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The one that started it all. PlayerSupreme's classic post that has now been subsumed as part of the relationship matrix.

PlayerSupreme is one of the best proponents of dominant game. Where the man is the Man. We do miss him on masf. But you can catch his excellent podcasts here

I am going to borrow a few words from Da kidd from the pimps network and add

some of my own Sh*t to it to help talk about observation. I do hope those in

the know will add their own shyt at the end of this post so we can pool our

collective knowledge into one big assed info fest.


In this game, observation is the key. Without the ability to properly observe a

situation, the analysis of any given situation will be far from accurate.

It also helps to know what you are looking for in the women that you select.

According to Arthur Gordon there are 3 types of women out there:

1. the good girl. This is the type of B*tch whom a N*gga wants to marry or

settle down with. She is the nice one who does everything for her man. She

comes from her heart. Everything that she does is based around how in love with

you that she is.

2. The Freak. Ahhh the freak is the one who breaks N*gga's hearts, have them up

at night wondering where she is at and who she is fucking. Freaks usually

become strippers or those bitches you see who dress like all she wants is

attention. Freaks come at you on the sexual tip. If you look like your packin

and can put it down then they will be all up on ya. These are usually the ones

you see chasin after brotha's cause of our reputation for fawking and having

big dycks.

Which is exactly what they want, and they will get it from anyone. Most freaks

love sex and will always have a waiting list of N*gga's to call. You've seen

them with their garish outfits and overdone make up on. Usually they are the

freakiest dancers in the clubs. These are the bitches who just need a little

push to put them on the stage and from their onto a track selling that cat.

3. Ho's. These are the professional bitches who already ho. These bitches will

only do it for money or material gain of some sort. The mild form of a ho is a

gold digger. The serious form is your common street walking ho. According to

Gordon, many high school cheerleaders are ho's in training. They sell their

bodies to the atheletes for the currency of popularity. I'm sure you've seen

fine women with old assed men. Look at Anna Nicole Smith. She is a ho. Many

ho's become groupies for Sports or Entertainment stars. These are the ones who

marry those guys and then divorce them later for millions.

Knowing what type your dealing with will determine what type of game you spit

at her. Good girls you do the old fashioned Sh*t. Freaks since they only want

fun and sex, you show her how much fun it is hangin out with you. Freaks you

use your career or where your going in life and how much money and toys you


To try the approach of a ho on a good girl will get you nowhere. I'm sure many

people have seen or heard of idiots trying to impress a good girl with how much

money he makes and getting shot down.

Ok now back to further observation skills:

The amount of observation necessary varies per situation. If you are out of

town (or out of your environment), you shouldn't spend near as much time

observing as you would where you live.

The reason for this is simple. When your azz is on vacation, you can afford to

make a few mistakes like cold approaches (i.e. very little if any eye contact,

), because you aren't going to be there long enough for the consequences to

affect you. But, since the majority of us aren't going anywhere anytime soon,

so lets focus on long term observation.

The first thing you want to do when observing is to set up your 'base of

'. This is where you sit yourself down somewhere, be it school, the

club, the mall, whatever, and remain stationary. What I like to do as you've

seen me post is stand on the edge of the dance floor so that I can be seen and

can see who is looking at me.

You gotta fight the temptation to eye ball your surroundings. This makes you

look hungry like the rest of the nyggas up in thurr. Trust me, if a biytch

likes what she sees, she will put herself in your perimeter. Just make sure

that you are sitting or standing somewhere highly visible.

If you have to be the 1st one in the club to get a good seat. What you want to

keep an eye out for is what Da Kidd over at the pimps network (and whom I took

the outline for this post from
) calls 'the perimeter breach'. This is basically

when a girl is all in your

area. She will probably glance at you occasionally and jock you on the subtle

tip. She is wondering why if all of these other guys are up her ass, why aren't


How you react to this depends on environmental factors. "If you are out of

town, throw your fingers up and beckon that B*tch to you. If you are on your

home turf, try to chill. Remember, chances are that the B*tch lives there too,

and you will probably see her again. This is where patience kicks in.
"-Da Kidd

Da Kidd also said remain a mystery to them. He further went on to say that you

shouldn't try to run down every girl that you see. Remember the saying "chase a

ho and get a chumps cop, Stalk a ho ( do your homework on her ass) and get a

pimps cop. Cop stands for having her on your team.

This shyt will take some time to get used to, but will pay off in the long run.

" aren't going anywhere, and neither are they. Drive their

curiosity to a fever pitch. When they finally do speak to you or you decide

that they are jocking you so tough that it's time to make that move, the amount

of static she gives you (depending on your approach, of course) will be much of


One key thing to remember is this... women jock men on the sneak. Not the way

the we jock them. If you know this, you can use this against them. If you can

see them, then they can see my standing on the edge of the dance floor

or sometimes in the middle of it. I make people move around me sometimes. At

the edge or in the middle of the floor.

If a byitch is on your Sh*t, she will position herself where she can get a good

view of you. If you are sitting near the dance floor, and hoes start dancing

like right in front of you, chances are they are jocking you. Especially if the

dance floor isn't packed and they didn't have to dance right there. The less

crowded an environment is, the more 'clean-cut' observations are. If the joint

is jumpin', then you will have to rely

more on eye contact, proximity, and other subtle factors.

Here is an example: Lets say that you went to a mall or a lounge at school, and

a B*tch is sitting quite a ways from you and tries to throw some trash away in

the can that is in your proximity. No big deal right? WRONG. How about if there

was a trash can a lot closer to her than yours was. She didn't have to come way

over here just to throw away a lollipop stick, then return to her seat. Most

people don't think twice about things like that, but they should. That is an

excellent example of subtle jocking. If your obsevation skills are not up to

par, you would miss that incident and quite a few more which could have been

very revealing. Observations skills are hard to teach over the internet.

I always tell my buddies that I'm "on" 24/7. If I'm awake then I am alert and

paying attention. I always notice when women are jocking me. This is why I've

been successful in the night clubs at meeting women. You must pay attention at

all times.

About 4 years ago I went to this thing called Burningman

I was working for channel 6 in Sacramento with my buddy doing a story on this

week long freak fest up in the Nevada desert. I was at one of the huge rave

tents and had fallen asleep to the driving beats of techno/trance.

Suddenly I awoke to feel someone starring at me. I looked around and saw a ho

that I new from my own town trying to figure out if it was me or not.

Here is an exercise that I want you to try: sit yourself down in the mall or at

school or a book store and just practice. Watch which hoes decide to sit near

you even when there are chairs all over the damn place. How many times a

particular broad walks back and forth in front of you for no damn apparent

reason at all.

Do this for a little while, then try your luck at the club. In the club,

however, hoes are a little more aware that they are being watched, and will be

a little harder to read. But, if you know what subtleties to look for, it won't

be too hard. Soon you won't be getting dissed anymore because you will know

exactly which broad(s) actually want to holla at you. As you know about my

direct approach style based on my eye contact post, I don't holla unless the ho

is choosing.

There are other styles out there such as indirect and other seduction mixes.

With indirect you holla at every ho even if there is no eye contact. This style

you gotta have your game intact and going strong. There are pro's and cons of

each style out there.

But for this one get to practicing.

(credit PlayerSupreme MASF)

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dr Peter Davies - Hopes And Fears
Tyler Durden - Girls Who Want To Be Forced

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