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I'm excited to fill you in on David DeAngelo's latest DVD set called Man Transformation.

Here are a few QA's to catch you up on the overall gist of the program, in case you've been neglecting the community lately =)

QUESTION: "Is this program just another version of everything you've taught in the past - summarized?"

No, it's not. In fact, you shouldn't even buy this program unless you've first read his book "Double Your Dating" or watched his Advanced Dating Techniques program FIRST.

This is NEW material - and it's ADVANCED. There are tons of new concepts and techniques that he guarantees you've never heard before - ANYWHERE.

Sure, you'll learn a lot, even if you're new but don't expect David D to teach stuff from the past in this one - it's not a "rehash" of old stuff.

QUESTION: "How long is this program?"

The program is about 25 hours long, on 20 DVDS. Yes, the longest, most intense program he's ever done.

Get ready for a powerful education.

QUESTION: "Who are the guest speakers?"

Everyone from Neil Strauss and David Wygant to Lance Mason, Hypnotica, Steve P., Vin DiCarlo Sean Stephensen and MANY others (including a couple of cameo guest appearances by some AWESOME female dating and relationship experts David DeAngelo has featured before).

They'll blow your mind - a new level of amazing.

QUESTION: "How much is the DVD program?"

The main question is "How Much?" of course.

The price is (an incredibly reasonable) $485. And yes, he's offering a payment plan - 5 easy monthly payments of only $97. You can't beat it.

And YES, this program comes with a 100% "no hassle" guarantee. Try it for a MONTH - and if you don't dig it - just send it back to him. But don't plan on sending it back - because you won't!

That's 20 DVDs of Man Transformation and 3 killer "Ultimate Live" training DVDs. All for the crazy bargain of $485 (or $97 per month).

Unbeatable, period.

Check out the what other guys are saying about it at the Man Transformation website at the link below:

David Deangelo's Man Transformation DVD set

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