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Today, I actually sent Brad Pilon (one of the co-founders of Strength Works the developers of the Adonis Effect) an email that a subscriber sent me about abs and ab work how much is too much, etc.

Here's what he sent back:

One of the most popular topics that I routinely get questions about is ab training: ie "How do I train my abs", or "how do I get abs".

The answer I give people is so simple that I think they don't believe me. I think they actually want a more complicated answer than I am giving them.

So here goes one more time.

1. If you don't need to train your abs for a specific reason like rehab, or an upcoming ab crunch competition then I find little reason to workout your abs directly.

2. Excessive crunches do little for training the whole core and might actually increase your risk of spine and low back problems

3. Scientific research doesn't even know exactly how all the ab muscles work yet so its hard to give one perfect answer to ab training

4. In order to see your abs all you need to do is lose fat. You don't actually have to ever train your abs to see your abs

These are my simple answers to all the questions I get about abs. Working out on your abs can only do two things to them:

a. Make them bigger

b. Give them more endurance

Your abs are just like every other muscle, so why would they act any differently than other muscles. If you want to make your arms bigger you would just train them more often with increasingly heavier weights. So if you want to make your abs bigger you would just do the same thing.

If you want to build endurance in a muscle group like legs then you would train them for longer periods of time with lighter weights. The same thing applies to your abs.

There is no magic to ab training, they are just muscles like every other muscle. They just happen to be covered in a thick layer of fat on most people. So the true answer to 'getting abs' is just removing the fat that is hiding them.

Every exercise you do works your abs, they are constantly active from the minute you get out of bed until you go lie back down at the end of the day. The abs are designed to hold you upright and stabilize your body and spine. They are not designed to lift massively heavy weights and crunch down hundreds of times per day.

Try doing a good sprint workout tomorrow and you'll see how sore your abs get without ever doing a crunch or sit up.

Being physically active and doing a variety of different exercises is all the work your abs will ever need. Losing the fat around your belly is how you can show them off. Even If you've never worked out a day in your life or have ever done a 'core workout' I guarantee there is a six pack of abs underneath whatever fat you have around your midsection. As soon as your body fat gets low enough you will be sporting a shiny new "washboard stomach".

Don't stress over how to train your abs, if you go to the gym on a regular basis no matter what your training goals are I guarantee your abs are getting enough work. Spend some time focusing on fat loss and you'll see that you've had abs all along.

Go get the Adonis Effect, it rocks your body to the core.

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