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Last night i was teaching seminar on "meeting women anywhere" for Learning Annex (skill based magazine that offers seminars), i have done a number of seminars for them in the past year. Normally the crowd is unfamiliar with PUA concept, but every seminar i ask, how many of you have read pick up materials? and out of 15-20 people, maybe 2-3 will raise hand. Last night i got about 60% raised hands. And one guys actually pulled out a copy of "The Game" to show to the uninitiated ones what it is all about.

On its own it could have been just a coincidence, but still felt a bit unusual that more then half knew about pua community. At the seminar, guys were ready to learn and make changes to their approach, because they were frustrated with not knowing what to do. Range went from early 30s to early 50s.

One of my readers brought up a point recently, that guys dont stick around the community, they move on to better pastures. I find this misleading, i think guys do stick with community, might be on their own, but they will be looking for new information and hoping that some better material will come along that will help them (a bit like magic). They might not comes to lair meetings or send emails, but they are watching. There is really one and only reason for it, There are NO better pastures. They either learn to meet and date women or they don't. Its not about leaving, because there is no where to go. Guys might lay low for a while, until the next bad date or girl misbehaving, and then they will make the next foray into the pua world, to find material or coaching appropriate for them. What we have is industry that CANT go away. Period. There is a need for it, and i might agree or disagree with specific tactics or mind sets of puas, but overall i think it is like a breath of fresh air, in the dating world where nice guys are treated like shit, and worst part, those guys don't know why it happens.

The reason why i think pua community will be huge is pure and simple: Biology, you either learn to date or you don't, and sure some will give up completely. But most will want to do something about the issue of dating. Guy might get out of dating world for few years, but he will be back, because you cant fight nature. We got genes, and there are 4 things we need for survival: Food, Shelter, Health, Sex. Show me one guy who says that he doesn't need sex, and i will show you one liar. If we do get sex, then we want to get sex with better quality women.

Thats why guys don't leave community, they might get away from it from a while, but they wont leave it.

Recent example: Few month ago i got a phone call. I picked up and voice on the other line says, can i speak to Art? It turns out he was one of my clients from 3 years ago and he found happy relationship for few years, but now back on the market and he have encountered some block in meeting/dating, that he wanted the help with.

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