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So I've been doing my usual perusing of the various forums and, I've actually spent some decent time on the Asian Fanatics website per my boss's request, anyway, no discredit to people in specific, but there are some REALLY messed up people there. I read this one post on the forums, where this guy was "dating" this girl for 5 months and they haven't even kissed yet. Anyway, doesn't take a genius to see the paradox in that, and no, I'm not here to indirectly threadcrap on that guy, but let's face it, something is wrong here.

The Important thing is not to get caught up in what you haven't accomplished or how far behind you are on something, no point in sitting around feeling bad about something, when you could be using that time to actively accomplish a goal.

So I finally came across a post that was noteworthy, this guy had been a few dates (day 2's for the pua's), and he still hadn't kissed the girl and actually his question was "how do I have that fairy tale amazing first kiss".

So let's address the specifics in his question first. The word "fairy tale", I think the Disney Corporation has done a magnificent job in skewing people's perceptions in life, giving every girl the expectation that she'll meet her prince and shining armor and live happily ever after. Not sure about you but the national census 47% divorce rate in the first 5 years as of 2009 doesn't seem so fairy tale to me. I don't mean to be a complete debbie downer here, because I, like the rest of you are searching for happiness, solace, and positive thinking on a daily basis, but not at the expense of having unrealistic expectations.

So wasn't the title of this post on kissing? Oh yeah.... sorry for the digression. So yes, let's take the word fairy tale out of the kissing the equation, if you haven't kissed a girl yet, don't expect your first time to be very fairy tale like, it's NOT, you haven't done it before, you don't know what you're doing and its going to be pretty mechanical and not good.

Okay, so let's put this in the context of cold approach pick up. There's NOTHING special about kissing a girl for the first time, remember, you're in the night club to practice your game, that's it, if you're just starting, you shouldn't even be thinking about dating or anything "special" or "romantic".

When I first got into pick up, I had this impression that kissing was this huge paramount milestone in the pick up process. That there was supposed to be this big lead up and it was the climax of the interaction (well, the portion that remained in public). And well low and behold, my #'s were terrible, I got 1 kiss maybe once every couple weeks. It wasn't efficient.

So I worked with my trusty friend Matador who was more than gracious in providing me coaching. Watching the man game is almost like watching an art form in action. After seeing a few sets demonstrated, i realized, kissing really isn't a big deal, the way he conducted himself, kissing was just about on par with kissing.

So what's the secret to the perfect K-close? I love Nike (minus my cousins working in their sweat shop)


, There's nothing more to it, don't worry about advanced tactics or advanced leadups, JUST DO IT, simple as that, If you have proper comfort game and kino escalation, the kiss should be absolutely seamless. So in other words you shouldn't actively be working towards a kiss, but rather, its just a reward you receive for solid kino and C phase game. So for you guys out there trying to implement convoluted K-close tactics, STOP, you don't need acrobatics to have a seamless(not fairy tale) kiss. Read my previous post on Kino Escalation. Not to suck my own wang here, but take the girl above. You think I need any sort of kiss close 2.0 pure kino tactical military strike to make a kiss happen?

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