Focus On Her To Execute A Smooth Pick Up

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Capturing a woman's attention is a skill men have been perfecting for millennia. There are many ways of doing so, and it can be done by creating any number of emotional states: intrigue, awe, affection, fear, hatred, lust, etc. And, men have invented what we call "society" to serve them in their efforts. As Aristotle Onassis once remarked, If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.

We have built skyscrapers with corner offices, Lamborghini Diablos, Savile Row suits, and gorgeous yachts for ourselves, surely, but for the attention they'll garner, as well. So, while there are plenty of ways to get a woman's attention, each man must develop a strategy that best suits his particular financial position and social standing.

I'm going to address the challenge of attention in its most distilled, pure form: at the interpersonal level. I know from experience you don't need expensive props, fancy clothes, or fame to sleep with gorgeous woman. But, you do need something that is just as hard to develop: focus. But, the good news is that most men can develop it with some practice. What do I mean by focus?

With focus you can give women what they really want: an intense connection. The more you develop this skill, the deeper you can penetrate a woman in broad daylight, in the middle of a busy street corner. She'll allow you in just a bit, if she's interested, and it's up to you to push deeper so she feels you presence. She'll appreciate this and it will arouse her. Focus is nothing magical. It's simply the intensity and singleness of purpose that allows you, as a man, to hone in on a beautiful woman, stop her and engage her, despite the loud bus driving by, the pedestrians brushing past and the jackhammer across the street drowning out your attempts at conversation.

Focus is a mindset where everything else fades into insignificance. For that one minute, she's all you need and all you see. You take in everything she does or says (or doesn't do or say) and consider it. In that minute, you're un-distractible and unflappable. If you can demonstrate this level of focus, you'll win the girl, every time. So few men in her life give her that level of attention (even if she's gorgeous, believe it or not) that she'll feel your male presence. This has nothing to do with how handsome or well-dressed you are. It has to do with confidence and knowing you own the moment. You're the guide, the mentor, the boss, the champion - call it what you want. These sixty seconds alone with her are yours. She'll give them to you. Who wouldn't? Rarely in our daily lives do we meet people so intense, so connected to the moment, that when we do, we can't look away.

The good news is that this ability to focus will increase with practice. Conjure it by thinking of your most intense moments: the racquetball court, an important exam, driving on a back-country road, making love Pretty soon, the sight of a sexy woman on a street corner or approaching at a quick pace will snap you into focus so you can penetrate the chaos surrounding her and present your best self.


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