Apologize Into The Right Ear

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If you're going to apologize to your significant other, apologies are best received in the right ear so head onto that side of them before you even begin.

Scientists have discovered that when we are angry, the right ear starts becoming more receptive to sound than does the left. So by talking into someone's right ear, what you're saying will be better received and perhaps more easily accepted.

After carrying out tests on 30 young men who had been pissed off to the point of no return, researchers from the University of Valencia discovered that the participants' right ears were much more susceptible to sound. There seemed to be no change in the left ear.

Scientists suggest that the reason behind this is because the left side of the brain processed sound that comes in from the right ear.

Prior research also proved that if you wanted to persuade someone to do something, your best bet would be to talk into their right ear.

So if you want to say sorry or convince your significant other that having sex will make them feel better, head to the right side. Of course, researchers still haven't discovered why some people don't listen, but rather just wait to speak.

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