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In love with your best friends girlfriend


I've been in love with my best friend's girlfriend since they began dating 6 years ago. Well, they recently broke up and she has expressed interest in me. Should I just go for it and let my friendship fall by the wayside? How can I do it so that no one gets hurt?


I hate to say it J., but there's this unwritten rule that states that you can never, ever date your best friend's girlfriend. The fact that you've been in love with her since day one indicates that maybe your friend has a feeling about it. I think he might already know but is confident you wouldn't act on it.

The fact that his ex is all into it sort of worries me. What it all comes down to is this: Date her and risk destroying your friendship for good. Or don't date her and wonder what could've been for the rest of your life. It's your decision to make, but at the end of the day, someone is going to get hurt.


Before we were married, my husband would take great care of himself - he even had a six-pack. Well, 5 years and 1 kid later, he's packed on 40 pounds and eats like a hog. Whenever I make mention of it, he gets defensive and really angry. I love my husband and I want to make this marriage work, but I am quickly losing my desire for him. Help me, please.

And for the record, I take care of myself - I go to the gym, I eat well and I dress nice.


Well, Cara, I hate to say it, but you're not alone. It's not shocking for husbands (and wives) to start letting themselves go because, well, there's no more chasing to do. He has his wife and kid, and he's comfortable.

Try to get him to workout with you and your kid, and don't buy and junk food for the house. Cut up some fruits and vegetables place them on the table in front of him; you be surprised the mindless eating we do in front of the TV. He'll gobble them up without even realizing it.


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