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Synergies in the dating market. Past 10 years has seen an explosion of online dating, match makers, speed dating, and now new entrant dating coach. Online industry has tried to implement online dating coaching, but up to this moment it has had small and negligible effect. What if online dating industry takes PUA model of hosting seminars in different cities, and bring in dating coaches to those seminars. Not only they will tap a bigger amount and more local people, they can also do so face to face. In away putting a face on their online operation.

Speed Dating, i just wrote an article for speed dating comany in chicago, and you can find that article Here, on right side of the scree, currently ranked #2, was #1 for a while but Valentine article during Valentines day kicked its ass ;)

There is match making element. Another very new industry that seems to be developing, i am meeting a match maker tomorrow about potential partnership. You might ask why? Well he has a lot of single clients who are no longer clients, and our guys have a lot of expertise in dating coaching world. I am also meeting with a female dating consultant today, whom i am thinking to bring on board t coach women.

So there is a lot of partnerships to be created, there is a lot of creative things that can be done between players. How does it affect pua? More services, more personal learning, i am expecting to see more 1on1 coaching so look in your city, there might be already personal dating coach, just make sure he is good.

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Presenting The Seduction Masters Interview Series

Presenting The Seduction Masters Interview Series Image
I'll be producing a series of interviews with the dating experts of the world presented here at the Seduction Chronicles.

The interviews will be fairly in depth, helping the reader to gain insight into how these masters got to where they are today. Tips, techniques and other thoughts they have on the subject of seduction and pickup will be relayed in a question and answer format.

These will be kick ass. We should be able to learn valuable lessons to shorten our personal learning curves.

The first of the interviews will be the infamous 'Thundercat' who was mentioned in "The Game", has written his own seduction book. I've also just completed an interview with Neil Strauss, along with other instructors in the various disciplines.

The Seduction Masters Interviews So Far

* Introducing the Seduction Masters Interviews
* Thundercat
* Stephen Nash (Playboy)
* Herbal
* Neil Strauss
* Grungey10
* Sean

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Dating Book Review The 10 Commandments Of Dating

Dating Book Review The 10 Commandments Of Dating Cover
The 10 Commandments of Dating by Ben Young, Dr Samuel Adams

Yeah, I, too, did not know that there were 10 whole commandments on dating. I mean, what a coincidence... there are 10 commandments in and, wouldn't you know it? There are 10 commandments for dating.

Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams (no, not the beer guy) decided that a book called" 10 Commandments of "on the topic would be fitting. And you know what? They're right. Here, now, are the 10 commandments that Young and Adams list off:


Apparently, you can't engage in a relationship with someone until your own life is in order.


Don't let hormones and emotional attachment take over your common sense.


You and your partner need to have physical, spiritual, and social commonalities if ou expect your relationship to work.


If you marry the wrong person, you'll feel like crap, so spend some time getting to know your partner first.


If you don't, you'll be sorry.


Probably the hardest of all the commandments to follow, but it is believed that if you jump into immediate gratification, you may miss what's really there... or not there.


Living together means enjoying the benefits of marriage without having any of the responsibilities that go along with it.


Handling disagreements without trying to kill each other will likely lead to a successful relationship.


If you notice that your significant other is about to dump you, don't try to get pregnant.


Pretty self-explanatory.

Overall, this book is great and simply reiterates what your mom has been telling you for ages. So if you buy the book, don't just read it; heed the advice that is given to you. Most dating books tend to remark that they have the secret to successful dating, but" 10 Commandments of Dating" to dole out useful advice that we can all use in our lives.

Stop making the same mistakes in every relationship and figure out exactly what you need out of a partner before you dive head first into a relationship. And use" 10 Commandments of "to help you on your ride.

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Allen Thompson - The Six Don Juan Commandments Of Body Language

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He Was Dating Ashley Waites Mar

He Was Dating Ashley Waites Mar Image
High school times have been on my mind a lot lately, mainly because all my classes have high school students in the running start program in them and all my old High School buddies keep growing up and making adult decisions like marriage, children, and buying their own homes. Which makes me think "remember how not that long ago the biggest decision we had to make was more like what the heck am I gonna wear to Homecoming!"

Speaking of Homecoming, that is another thing that sparked my trip down memory lane. Our High School here in Moses had their Homecoming game and dance the beginning of this month and it reminded me of how I really lucked out, because all my Major High School experiences have been awesome! Today I've decided to share with you some of my dance photographs. Unlike my current dating life which consists of no boys asking me out, I got asked to all the dances I was eligible for (everyone after I turned 16) I never had a horrible dress or hair do that I hated, and I even won a crown or two while I was at it, so unlike my posting of my school pictures and stuff. There's almost nothing awkward to see hear, unless you don't like my outfit, then that could be uncomfortable!

SO here goes......

I turned 16 in December, which meant I was old enough to go to the Sweetheart's dance that winter, February 2000 to be exact! A lot of my friends started to get asked, and I was a little nervous no one was gonna ask me, then one Saturday I got invited to two parties. One by my buddy Karen Eide and another by Steven Butterfield. I got invited to Karen's party first, and had decided to go to that one when I received a call from Steven asking if I was gonna be at his house that night, I told him I wasn't gonna be able make it, and when my Mom overheard me say that, She promptly scolded me after I hung up with him, for turning down an invite when the boy actually called to see if I was gonna be there. She then made me call him back and say I changed my mind.

Well she must have had some kind of motherly premonition because turns out Steven and his best buddy Zach Eager intended on asking Brigette Peterson and I to Sweetheart's that night. They dressed up like Superhero's and gave each of us a bag of Sweetheart candies. Needless to say I was pretty grateful My Mom made me go. Because I had a blast!

Oh and another thing because I was always looking for attention back then, I found some leopard print slippers at Gottschaulks and decided to wear those to the dance instead of normal shoes (Another thing my Mother was not crazy about, but this time did not get her way), it made for a pretty sweet picture if I do say so myself.....

I forgot to mention all these pictures are scanned from my scrapbook of them, hence the stickers and the crazy backgrounds!

Here's our whole group! Hey Dee.....remember how you and I had the same material for our dresses.....what are the chances?

Ok so pictured below back row is Zach Eager, Mark Butterfield, My Date Steven Butterfield, David Jones, Michael Hogsett, David Fackrell, and Commie Kevin (I'm not sure I've ever known his last name) 2nd row Brigette Peterson, Melanie Grant, Me, Dee Anne Green (Mecham), and Laska King. The last two in the front row are Crystal Rodebeck ( Bruce) and Lisa Hesse.

Homecoming my Junior year I went with Michael Duvall. He called me up one night and asked me to go..... nothing fancy just cut right to the chase. Then one day Kyle Jackson and i where talking and he wasn't sure who to ask, so I told him he should ask Erin Caraway (Lawson) and right then and there (we where in the HS parking lot) he spotted, her ran up, fell to his knees and asked her to the dance.... that's Kyle for you!

I was excited he listened to me,because then Erin and I where in the same group and she was one of my best good friends! Kyle's Mom suggested we make masks because it was a Mardi Gras theme, so Erin and I had craft time at the Jackson's house and came up with these gems. I still have mine.... thank you!

This is like the sterotypical dance picture poise!

Apparently I couldn't get enough of Kyle because I then asked him to Sadie Hawkins! Probably because I knew he wouldn't say no! That was a super fun night, we planned an amazing Italian Dinner at Katie Jenson's (Reece) parents business. Ahh Homestead many memories! We decorated the place the night before and had a sleepover in the loft upstairs. That night after an amazing picture scavenger hunt we had dinner by candlelight while we sat on pillows at a lowered table! After the dance we went to my house and attempted to watch a movie.... I wish I remembered what it was.... anyway funnest dance ever!

Pictured here in the back David Price, Me, Kyle, and Danny Payne. Dee Marlette is somewhere in the middle there and then Callie Lybbert, Lena Campbell (Gilbert) and then Katie!

Here's a fun fact apparently my Mother's first Boyfriend was Leon Baker, and my Mom has always had a special place in her heart for him, His son James and I where a year apart and did a lot of stuff in High School together, and My Mother always wanted me to marry him. (He just had a baby with his wife 3 weeks ago, so that's a dream that probably won't come true) But he did ask me to Sweetheart's my Junior year, and boy was my mom excited!

Here's the couple shot of James and I.... man he hasn't changed a bit!

Yep.....that's the same kid! Awe Jamesy!

Here is our group photo the Boys in the back are James, Matt Pryor, and Dee Marlatte and then of course the ladies are Me, Lisa Winterton (Don't know her married name come to think of it) and Alisha Lancaster. That night we ate at JonathInns, which was actually where I worked at the time.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but I was Homecoming Queen my Senior year, something I'm still a little puzzled how I actually ended up getting. I always considered myself a middle class citizen as far High School social classes go, and so actually getting nominated was a pretty crazy thing, almost dream like really. If any of you saw that horrible made for TV movie Niki Blonsky did for Lifetime called "Queen Sized", about the fat girl that wins homecoming queen, I'm pretty sure they patterned that after my life.

I've got a couple theories on how I won; it was either due to the fact that the other 4 candidates where the pretty popular girls that where all in the same friendship circle, so all loyalty votes had to be split, or Ivan Craddock, My Homecoming King stuffed the ballot box, which he had been known to do because that's precisely what he got caught doing when he ran for Senior Class President. Who knows, what I do know is, I got to wear a crown and cape and use my pageant wave I'd practiced for so long as a little girl, dreaming for the day I'd get to show it off! So there!

Another funny story is..... I didn't have a date until like 3 days before the dance. I even got so desperate that I actually asked two different dudes.... which is something I DO NOT DO! Finally My good buddy Nathan Brown called me up and asked me, man was that a relief! We doubled with Calvin Stoker (Gwenny's Brother) and his date Ilene.

Here's our group shot! Yeah!

I would like to say I thought of this idea, but it was all the photographers, still pretty funny!

Sadie Hawkins my Senior Year was much like the Junior year in that it was super RAD! We ate Mexican food with Chop Sticks and we did this amazing video Scavenger hunt (Video this time not picture) and my most favorite memory was when we had to go to a drive in and either order something that wasn't on the menu or sing a Christmas Carol, I guess everyone doing the hunt had decided to hit up Jack in the Box for their drive-in, so by the time our group got there, they had apparently had enough and sent the manager out to give us a stern talking too! Before the manager showed up though we should have known something was up because everyone inside the restaurant was staring at us, apparently the intercom was loud enough for them all to hear us singing, "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas". We know this because miss manager mentioned something about it in her tyraid! Ryan Schmidt was my date that night, He was my Theatre BFF we did a lot of plays together and stuff and he was like the funniest kid ever in the world! He did a pretty sweet impersonation of that Jack in the box lady that yelled at us, and I remember laughing so hard that night especially when we re-lived the moment! Lena you remember how funny that was, right?

Here's our shots from that night!

Yes that's Gary Coleman on my shirt!

I know his sign and his colors are pretty contradicting, i should have warned him!

Nothing like a little role reversal!

Ok this might be slightly complicated! Starting from left in the back there is Callie Lybbert again and Ty Winder, then of course Me and Ryan, and then Katie once more with Roger Mar, Then You've got Brigette, Crystal Montoya (Harris) and Brandon Earl next to Lena and of course Theryn Herd. Jared Stones is holding the front row down!

Probably my most favorite date to a dance was Isaac Earl, we where in choir together and that kid made me laugh sooooooo much! It was funny because he asked me when he was dating Ashley Waites (Mar) at the time, I forgot why she couldn't go.....Ashley if your reading this you should tell me if you remember. Anyway it worked to my favor because I got to go with one of my favorite people and it was just chill. To ask me, He left a note in my room that said "I'll wear Pants to the dance you can wear a dress.....Will you go to Sweetheart's with me? Isaac Ken Earl PS Sorry I'm not that creative"! I thought that was pretty funny! Although I have to admit, i was super embarrassed he left it in my room, because my room was always pathetically messy... I mean not just a few things out of place messy, more like If people didn't know better they'd think I just got robbed. but oh well.... all water under the bridge it was a great night with a great dress and a great date!

Lastly there's Prom, Oh Ron Weaver! I think it was quite fitting Ron asked me to Prom. It was a bit of a pre-cursor to what my life would be like a few years later. He had supposedly liked me in high School, but he came out of the closet a few years after we graduated, so I think it was more he wanted to be me then be "with" me! Anywho, We did the Musical; Cinderella that year and after one of our performances some of us where at Shari's and Ron came in all tied up in ribbon and a sign that said "I'd be all wrapped up if you'd go to Prom with me?" or something like that! You gotta give the guy props for going out in public like that! Anyway Prom was interesting, food was good we ate at Kiyoji's, and we doubled with Lance Garza and Amanda Yates. we where all Choir Buddies. That's about all I can say about Prom, Danny Payne and I where nominated for Prom King and Queen, but Stephanie Pimentale and Tony Lopez won, and my group left the dance early and went to Shari's where Ivan joined us, then I was Home by midnight. No crazy parties, stories, or Hotel room trysts! This is probably the most borring dance to report, sorry!

Is it just me or do I look totally jazzed to be in this picture!

True Story I'm wearing the same jewelry My sister did when she went to Prom.

I think I forgot to mention that my Mommalla made all my dresses.... every last one! Some of which she was sewing a few hours before my date showed up, but boy was I grateful for a Mother that sewed! It made dress shopping way more awesome and not so depressing!

So there you have it, thanks once again for joining me on the memory train! Thanks for sticking this one out! Maybe if your good I might post some of my pictures from my dance recitals as a kid.....those are especially delightful!


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Direct Game Day Game Ebook Free Download

Direct Game Day Game Ebook Free Download Image
Farmer, over at Love Systems, gave me this book to distribute to you all.

It contains a bunch of good, practical information for getting better at meeting women with direct game and during the day.

"Here's an excerpt:"

How direct and sexual should the opener be, and should I have a few openers to avoid being a one trick pony?

There's nothing wrong with being a one trick pony, as you put it. If something works, there's no reason to change it. Using the same line all the time frees up your mind - you're not worrying about which opener to use and you can concentrate on your body language and tonality without worrying about what to say.

If you want to have two or three openers, then I recommend practicing noticing things about girls that you like. Here are the two openers that I use from day to day:

1. THE GENERAL ONE: "Excuse me, I just saw you walking past/I just saw you standing here/I just saw you through this telescope and I had to come and meet you. You are absolutely gorgeous. [Shake Hands] What's your name?"

2. IF I LIKE SOMETHING SPECIFIC ABOUT HER: "Excuse me, I just saw you walking past and I had to come and tell you that [X Y Z eg your posture is so alluring and elegant]. I had to meet you. What's your name?"

Stay away from words like 'awesome' or 'cute'. Use words like gorgeous, beautiful or alluring. Use words that girls use to describe other girls. I would stay away from swearing during the day, it isn't particularly romantic.

But, really, use the basic structure for the moment, it works and frees up your mind to focus on other things.


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Jennifer Smith - Why I Love Men Dating Playbook For Women

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Wife Kills Cheating Husband With Hoe

Wife Kills Cheating Husband With Hoe Cover
All of 15 years after her husband sold a family goat and bought clothes for another woman, a Rwandan woman hit her husband with a hoe, killing him instantly.

JOYCE MUKAMURIGO was arrested for murdering her husband on Monday January 11, 2010, after discovering he had slept with one of her neighbors.

The 45-year-old mom, who shares 5 children with her late husband said that his infidelity haunted and taunted her and she just couldn't take it anymore.

Neighbors say that the couple has been involved in many domestic fights over the years, but were shocked to learn that JOYCE MUKAMURIGO had murdered her husband with a hoe.

A hoe for a ho, I guess.

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