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Romy Millers Man Magnet. Although the title of this book is a little fromage for my liking" Magnet" had some pretty solid advice in it. Of course, all of the advice is exactly the same as what your om used to tell you, but for some reason, when it's binded up, given a title and is written by a complete stranger, the advice is easier to swallow.

If you have been mistakingly chasing after guys, talking about ex-boyfriends like they were rock stars, or having sex on the first date, Romy Miller is here to show you the error of your ways.

Of course, Miller also offers the fluff advice like "wear a nice outfit," which should go without saying. I have yet to meet a man who thinks a woman with greasy hair, snot on her face and 4-day-old sweats is hot. But by "wear a nice outfit", what Miller actually means is put on a pair of stiletto heels and show some breast. I'm not sure I agree.

So yeah, you can use your breasts to lure them, but you really gotta use your mind to keep them around. And that is essentially the gist of Miller's advice.


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