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THE BIG BOOK OF NLP, EXPANDED: 350+ TECHNIQUES, PATTERNS however in this book, you get over 350 techniques that are broken down and explained so that you really learn not only what it is, but how to put it immediately into action in your life. This NLP book is considered the owners manual on nuero linguistic programming listing hundreds of patterns, concepts and advanced methods that have gathered over the last 35 years.


It is a no-fluff or made up filler; it is presented more as a textbook for students looking to increase their NLP skills, and is considered one of the core books for practitioners of NLP. Because NLP is a synthesis of knows surrounding human communication, and it has been refined, tweaked and expanded upon since the 1960s. these 350+ techniques continue the work started by the pioneers of NLP - Richard Bandler and John Grinder.


Review from L. Power - NLP Trainer

When you read this book, you can discover many practical techniques that you will not find under the single roof of another NLP book. I imagine you would have to buy several different books to match the content of this one. I wondered, in buying this book, if it would be possible to use it for training purposes, or at least use some of it in training. What I would recommend would be a spiral bound version for ease of use.

Reading through it gradually I have learned many things I did not know. For example when I learned nlp I was taught the three perceptual positions of NLP.[READ MORE]

Review from Josh B. - NLP Beginner

I got this book for Christmas and I was absolutely stunned. It has no fluff just like in the description and it was surprisingly easy to understand. It gives you step by step instructions on how to do the pattern and tells you what the pattern is supposed to accomplish. It even seems to go from fundamental to more advanced. It is very helpful and has helped me achieve some levels of nlp that I though I couldn't reach for a while. Great book. [READ MORE]

Review from Randy Clere, Lic Ac., CH, MNLP

Shlomo has written one of the most comprehensive books on NLP to date. The layout, presentation and writing are clear, concise, and simple to understand. As a clinical practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Hypnosis and NLP, I am employing these patterns everyday. This is a resource that every serious practitioner MUST HAVE! [READ MORE]

Review from Vivekraj Venugopal

First of all, I should say that the book does full justice to the name it has been given. It does indeed cover almost all of the important patterns in NLP, although the author, in all humility, has disclaimed the book to be a bible.

A greater surprise that I had, was to find that the book is not just a loose collection of patterns, but that the patterns have been very logically and systematically arranged, starting from the basic concepts of NLP, then moving on to the basic patterns and thereafter moving on to more advanced patterns. Even the big guns of NLP like Core Transformation, aligning perceptual positions, re-imprinting etc can be found very clearly as well as concisely explained. [READ MORE]

The Big Book of NLP: Expanded Edition

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