David Lieberman - Get Anyone To Do Anything (8.6 MB)

David Lieberman - Get Anyone To Do Anything Cover Tired of being manipulated and taken advantage of? Want to learn how to influence and motivate others, turn associates into friends, and win in any competition? Then consider reading Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again by David J. Lieberman, bestselling author of Never Be Lied to Again and nationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior.

Based on psychological principles, this book is less about manipulation and more about observing and influencing people (including yourself) and learning how to take control of situations. Most of Lieberman's techniques are straightforward, user-friendly, and practical. You'll learn simple ways to make a fantastic first impression, get people to return your phone calls, and stop a rumor before it ruins you. You don't even have to read the text to benefit. To help you get the upper hand quickly, strategies are reviewed at the end of each chapter. While some suggestions are obvious (smile and make eye contact), the five sections and 40 chapters contain many gems that can help improve your life.

I never thought I'd say that about a psychologist. In fact the more I re-read it (the title I gave these comments) I'm shocked. I don't usually like them. My impression of them is that they listen to people who have no one to talk to and rape them for their cash (which I find reprehensible). BUT. TDavid J. Lieberman has done excellent research (my hats off). These are the things I loved about his book:

1. The purpose of the book is not to control and manipulate like the title suggests, but rather to illuminate.

2. It's packed with information (short 2-3 page chapters, summaries of the important points at the end: I.E. you can skip the verbage and go straight for the bullet points.)

3. It's obviously correct. Although years of testing and observation produced the conclusions in this book, common sense validates the results. And these aren't the kinds of things you could figure out without his book.

4. It could seriously fix a broken relationship or start a new one with nearly anyone.

Here's an example (I'd normally feel guilty giving examples, but the man has tons):

When you suspect someone of lying present them with a conundrum. The purpose is not to listen to the response but to observe the behavior. Specifically, if your husband tells you he went to the movies with friends. Mention Oh yeah, I heard that the reason for all of the traffic after work was because of the car accident near the movie theatre. Did you see it?" This creates a stun effect. Two conditions must be met. 1) Heavy Traffic 2) A car accident. If he really went to the movies the response would blurt out, but if he didn't he has to be careful with his answer and he hesitates. "

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