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I gave some thought to the perspective of these pages, which had never been written down. And thus create a short charter for the blog.

WHY? Some feedback and questions that we received led me to the opinion that creating a charter would be a good thing to do. Why also? This site is different (not better than many but different) from other seduction community resources and blogs.


"Seduction Review provides an overview perspective on seduction community information, news and products. This blog offers independent views on seduction ideas and material, from both the seduction community and seduction relevant material from other sources. "

WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT? Essentially this site does not offer seduction advice or tips. Its goal is balanced criticism and news on existing methods and existing advice. It is not about any of its authors growth and experience in seduction (this in no way belittles other blogs that exist as a diary of individual PUAs experience). Sometimes we report on an idea that is without the direct sphere of seduction but has seduction community implications. In these cases we review them for seduction application or include them as they offer perspective on seduction thought.

IN SHORT: There are "'how to'" resources. This site is a reflection on those resources and perspectives within and for seduction.

I'll finish this post with a short list of a couple of the other blogs on seduction that, in this reviewers opinion, offer good advice and cover the kind of thing this blog doesn't touch.

P.S. There will be some useful review posts uploaded soon. Thanks for your time reading this "'how does it fit'" type stuff.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tranceboy - The Psychology Of Social Engineering
Thundercat - Seduction Lair Articles
C Kellogg - Psychic Seduction 4

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