Carlos Xuma - The Seduction Method (5.1 MB)

Carlos Xuma - The Seduction Method Cover Seduction Method is an e-book written by Carlos Xuma a self profess guru in this topic with lots of hands-on experience. Here, he shares his understanding and knowledge of the art of seducing women with you and getting laid. The ultimate goal of a seduction is sex - and this book shows you how to get there. It is a perfect resource for you to learn how to eat a girl out and how to get laid.

Seduction Method as its name suggest approaches the subject at hand very methodically and covers the subject very comprehensively. As a matter of fact, you can call it the bible of seduction.

The interesting about Seduction Method is it not only explains to you on the various stages of seduction, it also tells you much more than that. Seduction Method kicks off with the definition and psychology behind seduction. Psychology of seduction gives readers a delightful insight in a woman's psyche. That would be a very helpful piece on information in your quest to sort of understand a woman…

This is followed by the stages of seduction the interesting thing about this segment is the author's illustration on ways to approach women in different situation and scenarios. Here, the author pretty much covers most of the scenarios you are likely to run into women. I like the examples given as they spell out the goals that you should try to achieve and how you should proceed to achieve that goal…

Another interesting section is the one on the classification of women into different categories. The characteristics of different categories listed here can come in handy in a seduction exercise. There's also a write up on kino which one can use to effectively speed up the seduction process.

Learn How To Eat A Girl Out

This book will not be complete if it only teaches how to seduce a woman without teaching you how to give them pleasure. Human in general love to feel good, so if the woman you seduce had a great time, you can bet your last dollar she'll be back for more. The last part of this book is dedicated to those who seek to improve and sharpen their bedroom skills. How To Drive Her Crazy In Bed", a definite must read for Casanovas and those who wish to keep their woman happy. Found this phrase in this chapter, "Women Have Sex with Men They Fall in Love With, Men Fall in Love with Women They Have Sex With", I totally agree with it.

Seduction Method even goes the extra mile by giving you tips on how to disentangle yourself from a target, something akin to 'How To Lose A Girl in 5 days'.

Last but not least the author enthuses on the importance of seduction in every romantic involvement, be it a short term fling or a long term relationship."

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