Nagging The Reasons And The Solutions

Nagging The Reasons And The Solutions Cover
Nagging is always associated with women by men. Not all women like to nag, including me. Haha. They must have a purpose for doing it and perhaps it should be done nicely. There are some info that I wish to share after some readings from various websites.

Types of nagging:

Caring nags: “stop smoking, it is not good for your health.”
Repeat nags: “throw the bottle on the table please.” “Just now you said you’ll throw it later, the bottle still there.” “How many times I must tell you to throw it alway?”
Sarcastic nag: ” You are still washing the car? That neighbour has already finished his.”
Accusation nags: : “Why you did not clear up the table?”

Result – Advice to the naggers:

1. To me, most nagging are to get things done or put things in order but somehow over usage of nagging may destroy the relationship.

Verbal castration on your husband may put them into a defensive position from being blame and nag. This drive the nagger crazy and perhaps end up with bitter arguments or physical violence.
Nagging on your children lower their self-esteem and in the long run, they are easily demotivated to move on.

2. The more you nag, the more you feel isolated – No one likes to receive subdued rage, accusation, blame and guilt as well as continually thrust. Thus, the irritation of nags causes men to retreat, avoid even ignore those who nags.

3. Positive reinforcement is always better than nagging, the negative reinforcement. Always reward him with something you can afford (e.g. a word of thanks, smile, a kiss, special meals or dessert that he like most etc). Repeat it to reinforce the desired behavior. Always say it nicely, treat it as they are helping you rather than they should or working for you.

Handle it – Advice to the victim of naggers:

Unless you are preparing to break up the relationship else you need to learn to deal with it. some website do provide some constructive ideas (e.g., Believe it or not, what women need is simple but it is alway difficult.

1. Listen. try to listen to her. Communication is always important to get to know each other well and also to avoid undesired actions and unwanted nagging.

2. Understand what has happen. Women do not blow their top without reason. Cool her down to understand the what makes them irritated in the first place before throwing harsh words at them.

3. Understand the silence. Women usually will signals men when they are unhappy such as silent, ignore, or slight banging on things while doing her chores. If that happens, it is the time to give her your attention.

4.Remember. It is important to avoid being nag again for the same reason when you know it will irritate her.

Why women a better nagger?

What distinct women to be a better nagger form men simple due to the capacity of the language lope of the brain. This explains why women has a greater capacity for talking compared to men. From a women point of view, men don not speak much. At the same time, men view women never shut up.

As Barbara Pease and Allan Pease points out, female brain is organised for multitracking. She can watch a movie and talk over a phone plus talking to you, all the time drinking a cup of tea. Men brains are organized for monotracking. They can only concentrate one thing at a time. this explains why they often lose the plot when listening to women talk.

Similarly Dr. John Gray explains that men brain size are bigger than women brain by 10 percent but women’s have 4 percent more cells. This means women’s brain contain more nerve cells that allows their smaller and compact brain to be more efficient.

He also mentioned that men tend to use the left brain to perform task logically. While women use both sides because they have a larger corpus collosum (area that connects both brains) which means women transfer data from one side of brain to another faster than men.

When multitracking happens during nagging process, it creates a big big problem. Men feel that it is too much for them and just simply shuts off. This goes on with continuous nagging with increasing volume till the men retreats and strike back resulting in an argument.

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Donald Hicks - Understanding The Gspot And Female Sexuality
Gordon Ray Parker - Fox Hunting The Art Of Dating And Seduction

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Day Game By Soul And Mr M Of Love Systems With Carlos Xuma

Day Game By Soul And Mr M Of Love Systems With Carlos Xuma Image

I DIDNT START BY USING DIRECT GAME. I started off and got good by learning Indirect Game, mostly by practicing indirect routines. I think starting off with an indirect approach helped me a lot. Direct Game is incredibly powerful, but it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off. As a bootcamp student said to me recently, "You've got to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can jog."

I ultimately switched to being direct because it was more congruent with my personality, and I had more fun with it. I love the look of shock on a woman's face when you approach her and say, "You're so sexy, how are you?" It's even more fun when I'm on a date and getting intimate with the same woman a few hours later.

This article describes one of my favourite experiences with a beautiful woman I met on the street, hooked up with that night, and is now one of my closest friends.

I was walking down the street with a good friend of mine, when he spotted a beautiful Asian woman walking past (he knows I have a penchant for Asians). She looked absolutely stunning. Tanned skin, long jet black hair, big celebrity style sunglasses and a crisp summer dress; she was a vision of beauty. She was already a few steps in front of us, so I leapt after her.

I rushed up to her from behind, touched her gently on the arm to turn her around, and said, "Excuse me, I saw you walking down the street and thought, 'Oh my God, that woman is beautiful,' and had to come talk to you."

Things like leaping after a woman or starting with "Excuse me" could be try-hard with an opinion opener, but they are totally congruent with Direct Game. The goal is to come off as charming and confident without seeking a specific reaction from her. The key to achieving this is passion and enthusiasm in your delivery. The more she thinks you're being 100% genuine with her, the better she will respond.

SHE GAVE ME THAT CLASSIC LOOK THAT IVE SEEN THOUSANDS OF TIMES. The look of surprise, slight shock, and quick once-over of you to see if she's potentially interested. Unlike in Indirect Game, where you build up your value from the ground as you interact with the woman, in Direct Game you have to have high pre-approach value, otherwise she will write you off. This means looking as good as you possibly can, having very strong body language, and delivering your opener with the utmost confidence.

She giggles and asks if I'm sure that I'm not trying to sell her something. I joke around with her for about how I'm not trying to sell her something, and in fact I am trying to pick her up, which gets her giggling even more. One of the things that I've learnt in Direct Game is that if you can make her laugh IMMEDIATELY after opening directly, it completely relaxes them.

At this point, you've done something very powerful. You've shown your interest, but you've also shown them that they can have a fun interaction with you. Humour is huge for Direct Game. If you're not a funny person, you're going to have to learn to be one! There's a book by Martin Merrill called Make Women Laugh that could help. Also, watching stand-up comedy shows is great for developing a good sense of humour.

I suggest walking down the street with her for a little bit so we can talk more, and she agrees. For the next few minutes, I get to know her a little better and start building comfort with her. I also start thinking about where and how I am going to spend the next few hours of time with her.

IN DIRECT GAME, YOU CLOSE QUICKLY. When I ran Indirect Game, I would always make sure to "play it cool" throughout the pick-up. I never wanted to appear too needy, so I would wait a little while before texting or calling her, and then set up a date for a couple of days later. That way I looked like I had a busy and interesting lifestyle.

With Direct Game, you take the reverse approach. Imagine the whirlwind romancer who flies into Paris for one night, meets a beautiful woman, charms and sleeps with her that night, and then departs sorrowfully the next morning. Direct Game is meant to be THAT intense. It's as if your feelings and your passion for this woman are so strong that you can't help but act on them. Women LOVE this kind of intensity in their romantic encounters.

It turns out she doesn't have any plans as yet for the evening, so I start seeding the idea of joining my friends and me for drinks that night.

We part ways for the afternoon, and I call her a couple of hours later. We arrange to meet up at the bar that night, and then I start creating a sexual frame by sending the text, "Make sure you wear something sexy for me tonight."

SEXUALITY IS A HUGE PART OF DIRECT GAME. Most guys get it completely wrong and end up coming off as "sleazy". I teach students how to be calibrated with their sexuality, how much and when to express it. Calibrated expressions of your sexuality achieve two things: it increases her attraction to you (women like guys that are confident in the bedroom), and it makes her start reacting sexually towards you.

I remember sometimes being frustrated with Indirect Game because when I got a woman into bed, she didn't always want to sleep with me. With Direct Game, because you use sexuality as part of the interaction throughout, she comes home with you knowing full well what is going to happen - and she gets excited by the prospect.

She meets me at the bar, we talk with my friends, and then I pull her aside to a couch so we can talk in isolation.

Direct Game applies to comfort as well. I try and condense my comfort phase down to about an hour or two these days. Being Direct is about being open with your emotions. If you can tell a woman what your real passions, ambitions, and feelings are in life within an hour or two of meeting her, then you'll find that she is likely to do the same. Before you know it, you're both locked in this little bubble, where it's just the two of you talking about your innermost feeling. It should feel as if everything around you disappears.

This is the feeling you create with Direct Game. Nothing else should exist when you are looking deep into her eyes. By the way, really looking into a woman's eyes is a powerful way to convey how you feel about her. It's hard to explain in print, but people who've met me know that it's a look I can turn on or off. When you look at her, imagine that you've just had a glimpse into paradise and you get completely absorbed by it, just for a few seconds.

I ramp up the kino escalation by holding her hands as she talks to me about her past relationships. I stroke her hair from time to time so she begins to feel that fluttery feeling in a stomach and knows that a kiss is imminent.

She has told me everything that's happened to her in the last couple of years by now, and I know that the trust is there. I need to think about escalating further and closing.

I tighten the sexual frame by telling her how incredibly sexy she looks tonight. Then I tell her to stand up - dominance is a very Direct quality and increases her attraction to you - and turn her around. I whisper into her ear, "Your ass looks especially sexy."

I tell her, "I'm thinking about doing all sorts of things to you that I probably shouldn't be thinking about." She's getting turned on and responding positively to the sexual frame that I've created.

I spend a little time dancing with her, and then suggest we get out of there. At this point, she knows full well what's going to happen. When we get back to mine, I can tell she is a little nervous, so I spend more time talking with her and telling her how much fun I've had with her that evening.

Being Direct means you escalate fast. Occasionally, you will find you move forward too fast for some woman. At this point, all you need to do is spend a little more time in comfort on an ad hoc basis.

There's no need to spend three dates or seven hours with her if you can escalate faster; just make sure when she is in bed with you, you understand her and have demonstrated why you like her (qualification).

I won't go into details of the rest of the night, but neither of us got much sleep, and she has now become one of my best friends. All throughout the interaction, I never misled her about how I felt about her and what I wanted. She respected me for that, and it's one of the reasons why we're still close friends to this day. It's also one of the reasons why I love Direct Game.


Yeah, I totally agree.

A lot of guys fear direct game because they perceive that it's like "letting the cat out of the bag" as to how they feel about the women, but ironically this is often what makes a man attractive to a woman.

It's the risk that a man puts out there that makes him look confident.


Carlos Xuma has a new day game program released very shortly called "REAL Day Game". The funny thing is, I'm actually really looking forward to this new program. Check it out here:

Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Scott - How To Flirt And Create Hypnotic Conversations With Women
Sanford Bell - A Preliminary Study Of The Emotion Of Love Between The Sexes
Adam Gilad - Interview With Carlos Xuma

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Psychology Of Sexual Monogamy

Psychology Of Sexual Monogamy Image
Many couples in a relationship go through some sort of conflict at some time or other in their married life. However, it is how that conflict is handled that is the key to a successful relationship. If you have come to a cross roads in your relationship and don' t know which way to turn, then I can empathize with you. A couple of years back I was desperately looking for good relationship advice to save my marriage. The trouble was there was so much conflicting information out there I didn't know what to believe.

Two years on and my marriage is now stronger than ever, Here are just some of the processes that I found that worked to fix my bad relationship.


When problems do arise it is sometimes because of a deeper meaning. For example, your partner might be really annoyed that you want to stay up and watch late night television, instead of going to bed when they do. However, it is probably not about the fact that your partner doesn't want you to watch TV, but it might be down to the fact that your partner thinks that you don't want to spend as much time with them as you used to. If you are able to recognise these deeper routed problems before they escalate, might help to avoid conflict further down the line.


Conflict can be caused through a changing dynamic. So as you go through married life, your circumstances change. The arrival of children into a relationship is a big dynamic change, as is changing your career, or increased workload. These changing circumstances happen in marriage or long term relationship, and are inevitable. However, it is how you deal with that change that will make or break your relationship. You need to acknowledge that a big change has taken place within your relationship and you need to work together, adapt and make that change work for you both.


Communication is not just about talking! It' s knowing when to talk and when to listen. Many marriages or relationships breakdown when one partner won't listen to the other partner, or vice versa. Set aside time each day to ask your partner how their day has been. If maybe they have had a bad day at work, then let them tell you about it! Act as a sounding board, as your partner might not want you to solve their work problems, but letting them talk to you and getting it off their chest will make them feel a whole lot better, and you will feel happier knowing that your partner feels more at ease.

Understanding conflict within the marriage and how to deal with it, is all part and parcel of married life. However, if you learn to apply these tips to your everyday relationship, then chances are, you will be able to deal with conflict in a much more rational way, perhaps even preventing it before it happens.

If you are in a situation where your marriage is gone further than this, and you are desperate to try to get it back on track, then these are just a few of the tips I used as RELATIONSHIP ADVICE TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE. If you are really serious about saving your marriage quickly then you need to visit WWW.MARRIAGEFIXER.INFO for further relationship advice that you can't afford to miss!

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Zan Powerful Technique

Zan Powerful Technique Cover
Zan's one of the best naturals around. Really nice "I love women' vibe that he projects in his interactions.

He has his own site here

This is a golden technique for when you see your relationship start to go down the drain and gives you a safety valve to set her up as a fuck buddy.. or as one of your MLTRs.. this shit should be illegal.. :-)

I don't know if this has been suggested before. I have read most of TFM and lots of the archive and don't remember seeing anything like it, so I'm sorry if this is not new.

(Subconscious interjection: Move through life without apology, Zan!)

Wait a minute! I take that apology back.

I haven't heard anyone mention something like this but IME, it is a very powerful technique. Here is the essence of it: Profess your undying affection and devotion to the girl - and then NEXT her.

When to use this? When you have seen her several times, you have had great rapport, but now it feels like she is starting to flake. If your thing with a girl was hot at one time (she tongued you down, lots of EV and talking, etc), but now you sense the whole thing is starting to drift towards LJBF land, and you have nothing else to lose, try this. It just might help to resurrect a moribund relationship with a girl.

Or if you really like a girl but you have done some stupid AFC moves (and who among us haven't?) and she is starting to lose interest, try this.

I have used this before to devastating effect. It sounds very AFC at first blush, but hear me out. Notice the difference between these two paragraphs (which I just made up and are cheesy, but it's just to illustrate what I mean):

AFC: I think about you day and night. You are so beautiful and I adore you. I can't wait to see you again.

PUA: I think about you day and night. You are so beautiful and I adore you. But now I must go. You have touched me on a very deep level and it is more than I can bear. I am helpless before other women and I will only hurt you and myself. I can't see you anymore.

Say the first phrase to a girl and she thinks "Ha ha, I have a yappy new lapdog. Buy me dinner!" Zero challenge; she has already won.

Say the second phrase and it throws her into a whirlwind of emotions. Her whole world becomes the cover of a romance novel. Her nurturing instinct kicks into high gear (after all, you are a victim of your desires and she must save you). She knows she is about to lose you. And she senses that you are about to run to the arms of ten other women for comfort.

It is very powerful. But the key is that she has to know that you really mean it. It has to be believable. You are *really* not going to see her anymore. And you should believe it too. After all, it was going cold already anyway and she was probably going to LJBF you.

And this is important - say it and then split. Get the hell out of Dodge. What I have found is that in a lot of cases, she will become obsessed with you. You will be bombarded with emails and phone calls from her. It is almost impossible for her to resist this challenge.

She almost certainly will try to coax you back. But only if you do this move while your rapport is still fairly strong and things are still going reasonably well between you two when you ditch her.

And when she contacts you, you must remain congruent and never let her feel she has you. From this point on. And the beauty is that you *can* go back to seeing her, but now you are the one with value. You are the prize. And you are the one that appears ready to leave at any moment. She WILL work to keep you.

And you have established the fact that you see other women and you can't help it. And she can't complain about this because you told her the way you are and that she might get hurt. But she still wants you anyway.

I pulled this on a girl recently. We were making out and I was kissing her neck and stuff and we were both feeling really good.

Using a poem from the manual (and slightly altering it), I said something like:

ME: (kissing her neck and talking very slowly) You know what I am, HB? I am your teardrop... I was conceived in your heart... I was born in your eyes... I live on your cheeks... and I will die on your lips.

Then while lightly kissing her lips, I said some variation of the adoration / Nexting phrase I mentioned earlier. And then I got up and took off.

This girl was almost certainly going to flake out on me, but now she calls me every night, wants to see me, understands that she is not exclusive, wants to save me, etc.

In fact, I have used this as a way to establish almost every one of my MLTRs.

Try it...


Credit Zan Perrion Official website here

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Damian Savieri - Legendary Lover 3 Sex Techniques
Linda Martz - Massage Techniques

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Book Review The Game

Book Review The Game Cover

The Game By Neil Strauss

With a book that looks like it's easy to see why NEIL STRAUSS'" GAME" become the successful dating book it is known as today is not only a book about meet and dating women without fear; it's about building a man's self-confidence so he can become stronger and happier in all facets of his life. Once he establishes a foundation of confidence, he is then able to move onward with women and step up the game.

What makes even more interesting is that Neil Strauss was, at one point in his life, this insecure man who thought that he could never land himself a beautiful and smart woman. Even to look at him, one would think that NEIL STRAUSS isn't exactly the epitome of what women consider great-looking.

But after having followed around some of New York's finest pickup artists, NEIL STRAUSS began to build his own self-confidence and realized that it wasn't incredibly hard to get the woman he wants. All NEIL STRAUSS had to do was work on his inner game and then his outer game would follow.

And NEIL STRAUSS isn't just a pickup artist; before he wrote he wrote for the" York "so it's no wonder that" GAME" full of practical advice and a touch of witty humor.

If you're a guy who wants to develop his game or you know of a guy who does, then here is some of what" GAME" you (or he) need(s):

* If you want a specific woman, you need to be prepared to lose her. If you think you have nothing to lose, you won't reek of desperation.
* Always win over her friends
* Emit confidence at all times.
* Always go back and forth from being interested to being not interested. Keep her guessing.
* If you approach a group of women, do your best to ignore the woman you want.
* When you do finally speak to the girl you want, treat any undesirable behavior by withdrawing or seeming uninterested.

There are plenty more, but these are the basic tents of And according to any and every man who has read it, it works. Every single time.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Tony Horton - Beachbody Diet Guide
William Cobbett - Advice To Young Men
Clifford - Interview With Brian

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How To Succeed With Women Online

How To Succeed With Women Online Image
In all my years of coaching men how to succeed in online dating the one thing that always amazes me is the amount of men who still cut and paste a canned opener and send it to a woman.

Guys, women know when you cut and paste and send something, it shows that you did not read their profile and the first thing they think about is that you're lazy and not very clever.

The correct online opener is no different than the perfect bar, party or supermarket opener. Don't just send off 100 emails to women and expect to get a response back. Most men who use the shotgun approach tend to never ever receive responses.

"So what is a guy to do to succeed in the competitive world of online dating?"


What works offline is going to work online. You need to be different and clever just like you do when you approach a woman in a bar or market. It really is all about having fun. To make your profile rock, instead of saying: "I love to travel", share a story about one of the places that you have traveled to. For example: "I love the Italian coast and when I was in Positano I had the best Lemon cello in the world. When we speak, ask me about the view."

Why is this better? Because it will make them picture what that was like and it will peek their interest and it will be something that they can ask you when they are responding to your profile. You need to create an emotional response so they feel compelled to write to you or write you back.

2. SO NOW THAT YOU HAVE SPRUCED UP YOUR PROFILE, how do you get their attention and distinguish yourself from all the other guys online?

This is the easy part but it will take some work. Instead of burning through 100 profiles and sending out a shotgun mass email that does not work, you need to pick 10 to 15 women at the beginning of the week that you want to get to know. The reason is that each week their emotions and dating moods change. Plus, if you do it right, you will get a good response rate and have a few dates that week. Now comes the work. You need to read through their profiles and find the fun tidbits. For example, if the both of you have a dog, you can send this email:


"Body of email:"

My dog is really visual and when she saw a picture of yours her stubby tail could not stop thumping! We need to hook them up, plus I have to get her off; she is becoming addicted!

Lets talk about this,

Your Name

There are few reasons why this will work besides the fact that it is original and funny. What you are doing is making fun of yourself here. Men are visual and you are telling her that your dog is visual which will get a laugh from her immediately. You want to make her laugh. She is getting all these horrible emails from all of cut and paste men and yours comes in with some originality and creativity. It shows that you tried to get to know who she is by reading her profile.

Now lets say that you or she does not have a dog. This is also easy you need to read her profile and pick out a fun tidbit. If she says that she is spontaneous and adventurous what I like to do is challenge them on that. Women like their minds to be challenged.


Body of email:

...that you are adventurous and spontaneous. What was the last adventurous thing you did? And if you are really spontaneous why don't you send me your number so we can talk. 5 minutes on the phone and we will know if we have chemistry.

Lets talk today.

I dare you.

Women like a man that is bold and one that challenges her mind. You are also getting to the point and creating intrigue. She will wonder what you are all about. Now why do I use the... on the subject line? I use it so they feel compelled and intrigued to open it. It is all about what may come after the... that makes them curious. You need to realize that most women get tons of emails from guys so you need to get that email opened.


This is by far the best advice. Stop jumping from site to site every 2 weeks and think that you are going to get different results. You need to realize that women will check you out and read your profiles and it may take a few emails to get them to respond. They may be dating someone else the first time you contacted them and they may have been intrigued but they were too busy with other things or you got them on a bad day. I always tell my clients that it is ok to lob another email in a few weeks later. Now don't send the same one find something new to connect with her about.

It is all about being persistent and I have found in all my years of advising people on the internet that the ones who stay on a site and are persistent will be the ones that get all the great dates. You need to be patient some weeks you will have a lot of responses other weeks we may not get much of anything but if you use some of the pointers above you will increase your odds every day.


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Scot Mckay - How To Meet Women On Twitter
Ron Louis - How To Succeed With Women

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Love Dating Advice How To Make Someone Fall In Love

Love Dating Advice How To Make Someone Fall In Love Image
Do you love dating? Are you looking for best love dating advice? Are you confused about love and date? Do you want to know more about relationships? Don't worry, here you will get the answers of all questions either it is related with love, dating or relationship. First of all it is important to spend time together. If you want someone be your partner, if you want to make your relationship stronger, or if you love one someone then nothing can beat the dating procedure. You need to take some care while dating

- Your date can be perfect or worse. It completely depends on your behaviour and attitude. We always advice our valuable readers to be confident and behave like friends rather than lover.

- You are not a celebrity. Yes, keep in mind and behave normally. Don't try to act smart in front of him/her. Natural attitude is the best weapon to win the heart of people.

- Instead of trying to win the heart of your lover, try to enjoy your date.

- Don't talk without any break. Try to discuss rather than listening or talking.

- Give him/her an equal opportunity to share his/her feelings, thoughts etc.

These love dating advices can help you a lot if you are all set to go to make a new relation.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Scott Peck - Dating And Falling In Love
Leil Lowndes - How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

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Slapper Juggs Wow

Slapper Juggs Wow Image
You meet the nicest people on Twitter - imagine my delight when I stumbled across SlapperJuggs 38DD. "Yippeee" I thought and asked if I could feature her on my blog. Not only did the gorgeous Ms Juggs say 'Yes', she also sent a bit of info to boot....


What are you waiting for? Go and say hi and follow her on Twitter. It's a real shame that she's not in the UK otherwise I'd have her in front of the Kinky lens quicker than you could say 'SlapperJuggs 38DD'....I mean, look at those nipples - yum!

Technorati Tags: SlapperJuggs38DD,amateur,massivemammaries,huge boobs,natural boobs

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Chris Jackson - Secrets Of Undressing Women
Joseph Plazo - Phd Of Persuasion
Juggler - The Juggler Method

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Naked Blonde Scares Builders

Naked Blonde Scares Builders Image
I've always believed that construction workers are full of crap and if a woman called them on their classy advances, they'd run and hide like little bitches. And now, a thick and naked blonde woman proved just that.

In the Austrian capital Vienna, a naked blonde rushed at a bunch of construction workers on site and was shouting, "Who wants me? Who wants me?"

The construction workers got scared and ran for cover to avoid being hit by her massive breasts.

"We like to chat up girls as they walk past - it's a tradition. But this woman was too much to handle and we just ran and hid until the police got here. No one liked to think what would happen if she caught one of us."

Is this guy kidding? I'm pretty sure she had sex on the brain, not murder. Or maybe she actually wanted to hurt one of them, but considering she was naked, her arsenal of weaponry was minimal at best.

A police spokesman later told the press, "It turned out no one wanted her."

Poor lady. All naked and no one to have sex with.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tyler Durden - Plant And Stare Opener
Various Authors - Mental Defectives And Sexual Offenders
Robert Anue - Zebu Milton Cards Manual

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Over 55s Are Most Active Daters

Over 55s Are Most Active Daters Image
A survey commissioned by Stella magazine in the UK has discovered that people over 55 are the most active daters, among other things.

After interviewing almost 2,000 men and women, Stella discovered that:

62% of men and women over 55 have joined a dating site

Of them, men and women over 55 met up with the most people they met online (over 8).

Of them, men and women over 55 had more sexual partners they met online than any other age group - 2.4 (except the incredibly horny 45 to 54 age group, who had 2.6)

This really breaks many of the stereotypes that were flying around in my head. I thought that most people over 55 just didn't care for computers much, let alone used them to get laid.

I also had no idea that people over 55 were so much more ballsy than the rest of us when it comes to online dating. But then, I've seen a few college orgies in my day and think that the 18-24 don't have to go far for sex.

The study will be published in its entirety in Stella magazine this coming Sunday.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dr Paul - The Secrets Of Mature Masculine Power
Real Social Dynamics - The Fastest Easiest Most Effective Way To Attract Women
David Deangelo - What Women Hate Most About Single Guys

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How To Pick Up Girls Who Have Boyfriends By Roosh

How To Pick Up Girls Who Have Boyfriends By Roosh Image
"I'm going to skip the whole moral argument that you shouldn't hit on a girl who has a boyfriend. If you don't believe in hitting on girls who have boyfriend then that's cool, otherwise read on."

FIRST, DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH NEWLY ENGAGED OR MARRIED GIRLS. I think you'll have better chances with a nun than a girl who just made a huge commitment with another man. It takes at least a few months for that to wear out.

That leaves two other types of girls with boyfriends: ones that are unhappy and ones that are neither unhappy nor quite ecstatic either. The best way to find out what type of girl you are dealing with is the length of time it takes until she drops the boyfriend.

The longer amount of time until she drops the bomb, the better. It's best if she doesn't mention the boyfriend at all and you learn from a third party. Think about that for a second if a girl is happy with her man, he will keep popping up in her head, leading to a large amount of guilt when talking to a player she is attracted to. She attempts to relieve this guilt by mentioning him as much as possible in the conversation.

The sooner she mentions him and the more times she mentions him, the less likely you will get anywhere. This should be your guide to see if you should commit to gaming a girl with a boyfriend, especially since they will take more work than a single girl.

On the other hand if it takes a girl over 20 minutes for her to drop the boyfriend, consider her breakable. Now combine that with her engaging you, making eye contact, asking your questions, and touching you. The more she does any of these things, the less issue the boyfriend is and more you can proceed as you normally do.

It takes a little experience to tell between the girls who flirt just to feel attractive and girls who want to get banged by a new dick, but you'll know for sure when you go to number or kiss close; one will put up Great Wall of China resistance and the other will only offer token resistance.

If the approach is going well and things are progressing past the thirty minute mark, just keep doing what you're doing and go for the kiss on the same night. When you get in close she will make a verbal objection about having a boyfriend but just like you would do if she was resisting in the bedroom, simply agree with her so she doesn't think further about it in her mind.

DON'T MAKE IT A TUG OF WAR, but then of course you try again a few minutes later, breaking down the resistance. If she says she can't do anything with you, just say you weren't trying anyway with a smile. But keep pushing until you get it.

For girls that seem to be breakable but not easy, the only way to it is through regular access. If you work with her or see her weekly, then repeated access to her will nibble at her resistance until she just goes through with it. It's because she can't just forget about you or un-attract herself to you. But if you meet her one night in the club and just get her number, the seduction is over because she won't allow her to see you without feeling like a cheat. Every extra minute she hangs with you and a minute's worth exposure of your game that will help your cause.

Bottom line is if she puts herself in a position to cheat, she will cheat, and you should take full advantage of it. I found this all out the hard way years ago when I believed the best way to get a girl with a boyfriend was to first be her "friend." I don't think I need to tell you how far that got me, with all those wasted nights talking on the phone about the problems she is going with the guy that she is having sex with. It was an embarrassing period of my life and I try not to think about it.

It wasn't until my first success with an engaged girl at work (years after experimenting with every technique out there), that I first learned how having access is critical to getting with desirable girls who were already taken. And with girls after, I learned that with them you must grow on her gradually like a fungus. Eventually, if your game is tight, she will make it all too easy for things to progress.

But before I got there I mastered the art of the pick up in coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and clubs after hundreds and hundreds of approaches. I developed a reliable system that is flexible enough for you to inject your own style while still taking you to the next level. And it's all backed by my Bust Out Your Condoms Guarantee.

Read about it today.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Rob J - How To Get Woman Laid In A Day Or Less
Tyler Durden - Topic Girls Who Cry
Jackson Almor - How To Pick Up Women 2000

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How To Make A Girl Love You Forever

How To Make A Girl Love You Forever Image
Many guys really believe that if you don't have the good looks and money you are not going to attract beautiful women and if you do manage to pick up a good looking girl she will never love you and it won't last long. However, the secret to HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LOVE YOU is not such a big secret.

Hi, I'm Richard and I want to tell you about what I learned to make a girl love you.

Please read on...

Don't get me wrong. Looks are important so you should try to dress well, be well-groomed and appear to be a tidy and well organised person. However, looks are only the first impression. How many times have you seen an older guy, who has lost his youthful looks, with an attractive younger girl? It is quite common to see a bald guy, who is not rich, with a beautiful woman on his arm. There is a lot more to attracting and picking up a girl than physical appearance.

Let me tell you the big secret right now!


You need to learn the basic psychology of how women interact with men. But I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. If women were only ever attracted by physical appearance how would a man, who is not attractive and not wealthy, ever manage to get a date. There would be a world full of lonely guys and a huge surplus of attractive women who couldn't ever get a date because the men weren't good enough. You see nature designed women to be attractive and most women strive to make themselves attractive to men. Nature never intended a man to be attractive for the woman. It just isn't a top priority in nature.

For a man it's mostly about how you make the woman feel about herself. Most girls care more about whether you make them feel good than anything else. Remember, women are much more emotionally based than men whereas men are logically based. This means that you have to be logical and make sense to a girl but what's more important is you have to appeal to her emotional side. Attracting a girl is more about building trust and confidence with her while making her feel good and to a girl how she feels is very important. If you can make her feel really good about herself she will love you forever.

Many men meet a girl and go out on a date. At first the relationship seems to be really promising. The guy is in control and sets the direction and pace of the relationship. The girl is submissive and tries to please her man by dressing sexy, laughing at his jokes, agreeing with most of whatever he says and doing whatever he wants. Eventually the relationship becomes physical. Then after a while the relationship begins to change. The girl becomes distanced and loses interest in the guy. Most guys are lost at this point and headed for a breakup.

Did you know that women act sweet to you when they want to win your affection and you are a challenge to them? However, many women become bitchy to you when they feel like they have won your affections and no longer see you as a challenge. It is a subconscious signal that they are unhappy and possibly want to move on the next guy.

What's the answer to this? The guy has to learn the psychological techniques to always remain attractive and a challenge to a girl. Here are some useful tips.

1. Never make the focus of your life your girlfriend. Sure she may be important to you and the love of your life but only reward her for being sweet to you by spending more time with her. If she ever becomes bitchy she is taking you for granted and you should reduce your time with her. Tell her, in a subtle way, that you don't like the way she is talking to you and reduce the amount of time you spend with her over the next week. Don't try to punish her or make her feel unwanted. You don't want to end the relationship but you do want to regain the commanding position in the relationship where she looks up to you and feels she needs to win your affection. This makes the relationship strong again.

2. It is usually best to allow your girlfriend to think that she is just a little bit more in love with you than you are in love with her. Make sure that you don't tell her that you love her more than she tells you she loves you. If she is not telling you she loves you, ask her if she loves you. You need to make sure that your girlfriend never feels like she has won you over and she will keep trying to win your affections.

3. If your girl is not sweet to you and not trying to win your affection make a very subtle implication that your relationship could end at any time. Certainly do not ever make her feel threatened that the relationship is going to end or you could lose her. This will make her try harder to win your affections and strengthen your relationship.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Christopher Williamson - How To Improve Yourself
Leil Lowndes - How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You
Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover

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Study Proves Breakups Confuse Us

Study Proves Breakups Confuse Us Cover
According to a new study conducted by lead author Erica Slotter, a psychology Ph.D., suggests that a breakup can make people feel like they don't know who they are anymore.

The researchers conducted 3 separate studies to find out how their volunteers thought of themselves during and after their relationships.

The first study had one group answer questionnaires with questions regarding whether they changed their appearance, activities, clique, future plans, or even their values after a breakup.

Most participants admitted to a moderate change in their belief system, their appearance and even their values.

The second study asked another set of students who were in relationships questions about how they think they might change if their relationship ended. It seemed that those who were the most committed thought they were most likely to change.

The third study had Slotter and her colleagues looking at people's diary entries or blogs after a breakup and, of the 76 diaries, people who wrote about breakups had a harder time establishing themselves and used words like "confused", "uncertain", and "bewildered".

Did this really require research? Isn't it obvious that when someone you thought you would spend your life with ups and leaves you, you become confused about where to go from there since they were a part of every future picture you had painted?

Of course breakups make us feel lost and confused about ourselves; spending so much intimate time with someone inevitably leads to their rubbing off on us a bit, so when we part ways, we're not sure if we should rid of that part or hold on for dear life.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Havelock Ellis - Studies In The Psychology Of Sex.pdf
Carlos Xuma - Supreme Self Confidence
Igor Ledochowski - Street Hypnosis Mentalism Course Notes

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First Date Tips How To Make Your First Date A Good Experience

First Date Tips How To Make Your First Date A Good Experience Image
Every one knows that the first impression is the last impression. So, if you want to date a person again and again then make your first date a memorable experience for your partner. I am going to tell you what you should do on your first date. But you should know that a date is all about treating your partner with respect and interacting with him/her to know about your mutual feelings.

Here is a list of things to be done on the first date:

CHOOSE THE RIGHT DRESS: do not wear provocative or revealing clothes. This will make the opposite person think wrong about you. This type of clothing may mean that you are trying too hard to impress your partner. Wear clothes according to the taste of the other person if you know him/her before and according to the venue.

DO NOT WEAR TOO MUCH OF PERFUME: too much of perfume can irritate your partner. The best way of applying the perfume is to apply it on the pulse points such as behind the ears and at the wrist.

SELECT A PUBLIC PLACE FOR THE FIRST DATE: the public places are more secure and safe. These places also make you feel comfortable if you are getting nervous. A restaurant or a park is a best option. If you live near a sea shore then you can go there also for the date.

PREPARE A PLAN: you should prepare a plan for your first date so that you don't have to think on the spot. This will help you enjoy the dates. If you know the person, then prepare the plan according to the person. This will help you to impress your partner.

MEN SHOULD PRACTICE CHIVALRY: men should all these things like opening the door for the lady, pulling the chair, letting her to order first. While playing a game let the girl win. All these things have a good impression on the lady.

LISTEN: ask questions about hobbies, interests and what the other person likes and listen to them carefully. Do not talk about the topics like current affairs or politics etc.

MAKE EYE TO EYE CONTACT: eyes depict every thing that a person his thinking about. Always make an eye contact while talking with your partner.

ENJOY: date should be fun. Both should enjoy the company of each other only then you can think of the second date. Be a little humorous and make every activity light and happy.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates
Darcy Cole - Seduce Me How To Ignite Your Partners Passion

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The Master The Vibewayne Elise Controversy

The Master The Vibewayne Elise Controversy Image
Apparently, Wayne Elise has it out for Master The Vibe. As you know, one of the founders of Charisma Arts, Christian Hudson, created Master The Vibe with a fellow friend in the community, Sebastian Drake of theApproach.

Well they have a recurring billing cycle in which they send you the latest monthly product, not unlike many companies (Double Your Dating, Mystery Method, every porn site ever). To me, this seems like a sensible option for many guys that want the latest conversational techniques without much hassle. This is a common business practice, especially with the advent of online billing systems.

A customer canceled his subscription of Master The Vibe, and got billed. So he contacted the company, they refunded him and admitted blame with a personal apology to him. Then Wayne Elise (Juggler) weighs in with his opinion on Charisma Arts forum (with Sebastian Drakes rebuttal) about the Master The Vibe co-founder :

What do you think guys - is Wayne talking a hit at his old business partner by saying he's unethical and censoring his responses?

Suggested free e-books to read:

Bishop - The Complete Unlimited Lover
Adam Gilad - Interview With Vince Delmonte
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery Of Love

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Valentine Day 1 Paper Roses

Valentine Day 1 Paper Roses Image
Over the next 13 days, we're dedicating our posts to giving you 13 incredibly romantic Valentine's Day ideas and gifts.


The most popular -- and often considered the most romantic -- Valentine's Day gift is by far a dozen red roses. Giving roses to a lover expresses those important words, I Love You, more than any other flower. Red roses not only say I Love You, but the color red represents both love and passion.

Our tip today allows you to express this love via a very unique form of the rose -- paper roses. sells a gorgeous bouquet of red paper roses that flourish long after the petal on a real rose falls. These hand-crafted, custom-made flowers are truly one of a kind, just like your Valentine.

Valentine's Day paper roses come in a passionate red with romantic phrases etched in each rose including:

"Happy Valentine's Day"

"Be My Valentine"

"I Love You"

If you want a personalized rose, check out their first anniversary section where you can actually personalize the roses with wording of your choice and select between several other colors. If you want something even more personalized, check out the photo roses, where you can personalize them with your favorite photo of the two of you together.

Exclusive deal for RomanceStuck visitors. Order now and get $5 off with coupon code VDAY, plus get free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Order now.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tranceboy - Fast Seduction 101 Player Guide
Alphahot1 - Alt Seduction Fast Posts

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