In10se - Game (2.1 MB)

In10se - Game Cover This book is about Charisma ? among other things. It’s about skillful human interaction and most of all, about “Game”.

So what is this thing called “Game”?

Well, have you ever interacted with someone that you were just drawn to? Maybe you felt an underlying sense of trust and comfort, and maybe there was certain “smoothness” in the way that they interacted with people and the way that conversation just “flowed”? And people were just drawn to this person – naturally. And the more time that you spend with this person, the more you feel a connection – like both of you are coming from the same place… where time just seems to stop and you’re completely wrapped up in the moment – engaged and captivated.

Having “Game” is about being able to create these kinds of connections wherever you go – with whoever you meet. Now how would you like to have more Game?

The underlying principles discussed in this book can be used in virtually any social context – from dating, to the job, to social interactions with friends.

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