Over 55s Are Most Active Daters

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A survey commissioned by Stella magazine in the UK has discovered that people over 55 are the most active daters, among other things.

After interviewing almost 2,000 men and women, Stella discovered that:

62% of men and women over 55 have joined a dating site

Of them, men and women over 55 met up with the most people they met online (over 8).

Of them, men and women over 55 had more sexual partners they met online than any other age group - 2.4 (except the incredibly horny 45 to 54 age group, who had 2.6)

This really breaks many of the stereotypes that were flying around in my head. I thought that most people over 55 just didn't care for computers much, let alone used them to get laid.

I also had no idea that people over 55 were so much more ballsy than the rest of us when it comes to online dating. But then, I've seen a few college orgies in my day and think that the 18-24 don't have to go far for sex.

The study will be published in its entirety in Stella magazine this coming Sunday.

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