Book Review What Women Wish You Knew About Dating

Book Review What Women Wish You Knew About Dating Cover
What Women Wish You Knew About Dating By Stephen W. Simpson

Yes, this is yet another Christian dating book. You'd think Christians really need help with all the dating books that are out there. And the titles are so captivating, it's almost trickery.

But I digress. STEPHEN W. SIMPSON's "What Women Wish You Knew About Dating" is a great dating advice book because it is filled with wit (you will laugh out loud a few times) and a whole lot of reality checks.

Whether you are already in a relationship or would, perhaps, in the near future, like to be, this book teaches you how to treat a woman so that she is always in love with you, has passion for you, and never thinks about going after the BBD. You are the BBD.

Kudos to Simpson for defining the differences between men and women, and for discussing touchy topics like pre-marital sex (kidding). Even if you're a woman who wonders why guys just don't get you, Simpson's book will definitely shed some light on the subject for you.


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Men can think about many ways to affect the object of their affection. Flowers, chocolates, and gifts are what men usually men give to their ladies. And these presents almost always sweep girls off their feet. But men can do much better than that, in a completely unique way. Here is where Toronto limousine comes in.

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In contrast to what many are convinced, a limo service is affordable. The rate is contingent on the type of limo and the hours you need the service for. Since a dinner date will not last twenty-four hours, it implies you will not spend more than what you eat for dinner. That is how reasonable a limo service is and to think it's going to make a special memory makes it more ideal to avail of this service in every occasion you could have with your love ones.

To make certain you get the finest price for your cash, you need to choose the right Toronto limo company. You can do this on your own by simply using the Net. Browsing online is the most convenient way of finding the right limousine company without leaving the comforts of your home. You can start by listing a few limousine companies and you can clarify your research by reading client reviews. Select the corporations that receive the most positive feedback.

It's ideal to just have one to 3 companies on your list so it's not going to be hard to select. The very next step is to inquire for rates as most sites do not reveal this info online. Besides, there may be other considerations that might affect the rates that a company will give you. So, ensure you are specific with your needs. Once you find the right Toronto limo corporation that offers you the best service and rate, it's time to make a booking.

That is how easy it is. Next time you plan to have a passionate date with your special someone, always consider getting a limo service.

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