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New Web Site Posts Names, Tales of Infidelity Offenders

REDFORD, MI - May 12, 2005 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- If you're a wronged woman, don't cut up your man's suits to get even. It's just soooo last century. These days, you can look to the Internet and express your fury to millions of people across the globe. Enter, an online service where the heartbroken and the bitter can all anonymously post profiles of their cheating hearts -- though revealing home addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is prohibited.

"Wouldn't you go on the Internet to find out if the guy that you're dating has had a past history of cheating?" says James Warren, the man behind the infidelity service.

In addition to alleged cheaters' profiles, the site includes a list of signs your beloved might be cheating and links to Web articles on relationships. Wanting revenge is normal, but Warren stresses that people hoping to reconcile with their cheating lovers probably shouldn't try to publicly embarrass them via a Web site.

"A lot of people have a lot of hurt and anger, and if they don't get an opportunity to release that somehow, they go on with the rest of life being bitter and angry," Warren says. "To have an avenue to release that, I think that's good."

For more information, visit or contact Warren at 313- 525-5663.

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