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Dan Bacon - The Flow Cover The Flow: The Revolutionary 4-Step Process For Confidently Approaching Women & Getting Dates

Question: How Can You Achieve Maximum Success With Women & Dating in Minimum Time?

Answer: By learning from a proven expert who will show you all of the shortcuts.

Do you really want to waste another day (or month, or year) not enjoying the success that you know you deserve with women?

Do you want to spend years trying to work this out on your own, when you can get access to highly-tested and proven information right now?

If you are interested in taking action and quickly mastering this area of your life, then here's what I can offer you today...in fact, you can be learning all of these secrets in just a couple of minutes as The Flow is instantly downloadable.

In no particular order, here are just some of the ground-breaking secrets contained in the eBook 'The Flow.'

* How to instantly come up with fun & interesting conversations that women love to talk about. You'll never be stuck for something to say, ever again.

* How to make women feel an intense and irresistible attraction for you, so you can move things forward without rejection.

* My personal 'Approaching Checklist' for approaching women any time, any place and anywhere - so you can approach a woman, have a great conversation and then walk away with her phone number in minutes.

* How to overcome shyness in social situations, so you can be your true self and live the life you really want.

* How to finally get rid of your fear of rejection and feel confident around any woman, especially beautiful women.

* How to overcome any initial barriers of interest, so women are interested right away and feel a strong, sexual attraction for you.

* How to avoid awkward silences by using my secrets to creating comfortable, flowing interactions that women love and want more and more of.

* Real-life, word-for-word conversation & flirting examples, so women see you as a potential boyfriend or lover, rather than just a friends.

* Secret techniques that make beautiful women become attracted to you and want to meet you, even before you've spoken to them!

* Tested phone techniques that make women want to keep talking to you...and hanging out for you to call again.

* Why 'bad boys' attract women more than 'nice guys' and how you can beat the bad boys at their game, while still being a good guy.

* The secret reason why my clients and customers usually get this area completely handled in a matter of weeks or months – Use this little gem of knowledge and you are guaranteed to get the results you want with women FAST.

* How to avoid being seen as a ‘nice guy’ by women – no longer will you be placed in the ‘just friends’ category once you start doing this.

* The 4 stages you will go through on your path to becoming a 'natural' with women. Simply follow this empowering guide and you are guaranteed to achieve success with women.

* How to rapidly develop the type of confidence that allows you to approach women whenever you want, or wherever you see a great opportunity right in front of you.

* The 3 stages of interest that a woman will go through when interacting with you. Use this guide to know when a woman is interested, so you don't get rejected when trying to make a move.

This section alone is literally worth more than 100 times the price you'll pay for this eBook.

* The Modern Man's revolutionary 4-step process for confidently approaching women and getting dates – here I reveal the process that has been proven 1000’s of times over, to maximize your chances with the women you desire and ensure a successful interaction.

* The exact wording to use when starting conversations with women – includes plenty of tested examples that you can use right away.

* Learn the little-known, ‘innocent’ yet powerful way to connect with any womanand have her become relaxed around you like you’ve known each other for years.

* 18 body language and status cues that attract women.

* Why some people have a “silent power” over others in social interactions - and how you can have it right now. Women can’t resist it, but most men will never be aware of it. Use this secret to your advantage and stay “ahead of the game” and every other guy wanting to attract women.

* Attracting women by way of your responses to their tests and taunts. You'll never be stuck there with a 'deer in the headlights' look on your face when women put pressure on you in interactions.

* How to get some ‘alone time’ with a woman in a venue. Here I reveal my tested methods for getting alone with a woman and avoiding rejection if she’s not ready to move forward.

* How to handle a woman canceling a date with you. Mess this up and you may well have ruined all of your hard work to get it to that point! Here I reveal how to handle this tricky situation with class, ensuring that you can reorganize a date with ease.

* 8 nervous behaviors that absolutely kill a woman's attraction for you and how to eradicate them.

* How to initiate touch between you and a woman you’ve just met – doing so opens up the doors to ‘other things’ and helps her see you as a potential lover or boyfriend, rather than just a friend.

* How to take things to the next level (e.g. phone number, kiss, sex). Here I reveal everything you need to know to move things from one step to the next...

* How poor body language can have a devastating effect on attraction and ruin all your chances with women, even if you are doing everything else right. I reveal what poor body language ‘secretly’ tells women about you, and how you can avoid being seen as ‘awkward’ or ‘nervous.’

* The 9 personality traits and behaviors that attract women and how to develop them asap. This section alone includes over 40 pages of cutting-edge advice that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet, or in any bookstore.

* How to quickly change your situation with women, so you can begin choosing the women you meet and date - rather than relying on luck.

* The things that make you absolutely irresistible to women - and it's not looks, money or fame. This is the stuff that most women don't want you to EVER find out, because it gives you an unfair advantage.

* How to keep a woman interested once you've started dating her. Use these techniqes and women will become addicted to being around you.

* ...and much, much more.

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