get the same lousy relationships with yourself and with other people over and over again.

It's something that all of us need to learn. We need to learn how to embrace growth and change, because it's a wonderful thing.

Think about it in sports terms. Look at Eric Mangini. He is a terrible coach because he hasn't changed his ways at all. He's young. He's stupid.

He acts like he wants to be Bill Belichick. He thinks he is Bill Belichick, but yet he hasn't learned, grown, or changed his losing attitude. He's carried his same losing ways from the Jets to Cleveland.

In life, you must learn from experiences and change. Change is good. Change means evolving. Change means that you are willing to see things through the eyes of another person.

All of us have messages for each other. I am just a messenger for a lot of you, here to teach you some lessons. The lesson this time? Realize how powerful change can be.

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Ken Lingu - Erotic Massage For Women
Christian Godefroy - How To Change Your Shyness

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Do You Put Women On A Pedestal

Do You Put Women On A Pedestal Image
One of the guys at a recent Bootcamp was asking me about putting women on a pedestal. Let's talk about this.

Say you are there in a T-Mobile store with your buddy, and all of a sudden a beautiful woman walks in the store. Your buddy is in the middle of getting a brand new cell phone, and there you are staring at this woman with the "deer in the headlights" look in your eyes.

You don't know what to do. You start idolizing her inside your mind and you put her on a pedestal. You think, "She's hot. Wow is she hot!"

Those are the kind of thoughts you're thinking to yourself. You think, "Wow is she amazing. I don't deserve a girl like that."

Really? Why don't you deserve a girl like that? Why are you putting her above you?

There is no reason to ever put a woman above you. We're all equals.

So I don't care who you are, what you do or what you're all about. We're all equal. Everything about us is equal.

Every time you put someone on a pedestal, you are really never going to have an opportunity to get to know them. The reason is that when you do this, you are approaching from a position of weakness.

You are basically looking at her, and your body language and non-verbal communication are all screaming that you don't deserve her. You might as well say out loud to her, "Hi, my name is Justin. I really don't deserve you, so I'm just not going to bother talking to you."

The truth is that people are people, and everyone wants to be treated well. Everyone wants others to talk to them and communicate with them. Nobody wants to be put on a pedestal.

No relationship ever works if you're put on a pedestal. No relationship works if you're putting the other person on a pedestal.

You have to really realize that we are all equal. So the next time you see a beautiful woman standing there in the T-Mobile store, realize that not only is she your equal (but that you might actually be the superior one in a lot of ways.

You may actually be the person who knows more than she does. She might actually learn more things from you than you could learn from her. Who knows what the dynamic of the relationship might be?

Everything is equal. Keep it that way.

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Scot Mckay - How To Meet Women On Twitter

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Online Dating Tips For Men

Online Dating Tips For Men Cover
You've tried the bar scene, blind dates and even dated a coworker or two - but nothing resulted from all your efforts. So you've decided to give online dating a try.

And you're not alone - in 2003, "magazine reported that online-dating-service revenues topped $214 million in only the first half of 2003. By now, you can imagine that with the myriad of online dating sites out there, the dollars are pouring in like never before.

Online daters are not desperate, lonely people (at least not all of them). Most men and women who end up on online dating sites are looking for someone because they're tired of the dating scene, don't have time to hunt for a mate, or both.

And chances are, you're in the same boat. The problem is that you're not sure how to go about it or what to do once you do get to an online dating site.

Don't worry, I'm here to help. All you need is a positive attitude and the willingness to find the woman you want.

Here, now, are some tips to ensure that you don't spend hours on end looking for a woman online without any results.



Unless you are willing to relocate for a woman, you're best bet is to find an online dating site that offers you the option of finding women in your area.

Not only will this simplify your ability to meet with one at your leisure, it may even save you potential travel complications down the line (imagine you're in Illinois and fall in love with a woman from California).

If you're willing to take your chances, however, that's fine. Just be aware that you do have that option in online dating.



When you describe yourself in your online dating profile, be honest. What good is this whole thing if you're going to start off a potential relationship with lies? Dedicate about 200 words to describing yourself and use another 100 to describe what you're looking for.

How can you describe yourself? Write about what you look like, your education, your job, and things that make you original (you speak Italian fluently, you have a ferret, etc).

Be witty in your profile by making a humorous comment or two. However, ensure that you get straight to the point about what you want in a woman and what you can bring to a relationship.

Be specific about what you're not interested in (divorced, children), but don't limit yourself so much that you end up with a specific type of woman. For example, you can mention that you absolutely do not want to date a smoker, but don't mention that you prefer blonds.

Also, make sure to double-check your spelling and grammar. Think of your profile as your opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

Finally, do not post any personal information that may give women clues about where you live specifically or who you are. Although online dating is relatively safe, you want to avoid any problems.



To start, if a woman doesn't have her picture posted next to her profile, you can probably bet that not many men will be contacting her. Putting a face to a profile is very important when it comes to online dating and you should definitely post yours.

But... do not post a picture that was taken 10 years ago when you weighed 20 pounds less and had more hair. It's not only deceptive; the person who sees it will expect to see that person should you decide to meet up.

Post a recent photograph of yourself that you like and try not to have all your friends in it. You don't have to post a host of shots; one or two is more than enough. This will ensure that more eyes take a look at your profile.



If you're online and someone wants to chat with you, go for it. And if the two of you have a good rapport, then feel free to flirt. But if you're looking for a serious relationship with someone, being overtly sexual may get you a cheap thrill, but that's about all you'll get out of it.

Of course, if you're in the mood for a little fun, go for it by all means, but don't expect a couple of masturbation sessions to turn into a marriage proposal. Just like in the real world of face-to-face meetings, you shouldn't confuse sex with love.

By flirting, you could wink at a woman or blow her a kiss, but overtly writing about your genitalia or going over a sexual fantasy won't likely land you a great woman.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report
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Online Dating Ideas Optimizing Your Experience

Online Dating Ideas Optimizing Your Experience Image
In current scenario, online dating has emerged as one of the fantastic ways to meet number of people around the world. Many online companies and websites have come in market already after recognizing the growth of dating industry. They provide plenty of ways to communicate with consumers online. Today, we will share some best online dating ideas that can help you a lot. Through internet, it has become quiet easy to share pictures and videos.

In case, you are quiet exciting about online dating then go with web cam. It is one of the advance and latest technology in the world. Here, two people chat with each other through web cam. This electronic device makes you enable to see your partner live. It works like a live soccer match. Now, many websites are providing number of gifts that can purchased online and you can send them directly to your partner.

In case, you are planning some other online dating ideas then try web cam with head phone. With the help of these two devices, you can talk with partner live without paying any extra money to internet or Telephone Company.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Deep Inner Game
Joseph Matthews - Meeting Dating And Seducing Women
C Kellogg - Online Dating A Simple Practical Guide To Finding Love Online

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How To Make Good Profile On Dating Sites

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Dating websites are in vogue and got success to attract number of people as well. These websites are earning unlimited money and help users to find their soul mates. According to experts, online dating is very helpful to find perfect partner, but profile plays very important role because initially neither you nor your partner can see you. It is very important to focus on profile while creating it. Here are few tips to make a nice profile:

Language - Always use simple and easy language while creating profile. Never try to copy and paste difficult language from other profile to make your partner impress.

Honesty - Honesty is the best policy; you should follow this proverb wisely while creating profile. Online dating is not a cakewalk at all. You always provide mix information about yourself. You can provide authentic information about you like, gender, name, likes, dislikes, educational back ground etc. but do not provide genuine information about address, phone number, etc.

Looking for - don't get confused and make confused others. You should write clearly what are you doing and looking for on online dating websites. Clear mentality leads to good results.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Elena Petrova - The Golden Rules Of Online Dating
Scot Mckay - How To Meet Women On Twitter

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Important Facts About Married Dating

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Cheating on your partner after marriage is definitely a sin, but as a matter of fact many married people follow this practice without any problem. There can be many causes behind the married dating such as lack of excitement in marriage, physical issue, personal problem, mental or emotional barrier etc. But such problems can be eliminated with the help of treatment or consultants. Every individual faces lots if problems in married life, but it don't mean to start cheating.

In day today life, we can find number of examples where both partners can't live with each other and some people go with married dating instead of getting all comforts and luxury in life. The biggest and recent example we can take here Tiger Woods. Such a fantastic player had to face one of saddest day in his life when his wife filed a divorce against him. The reason behind the divorce was married dating.

Married dating is not good at all. You should consult with experts or doctors to resolve problems instead of choosing another partner. Men and women both are equally responsible for the failures of relationships. Instead of leaving the partner easily try to force them to make comeback.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Helen Ferry - Get The Facts About Condoms
Helen Ferry - Get The Facts About Sterilization

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Social Psychology Body Language

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So you are on your way to becoming an Alpha Male, and you're trying to meet a girl. You approach her, you begin to talk to her, but soon after, she says she's not interested and turns around. What went wrong? Maybe you displayed characteristics of a beta male through your body language. Some of these mistakes are:

* not being relaxed, turning your head really fast when somebody wants your attention

* holding too much eye contact when the other person speaks

* blinking a lot

* slouching

* walking only with your legs

* excessive smiling-nervous facial gestures

* folding your arms in front of you-twitching

* having closed postures-

* nervous ticks

* speaking too fast

Try to control your body language as well when you talk to someone else, because what you say doesn't matter quite as much as how you say it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Julius Fast - Body Language
Philip Redhead - How To Read Body Language
C Kellogg - Reading Body Language

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How To Seem More Confident Than You Really Are

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In Bang there's a section about the two ways to increase your confidence (starts on page XX). I don't have anything to add to that short list, but I have found a way that a girl can PERCEIVE you as more confident.

Imagine you are a girl for a second and you're in some bar drinking with your girlfriends. Guys come up to you all the time, some with decent game but some with tired "What are you drinking?" game. What is the one thing that would tell you a guy knows what he's doing, has probably had a lot of girls, and can give you both emotional and physical pleasure?


Let me explain with a story.

I was at a bar when I started talking to a cute girl. I sat down on a bar stool to face her and sat so our legs were touching. After 10 minutes of conversation, I made it seem like I just noticed her bracelets and starting touching them. Then I noticed some drink spilled on her jeans, and started "rubbing" it out. She quickly hit my hand away.

Even though I was surprised, I pretended nothing happened and continued our conversation. Then five minutes later, I just started poking her thigh while she was talking. That's when she started giving commentary on my pickup..

"I saw you here the other night talking to girls. I have a feeling you hit on a lot of girls and you do this all the time." I just said I was "outgoing" and "friendly," with a smirk of course.

She knows that this is what I do, that I hit on girls like herself every night. But she cannot tell her brain to stop feeling attraction for a desirable man. I am a desirable male because she THINKS I do this all the time and that I'm successful at it (why else would I be bold?). And she thinks I do this all the time simply because I'm touching her early and in ways other guys are too scared to do.

I made out with her before I got her number, after a total time of 30 minutes or so of talking to her. Keep in mind this was from a girl who hit my hand away when I started touching her.

Being bold screams confidence, because it tells the girl that you are NOT AFRAID and have done this before. She will think, "Who does he think he is touching me so early in the conversation? Look how close his face is getting to mine. What makes him think he will kiss me tonight?" The answer in her head will be something like, "Because he knows what he's doing and has succeeded at it before."

And here's the beautiful part: she will have no idea what your past is, no idea how many women you really did sleep with or didn't. All it takes is one trait--boldness--to be the man she wants to sleep with right now.

This means that even if you have zero confidence, just sucking it up and trying to push the boundaries to get closer sooner than you think you can, you actually increase the chance that you will get a make-out or sex. Weird how things work.

Just a few years ago the approach itself would scream boldness and be an attractant in its own right, but we've entered the age of pick-up where any Joe Schmo who lost his virginity is peddling an ebook and robot monkeys are approaching girls with the tired "Who lies more" opener. A cute girl has been approached hundreds of times by the time you get to her, so now it's early touching and kissing will give the boldness effect.

Before I got into the game, that wouldn't make any sense to me. I'd wait very patiently for obvious green lights and only then would I proceed with caution. But the more experience I got (going on a decade now), the more impatient I became, and the sooner I started going for it. And it worked. Not only did I get more, but I got it much quicker.

Now I'm pretty spoiled. If I don't get a makeout within 30 minutes or so, I think something is wrong WITH HER. The only time I get numbers now without make-outs is when I simply ran out of time.

It wasn't always like this, and it did take me work to get here, but if you start with a solid foundation of techniques (which I teach in my book Bang), it will be just practice and commitment on your part. If you haven't already done so, check out page samples today..

Suggested free e-books to read:

Reef Styles - How To Attract Online Women In Easy Way
Real Social Dynamics - How To Get Her Chasing You
Saira Mohan - How To Seduce And Marry The Woman Of Your Dreams

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Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks

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Hey -

I am 18 years old and just graduated high school. I used to be a MAJOR wuss and when I was younger I was always a shy kid who was picked on a lot because I was a short, skinny kid that never stood up for myself. And worst of all, I never took advantage of high school to get girls! I started getting your newsletter earlier this year and the cocky + funny attitude changed my life in more

ways than one. I hang out with guys that get the hottest high school girls you can ever imagine. Not only do they get 9s and 10s, I see these girls obsess over them. I was around them so much that I tried to model thier behavior around girls and I noticed that EVERYTHING you preach about, comes to them NATURALLY. Every tip of advice you've given to guys ACTUALLY works, and Ive seen it first hand.

I started using cocky + funny myself and even use lines that Ive seen my friends use in past cases. I saw a HOT girl in the mall and she was checking herself out in a pocket mirror so I said "don't worry, your hair doesn't look THATTT bad". She started laughing even though I just made fun of her! I asked for her email and when she said she doenst have the internet, I used your line "well do you have electricity"? AGAIN the girl laughed, and I ended up getting her phone # and I hooked up with her that weekend!

MY QUESTION - my natural personality has transformed from a wussy shy nice kid to a guy that's gonna bust your balls, but a nice guy at heart. I made a lot more girl "friends" too, but whenever they try to tell me their sad stories, I let them know Im not their boyfriend and do not care. Whenever I gain the courage to use cocky+funny, it WORKS but my problem is even though I've seen this work in action, I fear I don't know enough cocky+funny lines to keep up a conversation with a girl. Also, do you recommend hitting on random strangers you see, because my friends say they never really hit on strangers unless they have a reason to go up and talk to them. My friends also say to ALWAYS have 5 "project girls" and never focus on one girl. Is this true? please write back.

E from NYC


It's interesting, because I actually discovered the Cocky Funny technique by watching guys who were good with women. In fact, a guy who is now a good friend was trying to explain the concept to me a few years back and he was the first one to say "Cocky Funny". Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. It really made no sense to me.

But after I started working with it and watching other guys who were really successful with women, I learned how it worked.

It sounds like you're really getting it - congrats!

As for your questions

Don't worry about being able to "come up with enough lines to keep up a conversation". Just do what you can, and enjoy yourself. A few Cocky Funny lines used here and there are MUCH better than nothing at all.

If you feel like approaching strangers, great. If you just realize that most women are going to be nice, but some will be either unavailable or unfriendly then you'll be fine. I have personally had great success meeting "strangers", and as my good friend Rick says, "Every friend you have, started out as a stranger."

And as for the "5 project girls", you're cracking me up over here. If you like the idea of staying single and dating a lot of different women, then this is the way to do it! Just make sure they don't turn into your personal "psychological projects".

Thanks for your email.


Hey Dave.

I'm a premed student who has been subscribing to your newsletter for quite a while now. I've been meaning to buy your book but im not in the habit of using a credit card so ill have to open an account especially for this. Anyway, i've been going out with this girl for 9 months now. She is smart, attractive, and funny. the way i landed her was by being cocky funny. EXTREMELY cocky funny. i was always one step ahead of her. It was kind of like "Dont even TRY to challenge me, im already inside your head!". everything was cool. but to tell the truth (and no offense) i just kind of got tired of the constant i cooled it off a bit not always seizing the opportunity to remind her just who it is she's dealing with. And i think i got screwed. Now i feel like i've turned into a wuss.and i HATE IT! no.. I LOATHE IT ! When i turn on the macho act she's a pussy cat again. You see i want someone to whom i can genuinely be. just nice to, with her appreciating it and NOT taking advantage. i mean since this is a long-term relationship i want someone who will give me a smooth ride without all that continuous maintenance. I dont wanna be cocky and tough all my life with her, sometimes a guy just wants to relax. Is it possible?

F.Z, Lebanon


Ooooooo, good question.

I've seen a trend in the way guys, who are learning to be Cocky Funny and to stay in control, change.

As they're learning the techniques, they become more and more attractive to women. Then, they meet a really amazing woman - a woman that was previously "out of their league", and they decide to start a relationship.

As soon as they start getting closer, the guy begins to put aside the things that worked, and start being more and more submissive which, of course, drives this new woman away.

Then I get an email saying "I want to be nice and sweet and a good guy but still have all the super hot women calling me 24/7.

Here's what I say:


And the way that you earn it is to learn what it takes to make women feel ATTRACTION, learn what it takes to NOT drive women away, then make these things part of "YOURSELF".

Are you with me here?

The problem is that "being yourself" for a lot of guys means "being the type of guy that women don't feel any ATTRACTION for".

If you can't make a woman feel the emotion of ATTRACTION, then there's really nothing I can do to help you. If you're not willing to do the work and make the changes more or less permanent, then you're going to have a long uphill battle.

And in your case, you have to realize that this woman was attracted to you for a REASON, and if you stop that REASON, then you're going to stop the ATTRACTION.


Whats goin on Dave?

I would love to say how great your stuff works, but I haven't had much luck with it as of yet. I have seen it put to good use though. My bro does the whole cocky/funny routine naturally and I see all its power. Most of the time I was Mr. Nice- Guy. and, of course, it didn't work as much as I would like. Which is why I'm writing this e- mail.(duh)

My problem is I'm missing the key ingredient to your 'super recipe,' funny. The way I see it, cocky is like garlic, by itself it is repulsive and disgusting. But when used as a seasoning to another main dish (funny), it can do wonders. I'm missing the main dish. Anyone can be cocky, but I lack in the funny department. So where do I start to fix this?

Thanks, P in NJ


Humor has a structure, and it can be learned. Some people seem to have an easier time learning how to be funny, but I've seen some not-too-funny people become VERY funny with practice.

Read some books, watch Comedy Central, and practice. Start a journal and write down funny lines you hear so you can use them later.

Get with your Bro' and watch him. Ask him for advice and ideas. Practice. You can learn how to be funny and it's important that you do if you want to attract women!

As I'm sure you know, my book has some of my very favorite "standard" lines for different situations, plus more on how to create specific humor for specific situations.

For all the details, go to:



I know that you put real stories in these letters because I sent one in and it appeared exactly as I had written it. I laughed till I cried over the "fat, pimply, and hairy" story.

You are "Da man" I look forward to your wit in these letters and I must admit I'm going to buy your book.



Yes, all of the email letters I print in my newsletters are ALL real. Every single one of them. I wish I had more time in the day, because I get hundreds of them a week

Thanks for the compliments, and enjoy.


Ok David, first off, I would like to say thank you for taking the years that you did to get all of this great info., and then be generous enough to spread the knowledge. Here is my situation. I knew this girl back in high school, and I haven't seen her since graduation (about 2 yrs ago). I bumped into her the other day and WOW (she is a 9.5 easy). Well, having not yet tried out any of your techniques, I thought "What the hell, let's go for it." It worked. The c/f technique was golden. Got her email AND number. Well, we eventually went out and had a great time. A couple of days later, I went over to see her new place, and well, things got a little wild. (it all started with your amazing kiss technique- thanks again) So here's the deal. She likes me a lot, and I like her a lot, but I have been playing back in order to keep the ugly head of the "wussy" out of the picture. When is a good time (or is there a good time at all) to be serious with her? Do I bust on her all the time, b/c I don't want her to think I am a jerk? Any help you can give is great.

Thanks again. ME


Well, I don't exactly know what you mean by "serious".

If you mean "When can I talk about how I'm sad because my dog got run over and my inner child needs a hug", then NEVER is the answer. Well, maybe you can have one "serious" conversation like this on the 10th date, and it can last no longer than 5 minutes.

Just stay away from heavy emotional issues, problems, drama, and general WUSS topics.

If you need a friend, GET A DOG!

lol I forgot where that line is from, but I love it.


Mr. DeAngelo,

Well, I've got to say, after trying many, many different methods, yours have been the first ones to work. I cut and pasted your online personal add and sent it out to a few women on a college- oriented site. This is after trying (unsuccessfully) for many months to get any sort of response from the women on the site. Before reading the newsletters, I would've typically sent out about 20 e-mails, and got 1 response if I was lucky. This time, however, I sent out about 5 or 6, and got 3 replies the next day! Unbelievable! Now, for the tricky partgetting the number and the date. I've got some leads, and I want to keep my CF attitude up. I'm just normally funny, but need practice at being cocky. (I'm either too subtle, or too extreme, so I'm practicing at finding a middle ground.) But, in the meantime, what kind of CF response would you give to a University-aged woman?



Good job.

There are all kinds of great topics you could work with.

You could make fun of the classes they're taking, bust on them for taking easy classes, accuse them of taking 10 years to get a 4 year degree the list is endless.

Since you're going to be meeting these women at some point, make sure you go and do things with them that have "built in conversation value". Go to interesting, fun parts of town with unusual and interesting shops.

This kind of thing creates all kinds of opportunity for great comments and it keeps the energy up all by itself.

Now that you're meeting women online, do yourself a big favor and practice your skills CHATTING with women.

Chatting is great because it slows the conversation down to about 1/5 the normal speed, and gives you time to plan out what you're saying.


Dear Dave,

I'm real sorry but I still cannot figure out how to build bridges after getting the email address. Normally the next day I send the lady an email, she replies and then I can't think what on earth else to do. My overall goal is to get with her - so can you help me man?



Yes, I think I can help.

1. Set up a meeting for tea.

2. Have her stop by your place on the way to tea.

3. Have fun, interesting conversation.

4. Invite her back to your place after tea.

5. Use the Kiss Test.

6. Use your creativity and imagination.

Don't focus too much on "getting with her", just focus on getting to THE NEXT STEP.

In other words, when you email - don't say something like:

"Hi, it was great meeting you. I'm single and nice, and you seem like you'd make a great girlfriend for a sweet, desperate loser like


Stay off of heavy conversation. Don't talk about relationships and marriage, etc. Just talk and enjoy yourself. But keep progressing as you do.

As long as you relax and make each progressive step easy and natural, you'll be fine.

Again, just take it one step at a time.

If you don't know what the "Kiss Test" is, then download my online eBook right now, and read about it:


Hi David:

I'm 42 and a bald, average, confident guy. After being recently divorced (Dec/01) after 24 yrs and thoroughly confused about dating and what women want. I bought [another dating book] and was even more scared to do any of what was asked to do. I bought your course and coupled with watching the players in clubs I knew CF was the answer. I used it successfully on over (9) women since Jan/02 all resulting in them wanting much, much more* than I was willing to give. They all call from time-to-time for fun!

*Here is where I have the problem and it might help others trying for this type of relationship. I am single and love my Space and I want to have fun for a while and eventually marry again I'm looking for Her and it takes a while to see if she is Her I get them hooked way too fast and not trying to do so This is how: Women are attracted to CF, They want fun and excitement; I think I know why they want funny for the fun things to do in life (too many boring guys out there) and the cocky part piques their inner flames to what could happen as far as passion. If when you are passionate with them you have to be a Leader and show them as bad a boy as they can handle. This has in all instances so far lead them to call me and pursue me: the next day and weeks ahead. They want a far deeper relationship. They want CF in their lives. These are not clingy people (7-9s) (24-44yrs) and profess to want to be friends first. Email is great as it has a way of helping them say things they wished they could say in person. Do you have any wisdom on how to do CF and not hit all of her senses?

Thanks Again for CF J.


lol you poor, poor dear. Sounds tough, really.

I think you're doing fine. You're on the right track, and I think that you're going to find an outstanding woman to have a longer-term relationship with.

I personally think that the problem isn't the techniques you're using, it's that you're now seeing that YOU CAN CHOOSE A WOMAN, rather than having HER CHOOSE YOU and it's making you far more SELECTIVE than you were in the past.

When you're seeing several attractive women at the same time, you begin to realize that you can have whatever you want. You no longer have to settle.

This has the effect of making you a lot pickier about what you'll tolerate and it makes you see negatives a lot more clearly in women.

Again, I think you're doing fine. Just stick with it and you'll find a great woman to marry again, if that's what you want.


Hi Dave. I don't think the cocky/funny technique will work for me. I'm 19 y/o, 5 3 and 117 lb. I have an average build, dark hair and blue eyes. I also have a fetish for girls with big bellies. What do you think? Be honest.


Birmingham, England


Well, if I can get myself to stop laughing, maybe I can answer you!

OK, let's make sure I have the facts straight here

You're five foot three, weigh 117, and LIKE WOMEN WITH BIG BELLIES?

Honestly, I think you're right I don't think that the Cocky Funny technique will work for you in fact


Make sure you don't tell any of your other guy friends about this. It might get ugly.

By the way, you may not have considered this, but women with big bellies usually got them from eating a lot and my guess is that they might be expensive dates.

Watch out.



Dated someone for 4 years. Turned into a wussy boy a couple times, and both times she left me for the same guy. This guy was a selfish, conceited jerk, but he was the ONLY guy she's ever dated who she couldn't wrap around her finger. He was an impossible challenge and so her sexual attraction to him was enormous. (Hmmmis there a lesson to be learned here?) Since we broke up about a year ago, I've been reading your newsletters and your ebooks. Now I'M the challenging one. I don't flatter women with compliments, I don't buy drinks or flowers, I plit the dinner tab, I don't always call (or call back) every day, I keep my social life busy and interesting. And I never ever EVER lose my composure with a woman - no matter how much I'm attracted to them. (In truth: I caved to one woman, told her how attracted I was to her, and instantly found myself in the "just friends" pit of no return. Oops. Had to learn the hard way.) Now every time a woman tries to test my level of "wussiness" I completely annihilate them with a cocky+funny commentand they LOVE me for it. Andof courseguess who suddenly wants to date me again

Thanks D, M.S. Chicago

P.S. Took this off the end of the 1st paragraph aboveit was getting too long, but I love this perspective from a woman: While investigating this illogical phenomenon, I asked a somewhat- attractive female friend of mine "socan you shed any light onto the whole 'why women are attracted to jerks' idea?" And her answer (quote): "Because we're too leery of a nice guy. Nice guys creep me out. They seem like I can walk ll over them and I hate that. Women want a bit of a challenge."


This is truth from the mountain. Read it 100 times a day.

Print it and tape it to your computer monitor.

Put a copy in your wallet next to the money so you see it often.

Put one on your car sun visor and mirror.

And go read it again now.


Yes Dave, you are 100% correct. Even us older, fatter, grayer, slower wusses can learn new tricks. I went from a 4 time loser to being called biggest old stud in town! Now that was a hell of an ego boost! Especially since I'm 48 and close to 300 lbs. and yes, at the moment, I have steady dates for 3 days of the week every week and 5 others professing their love for me if only I will come take them away.

Here are what I found to work:

1) Women over 35 expect you to be extremely inventive with a cocky funny line or extremely truthful. They all claim it is because they have had so many used on them, they are totally immune to them. I tend to go the extremely truthful route. the ie. you look like the type of woman who would like a funny witty, intelligent, romantic friend. Have you found any lately? I want to shake their hand. Or something similar.

2) If you are emailing back and forth and they want your picture within the first couple of exchanges, run do not walk, that lady to the discard pile immediately. Most of those are so shallow they can not and will not see what they are doing, no matter how funny and blunt you are. I even tried the "what's in it for me?" line, only to get the reply of "me stupid, but only if I like your picture"

3) When the lady says I don't think I'm really your type, you look them straight in the eye and say "ok, plenty more where you came from" and turn and walk away. 9 out of 10 of them will be calling you in 48 hours.

4) They all know about arranging dates for the week and finding the dates on the weekend. So tell them you only have like Friday, Saturday OR Sunday open but not all. Most will tell you to rearrange your week to fit them in. The ones really really interested will call you on Saturday to see if you can go out on the spur of the moment.

5) I tell them all I am too much to handle and too much to love, so being friends is just perfect. But I have zero experience in this dating more than one woman thing at a time. Do you have any advice. Especially since I am sure to make a lot of mistakes. Yeah, they all want to arrange more time with me.

So you see, your techniques work. Even my 21 y/o daughter who reads these occasionally says, "I can't agree all the way, but damn he sure got the last 5 guys I dated nailed"

Keep up the good work Dave.



Wow, more priceless wisdom.

To answer your question, the way to see more than one woman at a time is to NOT SEE ANY OF THEM TOO OFTEN.

When you see or talk to a woman more than once or twice a week, it kicks in the natural "relationship" emotions and patterns of

communication and behavior.

If you keep things to once a week, and sometimes twice, you'll tend to avoid this.

It's also good to tell the women that you're seeing, that you don't think it's a good idea to get into a relationship too quickly with someone you just met (I believe this is a very important idea, myself).

Thanks for the great ideas.


Hi David,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your bookvery enlightening. I've always found myself attracting girls I'm not romantically interested in, while crashing and burning with the hotties. It was very confusing until I read your book. I realize now that I was a wuss with the hotties by being a typical "nice guy", and that the more I acted indifferent with the girls I didn't like, the more they ate it up. You gave me a new perspective on what makes attraction work, and I'm glad to see that your book pointed out that you don't have to be a jerk to be successful.

My game has improved but it still requires some refining. Lately I find I'm stalling out between the first and second date. So I'm wondering if I'm screwing up the date itself or the follow-through. Here are the steps I take after a date:

1) I call within two days to say I had a good time and basically make contact. I end the conversation first, and let her know I'll give her a shout in a couple daysjust so I don't seem like I'm rushing into a second date.

2) I let two or three days pass and call to make arrangements for a second date. At this point I usually get a vague answer like "lets set something up for next week"and then it never happens.

Where is this falling apart and what kind of follow- through do you use?

Thanks for the help,

SF London, Ontario


I'm going to have to guess at a few things, but I'll give it a shot.

From the sounds of it, you need to:

1. Stop with the "I had a good time" type comments when you call for a follow up. You might experiment with waiting longer to call or waiting less time to call. See what works best for you. But don't be so "nice".

2. Do more things to make your date feel ATTRACTION. Use what you've learned to really turn the dial up. You might test progressing further on the first date maybe start getting physical faster.

3. Make sure you keep her laughing, and keep busting on her and treating her like a "friend" at first. Remember the idea of acting like she's your Bratty Little Sister.

It sounds like you're doing something on those first dates that's making the women resistant to seeing you again you need to figure out what it is and STOP IT.



On vacation in Mexico, a girl asked me if she was "super hot" and I said "Yeah, you're alright." Next thing you know she made it her business to prove to me how hot she was, including some freaky dancing, even flashing me, and a little lip action. Moral: Never give them what they want. I moved in to kiss a girl a little too early and she backed away. So I went back to teasing her and on the next attempt I went straight for the neck, ears, hands in hair and well you wouldn't believe it; but it worked that time. Your book has a lot of very good information, thank you for putting it together. So here's my question: This girl at my gym is of those that I've always wanted to talk to but never really had the chance. She was bartending the other night and I told her I'd seen her at the gym. She said "yeah, but I don't make it in there as much lately." I replied "Yeah, I can tell, you're really letting yourself go." Then she gives me a shot and asks me if I'd help her with her workout." She also said she remembered me from the gym and I said "So you were checking me out?" So I get her number, not bad, eh? So I'm in the bar for another hour with some friends and I was going to order a drink from her later, but it might've seemed like I wanted to talk to her again. She seemed busy and didn't look at me.

Seemingly wuss behavior or she's just busy? Who knows. That was on Saturday and I called her on Wednesday, still no reply and today is Friday. I'm thinking either calling her once more over the weekend, asking about playing hard to get and if she just randomly gives out shots, or maybe going back to her bar in a week or two with some friends. Again, thank you for all you've done and thanks in advance for any suggestions.



I'm going to tell you something here, and leave it to you to figure out why it's important:


This is SUPER ULTRA EXTRA important and I want you to consider it in your mind until you figure out why.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Carlos Xuma - The Art Of Attraction
Tranceboy - Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For Them

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