Book Review Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

Book Review Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man Cover
All in all" LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A "contains advice that one would think most chicks already know. But if you're someone who enjoys STEVE HARVEY's comedy and love nothing more than to debate and overanalyze relationships, then this is a worthwhile read.

I actually saw STEVE HARVEY on "twice before I decided to give" LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A "a read. Some nuggets of genius include:

1. We created the term "nagging." There's really no such thing as nagging. As soon as a woman starts registering her complaint, we call it nagging. We let you know it will drive us away.

2. When you first meet a man, so you don't ask a lot of personal questions, and questions about his business, we created the term gold-digger. Now why would a woman not be concerned about her financial future?

3. Three things men want from women: support, loyalty and "the cookie" (sex): "We'll take a lot of things from a woman. But we have to have these 3 things. You take away any one of them, you lose a man's affection."

4. Three ways men show love to women: profess, provide and protect: "We have to define love in some kind of way. The problem with women is they have this great spectrum of what love is, and they want it reciprocated the same way they give it out. But we men can only nurture to a certain degree. It's not in our DNA We want to profess our love. We tell everyone," he told an Atlanta audience.

5. "Men are driven by who they are, what they do, and how much they make. These 3 things make up the basic DNA of manhood - the three accomplishments every man must achieve before he feels like he's truly fulfilled his destiny as a man, and until he's achieved his goal in those three areas, the man you're dating, committed to, or married to will be too busy to focus on you" Harvey wrote in the book.

Overall, I think the book does its job; it helps women understand what men need in order to feel secure and fulfilled in a relationship. So whether you're a woman who wants to figure men out, or a man who isn't sure why he loses interest in relationships" LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A "will offer you the insight you're probably seeking.


By Steve Harvey

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