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In an effort to find the love of her life in 2009, the blogger who posted on 52WEEKS2FINDHIM.COM went on about 40 dates, looking for the man she would spend her life with.

Unfortunately, none of the dates made it past date #3, and now 43-year-old NEENAH PICKETT of Somerset, New Jersey, has given up on dating in 2010. That's her New Year's resolution.

"I've had more dates this year than I've had in my entire life combined," she said. "I realize now that it does help to be proactive, but you can't ever let it steal your joy or steal your peace."

And while Neenah will not reject a man if he comes a knockin', she's giving the active pursuit of finding someone a rest this year. "If I end up going back out there in 2011, I think I'll be wiser for taking that time off."

Plenty of her readers are showing their support on 52WEEKS2FINDHIM.COM, and one even wrote, "I began reading in January 2009 out of curiosity, and continued through the year rooting for you. In many ways, you've won; you haven't settled, a mistake made by countless men and women in the pursuit of love."

So for all you bloggers out there who date and blog, we commend you for trying and are rooting for you to find love. Just don't give yourself a time limit or you'll be setting yourself up for a fall. And not a good one...

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